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Best Adult Diapers for Discreet Protection

  1. Egosan Ultra Incontinence Adult Diaper
  2. Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Diaper
  3. LivDry Adult Incontinence Underwear
  4. Tena ProSkin Unisex Incontinence Adult Diaper
  5. McKesson Disposable Ultra Brief Adult Diaper
  6. Rearz Alpaca Nighttime Adult Diaper
  7. Buyer's Guide

Incontinence is nobody’s fault. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it, but it can still be embarrassing as an adult. Besides, adult diapers were invented to assist adults suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence. An adult diaper provides comfort, convenience, and confidence for anyone experiencing these troubles. If you or your loved one is going through this phase, we are here to help. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best adult diapers in 2022 to help you make the right choice for your comfort and confidence.

What is the best adult diaper of 2022?

Egosan Ultra Incontinence Adult Diaper - Best Overall

Egosan Adult diaper provides you with an all-in-one diaper that offers the maximum absorption level possible. Besides being unisex, the breathable and lightweight non-woven fabric allows you to wear it all day with minimal need to change it. It can also be worn overnight to give you all-night protection. It comes with adjustable and refastenable tabs to quickly and easily adjust and secure it. In addition, the wetness indicator and odor protection help reduce unwanted smells, while the elastic leak guards prevent embarrassing leakage. This diaper can comfortably fit 22- to 32-inch waists and provides ample comfort thanks to the soft fluff pulp construction, dermo-protective system, and cream. Plus, they have a rustle-free outer layer that is free of latex and eliminates any worries about the diaper making noise underneath your clothing.

Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Diaper - Runner Up

The Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Diaper provides you with comfort and dignity thanks to its perfect fit. The large size fits 48- to 58-inch waists (smaller sizes are available if needed) and each size has high absorbency capabilities. This unisex diaper has a 4-D core that helps keep your skin healthy and dry. It wicks and absorbs fluids and prevents odors from escaping, avoiding potentially humiliating situations. This adult brief with tabs has skin-safe closure that provides secure, safe, and repeated fastenability. Thanks to its garment-like feel, the diaper is super discreet. The helpful moisture alert wetness indicator shows you when the diaper has been soiled by changing color.

LivDry Adult Incontinence Underwear - Honorable Mention

LivDry offers their incontinence underwear in a range of sizes from X-Small to 3X-Large, giving them a clear advantage over competitors that limit their size offerings. It's latex-free with soft, cloth-like panels for comfort and security. The leg cutouts also feature cuffs for a tighter fit, meaning these diapers can be worn overnight without fear of leakage. The colored stitching on the band makes it easy to determine which side faces the front, and the sides are designed to tear in order to aid removal. For added protection, LivDry uses an absorbent gel core to secure fluids in place while also reducing odors.

Tena ProSkin Unisex Incontinence Adult Diaper - Consider

Tena ProSkin unisex adult diapers are designed to be 100% breathable, which goes a long way towards saving your skin from rashes and irritation. Its soft material is all-day comfortable, and is absorbent enough to stay dry and to avoid leakage. Unlike many other adult diapers, Tena ProSkin looks like regular underwear while providing protection against incontinence.

McKesson Disposable Ultra Brief Adult Diaper - Consider

The McKesson adult diaper takes into consideration all of your health needs. It's latex-free, so you're safe if you have a latex allergy. The side panels are breathable, so your skin can stay dry longer even if an accident happens. They're designed to be unisex, and each pack comes with 16 individual diapers. Because the case contains 6 packs (for a total of 96 diapers), you get a lot more for your money.

Rearz Alpaca Nighttime Adult Diaper - Consider

Rearz Alpaca diapers bring a whimsical design to an otherwise serious topic, reminding everyone that it's okay to lighten up. They're available in multiple sizes, and they're rated to absorb up to 5,800 mL of fluid. There are 4 straps with strong adhesive tape to keep the diaper in place, and the high absorbency rating means there's no concern that the diaper will leak. Rearz also paid extra attention to making sure that these diapers remain discreet - not only does the package ship in an unmarked box, but the wetness indicator is cleverly hidden into the cactus graphics and the "REARZ" text that disappears when wet.

Buyer's Guide

There are over a dozen options when it comes to buying adult diapers, so, before choosing, consider:

Specific Needs

With the growing number of incontinence brands on the market, finding the right product for you can be a daunting job. Always bear in mind that each of these incontinence products have their specific functions, as they tend to different conditions ranging from mild to severe. You have to compare these functions to your specific needs.

Absorbency Ability

You must first find out the extent of urine and feces that passes to know which incontinence product is right for you. With the latest improvements in diapers, you can easily find one that is very absorbent and still protects the skin. Diapers come with differing protection layers for differing conditions. More often than not, it is advisable to go for high absorbent diapers because these diapers can be worn throughout the day, which in the long run, helps to save money. Because of its high absorbency ability, it gives you the confidence to go about your day without fear of leakage.


Comfort is non-negotiable. The purpose of your diaper is to ease you back into normal life. You should be able to take part in your everyday activities as best as possible without fear or embarrassment. Finding a diaper that snugly fits your waist, is breathable, and non-allergenic is very important. If you have a latex allergy, choose a latex-free diaper. Also, disposable diapers will help lessen skin problems for adults who are bedridden.


To get the best diaper fit, you must know your waist size. Wearing the right size prevents leakages, saves you from many embarrassing situations, and improves movement. Finding a diaper brand that has an elastic waistband and/or strong hook tapes to keep it snugly in place will not only provide leakage protection but will give you confidence throughout the day.


Managing adult incontinence can be expensive, but our list has found you the top-notch products that are available at relatively affordable prices. Ensure you purchase your adult diapers from reputable brands as they offer better quality and tend to address any shortcomings or inadequacies relatively quickly via consumer feedback. Always consider that incontinence can last for long periods of time, so efficiently budgeting can save you stress in the future. Go for brands that fit your budget and if your insurance company can help cover your costs, all the better.

Sample packs

When buying adult diapers, you can go for a sample pack so that you can try out the product to know if it’s the right brand for you before making a full commitment. Not only does this save money but it provides you the opportunity to try out several products before settling on the desired brand.


With the latest designs and innovations in adult diapers, staying protected has become increasingly more comfortable. For instance, the wetness indicator informs you when you’re soiled and odor control keeps unwanted smells at bay. Most diapers now come with aloe extract to maintain healthy skin.

Adult Diaper FAQ

Q: How often should you change your adult diaper?

A: Adults suffering from bladder incontinence can change their diapers between 5-8 times daily. However, if you’re suffering from bowel incontinence, you should change it immediately or when soiled. There are several high absorbent adult diapers that can be worn all day and still give comfort or overnight and still provide all-night protection.

Q: What are diapers for adults called?

A: Adult diapers can be called briefs or incontinence pads. Briefs usually refer to standard underwear, but to make it more respectable when it comes to incontinence products, we call them briefs. Incontinence is the inability to control urination and/or defecation, hence the name incontinence pads.

Q: What is the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-ups?

A: The main difference between an adult diaper and an adult pullup are the side panels. Adult diapers have tab closures that can be readjusted and refastened when wearing them, while adult pull-ups are worn like underwear. Instead of tab closures, they often have tearable side panels for removal.

Q: When is it time for adult diapers?

A: You can wear an adult diaper when incontinence interferes with your everyday life or when your doctor recommends them to help control leakage. Elderly adults who lose bladder or bowel control can use adult diapers to help manage their situation. Also, middle-aged women can use adult diapers in cases of childbirth, pregnancy, or menopause.

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