Let's not ban plastic trash bags

One of the joys of living in La Cañada is that we, thanks to our city council members, aren't subject to the onerous regulations and annoyances suffered by our neighbors in the surrounding cities. Let's not start with some cockamamie “bag ban” (“Council ponders plastic bag ban,” April 18).

We use our bags and then we either save them for use around the house, doggie poo clean-up or we throw them away. Yes, there are people who litter with their plastic bags, but let's target only those who litter with more rigorous enforcement of the litter laws, rather than pester the majority of us who don't litter.

We really need to guard against “nanny-staters” who, under the guise of the moral high ground, use the coercive power of government to tell us how to lead our lives. Bag bans are an example. If a bag ban is enacted, the only up-side is that there will be enormous disdain for those who would tell us we can't use plastic bags.

Trent Sanders
La Cañada

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