Letter: Reasons to vote no on parcel tax

In response to page 13 of the Measure LC Parcel Tax ballot: The information provided is worded in a deceptive manner, and makes it difficult for voters to make an informed decision. This is NOT a “renewal of the current parcel tax” (Measure LC 2009: $150 x 5 years = $750 total).

“Measure LC” on the March 4 ballot is $450 x 7 years = $3,150. That is a 420% increase.

They also failed to mention that LCUSD will receive $1.5 million more this year than they did last year from the state, as reported by Ruben Rojas, LCUSD's then-chief business and operations manager (Valley Sun, August 8, 13). Instead they comment on last six years' cuts — water under the bridge.

Nowhere was it mentioned that any of these funds would be used for outstanding repairs to LCUSD facilities (at LCHS alone: leaking roof, worn out soccer/football field, and pool) mentioned during school board election campaigns. Perhaps asking voters to consider a bond will be next?

I am also very disappointed that the committee has courted our 65 and older neighbors, convincing them their real estate value depends on this passing, while the very same LCUSD board members support extending the school district boundaries to include the properties in the “Sagebrush” area of western La Cañada. I believe increasing the number of homes and condos within our school district will have a negative effect on our property values due to “supply and demand.” Not to mention the overcrowding of our schools when the natural upturn of student population occurs, as retired folks leave and young families move in.

It is also disappointing at best that so many of the registered voters can seek exemption from paying the $3,150 because they are renting or are 65 years of age.

The current parcel tax, which sunsets in June, was a modest sum that I supported. And, I gladly pay it, in addition to supporting the LCFEF and other school fundraisers. But please give the LCUSD board a chance to rewrite this parcel tax proposal by voting no on Measure LC.

E. Pham Lee
La Cañada Flintridge

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