Letter: Overwhelmed by friendly LCF folks

On Thursday, Nov.14, I had the good fortune of being reminded why we live in such a nice town. It was the semiannual heavy item trash disposal day.

On the way to dropping my kids off at school, we noticed some pallets that were placed curbside for collection. My son, who has aspirations of building a tree house with his dad, said they might be useful for the project.

So, after drop-off, I headed back to retrieve the pallets and attempt to get them into my minivan. As I was clearly struggling with this task, a nice gentleman in a pickup truck stopped and asked if they were going to fit in the minivan, and if I needed some help.

Realizing they wouldn’t fit, he offered to put them in his truck and deliver them to my house. While we were engaged in this conversation, two other people out for a walk came over to ask if I needed a hand and what they could do for me.

Needless to say, I now have three pallets in my garage. I also have offers for delivery of additional pallets, just in case the tree house project needs more.

Being the recipient of the kindness of strangers leaves my spirits lifted, and inspires me to spread more cheer. I am happy that occurrences like this one are typical in La Cañada. And it’s nice to take a moment and appreciate them.

Sue Mercer
La Cañada Flintridge

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