Letter: Peterson has right qualities for board

The upcoming school board election has created an unusual amount of activity in our local newspapers. That is a good sign. However, some of the commentary has been completely irrelevant.

The basic issue at hand for the election is education. Which of the candidates are best qualified to maintain or raise the current high standard in our schools? We must vote with our heads, not our hearts.

The following issues are irrelevant: Is the candidate’s residence bought, rented or leased? Was the candidate born and/or raised in La Cañada? Is the candidate a mom? How many of the candidate’s children went through La Cañada schools? How many local organizations does the candidate belong to?

We must vote for candidates who have a complete understanding of the educational process, who have the skills to promote basic education, and who are committed to financial responsibility.

Joel Peterson has these qualities. He was the only member on the previous school board who voted against giving the teachers four days off to provide better education. Can you imagine how outstanding education would become if the teachers got an additional four days off?

Peterson is against raising the parcel tax. You don’t raise the educational level by throwing money at it. Peterson has the extensive educational and financial background we need on the LCUSD board.

We must all go out and vote, not just one-third of the electorate, and show our interest in education.

Erik B. Fiske
La Cañada Flintridge

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