Letter: Measure LC vote is a difficult one

Let’s be honest, voting to increase the parcel tax in La Cañada is hard. I am in most circumstances not in favor of any form of a tax. However, voting “yes” on Measure LC is a must. The setback to our children’s education, schools and community would severely impact all of us. It would increase class sizes, eliminate school programs, lead to the loss of teachers and diminish our property values. These are all real consequences if you choose to not pass Measure LC.

The real fight is not with Measure LC, it is with our elected legislature in Sacramento. We need to look at the true problems in this state. The leaders who have put us in this scenario by putting laws into place forcing us to raise educational funding in order to maintain our current levels is the problem. Let’s work to make changes in Sacramento. Please vote and send in your ballots, every vote is important.

Marikay Cuthill
La Cañada Flintridge

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