Letter: Picking the right board candidate for La Cañada school board

The issue of nonpartisanship prevents the public from truly knowing the prospective 2013 school board candidates. Of particular concern is the implementation of Assembly Bill 1266, the Transgender Protection Act, and the student data collection mandated by the Common Core educational assessment program.

AB 1266 will allow transgender boys to use the girl's bathroom and locker rooms. Common Core collects student data, which will be stored in computer networks. However, it is only a matter of time before the data is used, like the IRS did, to target political enemies.

I was disappointed by the line of questioning at the school board forum two weeks ago so I interviewed candidates Kurdoghlian and Jeffries and contacted the remaining candidates through their websites.

Jeffries told me that he is from the party that gave us the Affordable Care Act, the aforementioned IRS political enemies list and AB 1266. He supports equal rights for unusual sexual preferences and the implementation of Common Core's deceptive goals.

Kurdoghlian is from the party that opposed the Affordable Care Act. He is a moderate who is capable of working with the existing board. Kurdoghlian was the most available candidate to talk about his positions.

No other candidates responded to inquiry.

AB 1266 goes into effect Jan. 1. Is your child ready for the shock of the opposite sex getting dressed in the next locker? Do you trust your school board to protect your child in the locker rooms, or their personal data on some computer drive? The school board is a breeding ground for up-and-coming politicians who will drastically affect your future. Which candidate best represents your beliefs?

Rex Nishimura
La Cañada

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