Do a little, make a big difference

It may seem like whatever environmentally harmful thing you do, it won’t hurt the planet because it’s so small. At the same time, it may seem like whatever you do to benefit the environment won’t help because, yet again, we’re so small. It may seem impossible to be able to do anything, but there’s no need to think like that. If we all do a little, as a population, huge differences will take place.

La Cañada is great with the environment but we can do even better. Some people don’t realize the opportunities around us. Here are some ideas to be more environmental in La Cañada.

  • Start a recycling bin in your house and bring the recycled bottles/cans to the Nexcycle center behind Vons (635 Foothill Blvd). I get about $75 a year for recycling with them. Try it out.
  • Every Saturday there’s a garage sale somewhere in La Cañada. In addition, the Bargain Box and any other thrift stores in La Cañada are great places to find cheap clothing, books, furniture, home decoration, and more. Buying second-hand prevents more trash from being created, more unnecessary products from being made, supports our community, and can be better quality than straight-from-the-factory items.
  • The farmers market is every Saturday morning. This is a better choice than the supermarket because the foods here are locally grown rather than imported all the way from South America. Importing can use lots of energy.
  • La Cañada is filled with beautiful horse trails. You can walk with friends, run, bike, anything. Even better, you can use them to get to school, work, or the stores on Foothill. The shuttle bus system in La Cañada was made free by our city so that we might use them. Try a trail/bus adventure.
  • Hot times are coming around. Rather than going straight to the air conditioner, try shedding layers, insulating the house or opening the windows (depending on outside heat), and drink a lot of water. If the air conditioner is a must, try one degree lower, it will make a huge difference.

Sawa Keymeulen
La Cañada Flintridge

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