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The Best Baby Milestone Blanket To Capture Every Memory

  1. Little Wizards Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket
  2. Pondering Pine Organic Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket
  3. James & Vivi Baby Milestone Blanket
  4. XMWEALTHY Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket
  5. Bliss n' Baby 100% Ultra Soft Premium Baby Milestone Blanket
  6. LUKA&LILY Newborn Baby Milestone Blanket
  7. Buyer's Guide

If there is a bitter-sweet feeling in this world, it is our little ones growing up so fast. We've all heard our adults telling us to enjoy that time while it lasts. Even though raising a baby can sometimes be really tough, most times we wish we could slow down time and revel in that playful innocence. Well, today we'll be talking about how you just might be able to capture memories of those golden days with a baby milestone blanket.

A baby milestone blanket helps you document and track your baby's growth. The gorgeous designs, along with the milestone trackers on these blankets serve as the perfect backdrop to take some awesome pictures of your little one. Though, being background is not all that these bad boys are for. We'll be talking about them in more detail in the buyer's guide section of this article.

What are the best baby milestone blankets of 2022?

Little Wizards Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket - Best Overall

This 47-inch square blanket by Little Wizards provides the perfect backdrop for you to capture your little one's progress. Its lush polyester fabric provides the blanket with a kind of softness that is not usually found on other milestone blankets. Super lightweight and free of any toxic and harmful materials, the Little Wizards Monthly Milestone Blanket washes well and is sure to become a favorite by parents to track your babies age. The bibs, toys, frames, and decorative accessories that it comes with are like a cherry on top of it all.

  • Comes with several accessories to enhance your baby's pictures
  • Extremely versatile due to double-sided design
  • Super plush and well made
  • Little Wizards recommends hand-washing this blanket for longevity

Pondering Pine Organic Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket - Runner Up

The Pondering Pine Organic Milestone Blanket allows you to picture your baby's progress with a backdrop of mystical pine trees and woodlands. There is also a cute little bear on the design. All of these prints are dyed with materials that are completely safe for your little bub and won't fade over time. This 47-inch square blanket is made of muslin cotton that is 100% organically sourced. The fabric is extremely gentle on the skin and very cozy. It has also been stitched in a way that guarantees longevity. It even comes with a frame to put around the number so you don't have to try and draw a squiggly circle with your finger on your phone.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Made of organic materials that are soft and durable
  • Very cute designs that have been printed with non-toxic and unfadable dye
  • The material may be a bit too thin for some

James & Vivi Baby Milestone Blanket - Most Soft Blanket

This Baby Milestone Blanket is made of thick, 100 percent quality fleece material, which is ideal for blankets for both boys and girls. This very soft and sumptuous blanket is really comfortable and soothing on your baby's delicate skin, much like a mother's loving touch! Premium inks are used in the high-quality printed pattern, resulting in stunning, bright colors that are fade resistant.

  • Can be used to swaddle a baby
  • High-quality, fade-resistant printing
  • Won’t last for long

You and your baby may have a lot of fun taking pictures. It's ideal for picture albums, social media postings, and even a baby's first photo album! This sweet milestone blanket is the perfect baby gift for a new baby. It may keep track of the baby's key moments as he or she grows up on this blanket.

XMWEALTHY Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket - Honorable Mention

Adorable flowers are elegantly printed on the soft fleece of the XMWEALTHY Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket. These flowers come in different shades, depending on the color option that you go for. The fleece material is extremely plush and since it is wrinkle-resistant, it requires no ironing or steaming. Rest assured, your picture's background won't be affected by unnecessary creases. Its 40"x 50" size also makes it versatile enough to be used for swaddling and nursing.

  • Made from a phenomenally soft fleece material
  • Machine washable and doesn't require ironing
  • A graceful design that won't fade after repeated washes
  • The edges might fray over time if the fabric isn't taken care of properly

Bliss n' Baby 100% Ultra Soft Premium Baby Milestone Blanket - Contender

When the ultra-softness and durability of flannel fleece are combined together with gorgeous patterns, the Bliss n' Baby Milestone Blanket is one of the best. This 60"x 40" milestone cover is also resistant to wrinkles and is extremely easy to wash and take care of. Specifically made for your baby girl, this lightweight blanket comes with a wreath, headband, and a ribbon to help you snap the most adorable pictures of your little princess.

