Letter: Zoning change fears and jeers

Recently the City Council zoned for low-income housing development into La Cañada. I hope that low-income housing units are built right next to these council members so we can see just how much their property values will increase.

If the voters elect this same body of members next time around then they should love the consequences of welfare checks, trash can streets, transients hopping, wholesale crime increase and all the wonderful things associated with neighborhood projects. The door has been opened — no, it has been taken down. Now watch as the vulture developers run over each other to get in line. I think all the members should be recalled for extending a welcoming invitation to the projects. I can see these fools with their hard hats and shovels posing for the cameras getting ready to plant a sign reading “Welcome to the La Cañada Trees Housing Project.”

Bob Tanabe
La Cañada Flintridge

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