Some confutation to Griem's theory

In response to the Rev. Bryan Griem's answer to last Sunday’s In Theory question, “Should churches be able to support candidates?”: Instead of taking a partisan position, it would seem more feasible to offer the congregational an open forum or a debate highlighting both parties positions on the major issues.

Griem doesn't comment on Romney's Mormon faith but casts doubts on the incumbent’s “professed Christian” faith. Mr. Obama says that he is a Christian and it is a matter of record that he attended a church in Chicago for many years. If he says he is a Christian that is enough for me. If some of Griem's flock perceive our president as a “bad apple” they may only be reflecting the opinions of their pastor. To state that a vote for Romney will ensure at least a candidate with biblical ideals implies that Obama does not have the same qualities.

Griem favors “removing IRS restrictions altogether” and I favor removing your tax exempt status altogether. Too long have religious institutions failed to pay their rightful share in support of the government. Colleges, seminaries, convents, mega churches, shopping malls and baseball teams have in the past enjoyed these exemptions. As for “closet liberals' in his pews? Forget it.

This congregation would not attract a single liberal in — or more importantly, out of — the closet.

Bill Hyland


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