  • Features attractive colors that won't fade over time
  • Weighs only 0.9 pounds
  • Constructed from a durable and plush fleece material
  • A little expensive but well worth it

LUKA&LILY Newborn Baby Milestone Blanket - Also Consider

The Luka&Lily Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket comes imprinted with the words, "Love you to the moon and back". We can all agree that there couldn't be any better words to describe the love that we harbor for our little star, right? This 60” by 40” soft and lightweight milestone blanket is made from a premium blend of polyester and fleece. On the flip side, while Luka&Lily advertise this blanket as having a fiber thickness of 250 GSM and being super plush, many customers have noted that it is rather thin for their liking.

  • Uni-sex design
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Sleek watercolor design of the moon and stars
  • Fabric is a little thin

Buyer's Guide

After listing the best, we're here to take you through all there is to know about baby milestone blankets and how exactly to go about buying one for your little one's nursery.

Why Do You Need a Baby Milestone Blanket?

Here are two reasons why you should get a milestone blanket for your little one:

Tracking & Capturing Their Growth

This one's rather obvious but trust us, you'll regret not capturing every moment of your baby growing up. Snapping their pictures with the milestone markings will not only help you relive these wonderful days but will also help you track and sketch out their growth.


The best baby milestone blankets, like the ones we just took you through, are big and soft, enough to be used for various other applications as well. You can spread it out and use it as a play mat or wrap your little cub with it and use it as a nursing cover or for swaddling.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Baby Milestone Blanket

We recommend that you think about two things before deciding upon a milestone blanket for your baby:


Milestone blankets are usually composed of polyester and fleece blends. Some, like the Pondering Pine Organic Milestone Blanket, are even made of rich strains of cotton. While fleece is generally warmer, polyester makes the blanket lighter in weight. Cotton is really breathable and will keep your baby all cool if you plan to use it as a swaddle or blanket as well.


Many parents like keeping their baby's possessions forever so no matter which material you go for, make sure that it is stitched well and durable. We recommend seeking out customer reviews that specifically talk about the blanket's overall resistance to wear and tear and how well the colors and patterns hold up to repeated washing.

Buying Tips For Baby Milestone Blankets

Let's now equip you with two tips that will help you ace this decision of buying a new baby milestone blanket:


We recommend opting for blankets that boast vibrant colors and eye-catchy designs since this will be the background to your baby's pictures for quite some time. Some milestone blankets, like the Little Wizards Monthly Milestone Blanket, are even reversible and boast of two designs! That’s like buying two blanket backdrops for the price of one!

Extra Goodies

From headbands and socks that you can use to dress up your little pumpkin to bibs and toys you can use to keep them occupied while you snap their pictures, the best baby milestone blankets come with all kinds of extra goodies that are worth keeping an eye out for.

How We Chose these Baby Milestone Blankets

We ensured that all our top-picked milestone blankets boasted these two features:

Easy Maintenance

Trust us when we say that your baby's new milestone blanket will require frequent washing. So, it'd be great if it is machine washable and quick at drying. If it is also resistant to wrinkles, you won't have to iron it!

Extra Plush

A super-soft milestone blanket will keep your baby all comfy and can even be placed directly on the floor without a mat. So, our team made sure to only pick the softest blankets when compiling the best-of list for you.

Baby Milestone Blanket FAQ

Here is a brief FAQ section regarding the best baby milestone blankets:

Q: What is the purpose of a baby milestone blanket?

A: The purpose of a milestone blanket is simple: to keep track of and celebrate your baby's growth milestones. Simply lay them on the blanket, mark the amount of months they are, and snap a picture.

Q: What size should a baby milestone blanket be?

A: A baby milestone blanket should be at least 30" x 40" in size. A bigger blanket will even let you wrap the little guy in and swaddle or use as a nursing cover.

Q: What is the top baby milestone blanket?

A: Our team recommends going for the Little Wizards Monthly Milestone Blanket. It's super soft and cozy and its dual side makes for some very versatile usage. The blanket also comes with several accessories for cute photo sessions.

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