Letter: Sales pitch neglects 'why' question

The supporters of parcel tax have a website. It tells us why we should vote yes. Nowhere is the financial statement available to validate the monetary need. So how can one make an informed decision? What happened to the $3.75 million received this year from Proposition 30 and the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation?

Do you know the cost of Common Core State Standards for LCUSD to adopt? The Pioneer Institute White Paper No. 82 writes that the state’s money is not enough to cover the cost of buying the new curriculum, using the new assessments, and increasing the use of technology in schools. The school district will continue to be in the red.

The sales pitch is the fear of loss in property values and a poorer quality of education for our children. Fear is a powerful motivator, but do not succumb. Pasadena voted down a parcel tax and saw no decline in property values or education. Remember, there is always next year to vote another parcel tax.

Dr. Denise Soto
La Cañada Flintridge

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