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Reduce Pain with the Best Gout Relief Cream

  1. Vita Sciences Effective Gout Relief Cream
  2. Gout and You Therapeutic Gout Relief Cream
  3. Nextrino Gout Relief Cream
  4. Nuturna Clinical Strength Gout Relief Cream
  5. Buyer's Guide

As your body ages, you become more prone to illness and other conditions. This is normal, but the experience can not only be inconvenient but also downright painful for some people. This is the case for those that suffer from arthritis, a condition in which involves the inflammation of joints.

One of the most common forms of arthritis is known as gout, which is an especially painful form that typically affects one joint at a time. Because it's being concentrated in a single location, there are quite a few products out there that help with relieving the pain. One such product is gout relief cream, a substance applied on the surface of the skin to relieve this associated discomfort.

To help you out, here are three of the best gout relief creams on the market in 2022, along with a buyer's guide to help you with your research.

Comparing the Best Gout Relief Creams for 2022

Vita Sciences Effective Gout Relief Cream - Best Overall

When it comes to gout relief cream, you’d think that there wouldn’t be much variance when it comes to packaging and product design, as they’re all essentially just medical cream. However, Goutcare’s gout cream product separates itself from the competition by catering more towards convenience than others.

  • Convenient to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to fit into pockets and pouches
  • Takes a bit of time to gather large amounts of cream at once

The way that Goutcare offers extra convenience is by coming in a useful bottle instead of being packed in a standard cream container. While cream containers have the benefit of easy access, they can be a little messy to use. You also can’t really use cotton balls to scoop up the cream, as the cotton may end up sticking to the cream.

Goutcare’s bottled design allows users to easily apply the perfect amount of cream on either their fingers or cotton balls. Its small, cylindrical shape also makes it quite easy to fit into small pouches or even pockets - something that's nearly impossible with standard cream containers.

Of course, there’s more than the smartly-designed fancy bottle. Goutcare also comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not fully satisfied with their product, then you can always ask for a return - no questions asked. That’s a risk-free way to try out gout cream through the convenience of a bottle. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference.

Gout and You Therapeutic Gout Relief Cream - Runner Up

These days, more and more people are becoming conscious of the chemicals that come into contact with their bodies. Instead of relying on harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, many would rather go for more natural alternatives. Not only are these safer for the body, but they’re also just as effective.

  • Natural ingredients and components
  • Easy to apply
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Bulky container

That’s why some companies opt to make their gout relief creams using natural extracts, such as Gout and You’s gout relief cream with arnica extract. Arnica, for those who aren’t familiar with the word, is the name of a special type of herb. This herb can help relieve inflammation and pain in the body, making it an ideal ingredient for gout pain relief creams. The herb’s properties penetrate deep into the skin’s tissue, reaching the inflamed joints fairly easily.

There are also other natural extracts used in the creation of Gout and You’s cream such as tea tree oil and ilex leaf extracts. These additional compounds either replace existing components of the formula or enhance it. So, if you’re conscious of what you place on your skin, then Gout and You’s gout pain relief cream is a safe and effective alternative to other choices.

Nuturna Clinical Strength Gout Relief Cream - Honorable Mention

If you want fast results, then you need a gout cream product that just works the first time. Thankfully, Nuturna’s gout relief cream just does that - claiming to offer immediate relief as soon as you apply it. Your gout troubles will go away quickly.

  • Increases blood flow
  • Works almost immediately
  • Stimulates nerves
  • Some may not like the sensation

Nuturna’s gout relief cream comes with special properties that synergize well with its pain-relieving nature. For one, it can increase blood flow, making your feet feel warm and relaxed. This can help alleviate the pain even further, especially if the gout is accompanied by stiff muscles in the area. Aside from this, Nuturna also comes packed with Vitamins B6 and E, which further help blood flow.

And that’s not all. Nuturna is not only effective, but also natural - it's made out of various natural ingredients, so this particular gout relief cream is great for those who are a little skeptical about the chemicals they use. These natural extracts include aloe vera extract, MSM, menthol, and even Arnica extract, which is especially useful for joint pain.

Finally, Nuturna also helps jolt up nerves in the area, particularly the TRPA1 Channels. This allows you to move as you would normally, increasing mobility, aiding in decreasing other pain, and making you feel closer to normal.

Buyer's Guide

Gout relief cream is a wondrous product that works well and can easily relieve your gout pain. Learn more on how to buy the best gout cream for you below.

What is Gout Relief Cream?

Gout relief cream is a special type of topical cream that relieves the symptoms of gout, a type of arthritis. The cream is applied to the skin above the affected area, which is usually a single inflamed joint. The cream itself can come in different forms of packaging, such as containers or bottles.

Things to consider before buying Gout Relief Cream

Take these things into consideration when you plan on purchasing some gout relief cream.


When it comes to gout relief cream, and creams in general, they usually come in a few standard sizes, with some exceptions. The size of the product, of course, determines the amount of cream that you’ll be getting, with bigger containers holding larger amounts of cream. The question, however, is this - do you really need that much cream in the first place?

If you're experiencing the signs of gout for the first time, consider visiting a doctor to see if you even have gout in the first place. If you only sparingly feel the symptoms, or if the symptoms are bearable enough to go without cream in most cases, then you can buy a small amount of cream. After all, you won’t be needing multiple ounces worth of the substance if you’re only applying it a couple of times a month.

If, however, you do experience gout pain regularly, then you’ll probably want to get some in large quantities. You’ll save yourself the hassle of purchasing often, and some sellers even offer better prices for larger sizes. Do note, though, that gout relief cream is not a permanent solution, as it only relieves some discomfort. Consider visiting a doctor if you end up experiencing gout too often.

The products on our list come in 3-ounce tubs of cream, or a 3-fluid ounce bottle. These are usually suitable amounts for people with different intensities of pain. Usually, most products will come in similar sizes to these.


Ingredients are most definitely important to think about. Many people are fine with using just about any gout relief cream available, but others prefer to go for more natural products. If you’re one of the latter, consider getting gout relief creams with natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. These include menthol, Arnica, and MSM.

You can also look for gout relief creams that have additional supplements that synergize with the pain relief aspect of the substance. For example, elements that can increase blood flow and improve nerve response can help your joints feel as good as new.

Gout Relief Cream price range

Gout relief creams fall within a relatively narrow price range, and there’s not much variance between any two products unless it’s a gout relief cream made with exotic or rare ingredients. You can expect to spend around $20, which buys more than enough for most people to use for a considerable period of time.

How we choose our Gout Relief Cream

We choose the best gout relief creams based on ingredients, product reviews, and the company’s brand history.

Gout Relief Cream FAQ

Q: Is gout relief cream safe?

A: Gout cream is generally safe to use, and it can be applied directly to the skin above the affected joint. Individuals can also opt for gout relief creams that use natural ingredients as either an alternative or an enhancer if they prefer to do so.

Q: Does gout relief cream cure gout?

A: While gout relief cream relieves the symptoms of gout, it doesn’t cure gout itself. Your joints won’t be inflamed for a while, but it’s possible that you’ll end up experiencing gout pain again in the future at the same joint. It’s best to visit a doctor if gout becomes a recurring problem for you.

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