The case for plastic bags

The use of store-provided plastic bags and paper bags gives us a level of insulation from the germs and bacteria of others. Just imagine the dirtiest person you know putting his/her reusable bags on the floor of their house.

There the bags are languishing on the floor, picking up the dirt from who knows where they have been or walked through. The next step is when they take those bags to the store for their groceries. Now, they are on the grocery counter where your bags will soon be put to receive your groceries.

Now your bags are on the counter receiving your groceries and someone else's germs. You now take your bags home and put them on your clean counter.

This does not take into account of the chicken or other meat juices that will be absorbed into your own bags. This is a recipe or future illness.

No thanks, I'll vote for personal responsibility to recycle unneeded household waste. Give me one trip plastic/paper bags.

Bill Osburn
La Cañada Flintridge

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