Letter: Jump ropers were a national bunch

Congratulations to all the jump ropers who participated in the 2014 Rose Parade, and kudos to the Palpitating Panthers for organizing the jump-roping group that performed in the parade. It was a great privilege to have jump ropers as one of the three inaugural entertainment groups in the parade.

It should be clarified that in addition to the six jumpers from Palpitating Panthers, there were 29 other amazing jumpers from teams across the USA. There was one Bainbridge Island Rope Skipper from Bainbridge Island, Wash.; one Coronado Speed Spinners from San Diego; one Falcon Flyer from the Lake Cities in North Texas; three members of Foothill Force from La Cañada; one member of HFS Jump Force from Euless, Texas; five Indy Air Bears from Indianapolis; two Jumping Eagles from Littleton, Colo.; two Jumpin’ Jammers from Bedford, Texas; five Juneau Jumpers from Juneau, Alaska; one member of the One Jump Ahead group from Boulder, Colo.; three Summerwind Skippers from Boise, Idaho; one member of the Tri-Force from Cary, N.C.; two Tucson Twists from Tucson and one West Texas Criss Crosser from El Paso, Texas.

The three Foothill Force jumpers, Emma Sheehy, Maya Sahai and Ethan Angold, are all students at La Cañada High. They had a lot of fun and were happy to make new friends from other teams.

Some of the television channels’ coverage of the jump rope group was better than others so if anyone would like to watch some great videos of the jumpers, they can see them at www.foothillforce.org.

Kathy Weninger
La Cañada Flintridge

Editor's Note: The writer is coach of the Foothill Force jump rope team.

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