Letter: Reasons for the Obama protest

This article is in response to the letter written about an Obama protest which took place in our La Cañada Post Office ("Obama protest leaves a stamp of hate," Mailbag, April 10). There is growing dissatisfaction with our federal government. Many have lost their health insurance because Obama administration regulations on grandfathering the existing plans were so stringent they did not comply. The result was a higher insurance premium for new plans. How much has yours gone up?

Then there is the Common Core curriculum which is a nationalization of public education. It happened by giving federal dollars to cash-starved states. Please go to to watch the documentary on Common Core.

Now, the IRS is intercepting tax refunds of relatives to satisfy an old debt of deceased family members whom Social Security claims it overpaid. Remember when the IRS targeted conservative political groups during the 2012 election? How about the increased federal taxes we are all paying? Our country's catastrophic national debt is another matter the Federal Government is responsible for.

If you think this is propaganda then just Google it to find out for yourself. We the people must hold the government accountable. This is a serious wake-up call.

Denise Soto
La Cañada Flintridge