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Championship drive ends short for Flintridge Prep girls’ soccer

La Cañada History

La Cañada History: Trails Council dedicates new crossing

Ten Years Ago City officials and the La Cañada Flintridge Trails Council hosted a dedication of the Indiana Avenue over-crossing trail king, a key element in a long range goal for a complete loop around the city. The newly completed link made use of a utility crossover bridge spanning the 210 Freeway....


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  • Commentary: San Gabriels’ catchment channels a river

    Commentary: San Gabriels’ catchment channels a river

    Just as we thought the fever had subsided for the stream that gurgles merrily all year long down the ineptly named Arroyo Seco, last weekend’s storm prodded it back into a rage. Wider and higher and faster than at any time in years it roared through its narrow gulch. Nothing could have stood up...

  • Mailbag: Ralphs manager exceeds expectations

    Last week I needed to make sure that money I had wired via Western Union to someone out of the country would get to that person. Though I had sent it the week before, my friend was still unable to receive the money.I went to Ralphs supermarket in La Cañada, the Western Union option nearest me....

  • Mailbag: Bigger issues confront the state

    We’ve got dams breaking and people evacuating. We’ve got freeways flooding and sinkholes forming. We’ve got hillsides sliding and people dying but most importantly we’ve got newly elected state Sen. Anthony Portantino introducing a piece of legislation to delay the start of the school day for junior...

  • Mailbag: Dave Spence uses common sense

    On the occasions when I have sent email to the La Cañada City Council to ask its help in our ongoing electrical outage problems, it is Dave Spence who always responds right away and copies me on his subsequent outreach to city staff and Southern California Edison personnel to address it. When I...


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