Letter: The transgender problem revealed

Thanks to letter-writer Rex Nishimura for blowing the lid off the huge transgender problem here at La Cañada schools (“Picking the right board candidate,” Mailbag, Oct. 17).

I wondered why my daughter's English grade had dipped and now I know it's because hoards of transgender teens have infiltrated LCHS and are distracting her with their confusing gender-bending clothing. How can she possibly concentrate on “Beowulf,” knowing that one of “them” might be behind the closed stall doors in the bathroom?

Thanks also to Nishimura for highlighting the real reason the nation and LCUSD has switched to Common Core — so that the IRS might spy on us unwitting citizens and gather important data about — what, our wicked wine-pairing habits? Release the hounds!

Really, the fact that candidates Dan Jeffries and Kevork Kurdoghlian addressed these “concerns” is to their credit, and the fact that Jeffries is bold enough to state that LCUSD should follow California law and implement AB1266 secures my vote for him.

Kristen Brakeman
La Cañada Flintridge

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