Letter: Measure supports success stories

As longtime residents (26 years), parents of LCHS graduates, and LCUSD educators, we are deeply invested in our community and especially proud of our school district.

We realize the gift of living in a neighborhood where families send their highly capable children to our public schools. It has always been a preface to success stories that most students are ready, willing and able when they begin in the LCUSD. We also know that dedicated teachers are an imperative part of the formula. They keep curriculum alive by providing higher-level thinking challenges and exceptional opportunities. Our talented children develop sustained motivation and become life-long learners with LCUSD teachers who take this responsibility seriously and know they must be trusted with this mission.

It is obvious that now, more than ever, finances are needed to attract and retain the most qualified teachers and that essential programs must be continued and enriched. In addition to the importance of stellar teachers and programs, the investment into smaller class size is also imperative. Size does influence each student’s personal time to actively take part in compelling discussions. Students must learn how to listen and respond effectively, justify and generalize their ideas, and make real world connections. Smaller class groups are more efficient and allow for more time on the task of exploring topics with the depth and complexity needed for future problem solving.

This was not a complicated decision for us to mail in our yes vote on Measure LC. Please believe in the potential of this measure as we build the citizens of tomorrow!

Nancy and Mike Leininger
La Cañada Flintridge

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