Letter: Obama protest leaves a stamp of hate

Before leaving the house this morning, I posted on Facebook a very inspirational video showing that good deeds enrich your lives and the ones around you endlessly. People responded by sharing it and thanking me for sharing it. It brought some to tears.

I left the house a few minutes early for work so I could stop by the La Cañada Post Office and mail off my state taxes. As I pulled in, I took offense to the giant poster showing Obama with a Hitler mustache, erected by sidewalk demonstrators. How insulting to our president, and even more insulting to the millions who lost their lives under Hitler's power. I ignored them and went in.

The line was only about five people long, but it was passport photo hours, so each person took a long time. I was now next in line, finally. The fidgety lady behind me engaged me in conversation when a woman standing off to the side took my now open window. I said to her, “oh, she was here before.” The impatient lady said that she was also here before, but because of Obama, she had to fill out all this other paperwork. A women chimed in behind her, “He should be impeached” and that's when I said, “I don't agree.”

She accused me of never having read the Constitution and stuck her finger in my face, raised her voice and said “You don't have four childr-” “I cut her off and said, “You don't know anything about me,” to which she called me a curse word and accused me of yelling at her. I shushed her and said there was no need to cause a scene, but she didn’t like that. I told her to take my place in line and that it wasn't worth it for me to stand next to such an obnoxious person. To which she said, “Good, you are!”

As I was leaving a woman approached me and said she was on my side, and that the “impeach Obama” customers were out of line.

You can project love and harmony, and it creates a domino effect. Or in the case of the post office this morning, those street demonstrators were projecting hate, and it dominoed from the sidewalk to the parking lot into the post office.

Brian Ecker
La Cañada Flintridge

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