LCF should maintain its smallness

Re: "This could be a walk-friendly community," Mailbag, Nov. 22: As a former LCF resident myself for over 30 years, as well as my relatives having been there for over 50 years, I feel I am qualified to speak about this issue.

I can agree the traffic in some areas is faster on a regular basis than it should be, so contact the authorities with details about your issues.

About adding sidewalks: I do not understand why people moving into an established community have to change things and make the community look like the community they just moved out of. You moved to a small community, so keep it that way. Do not install huge street lights, sidewalks, grocery stores, Targets, Walmarts, CVSs, etc., in every location on Earth. If you need these things then move somewhere else, period.

John Gardner
Fair Oaks, Calif.

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