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More Stability from the Best Ankle Braces

  1. Modvel Ankle Brace
  2. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis
  3. McDavid Ankle Brace with Strap
  4. Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace
  5. Cramer Active Ankle Volt
  6. DonJoy RocketSoc Drytex Ankle Support
  7. Buyer's Guide

Ankle braces have all kinds of uses in both sport and everyday life such as physical rehabilitation, compression when recovering from injury, and preventative safeguard. There are hundreds of types of ankle braces out there designed for specific reasons from sports to daily use. The braces on this list were chosen as the best in class because of their popularity among athletes and everyday users, great design providing excellent stability and protection, and high end materials for long lasting comfort during extended periods of use.

Best Ankle Braces Worth Considering in 2022

Modvel Ankle Brace - Best Overall

For those of you dreading the thought of wearing a somewhat wonky, uncomfortable metal ankle brace, we bring you the perfect alternative, the Modvel Ankle compression sleeve. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just experiencing slight joint pain, this breathable yet durable compression sleeve has you covered.

Its non-slip, moisture-wicking and increasingly comfortable fabric will allow you to move around easily while simultaneously healing your ankle from any pain you might feel. Suitable for reducing swelling, plantar fasciitis pain, and providing Achilles tendon support, this compression sleeve is a must-have for individuals struggling with ankle issues or other conditions.

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis - Runner Up

The Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis (ASO) Ankle Brace is the Rolls Royce of ankle braces because of its durability and support. Unlike other brands which create a whole stable of braces, ASO stands behind their focus on a single product. This ankle brace is like wrapping your ankle up in a strait jacket as the nylon fabric is stiff but malleable meaning you’re getting both support and movement. Even with extra straps and support the ASO brace easily fits inside of a shoe. While there are some pretty great braces out there, this one is by far the best.

McDavid Ankle Brace with Strap - Best Value

McDavid is one of the go-to companies when it comes to sports rehabilitation. Their classic lace up ankle brace is a thing of retro-infused beauty, featuring a soft and thin polyester vinyl blend making it breathable and oh so comfortable. The polyvinyl mesh is so thin there’s not a big issue sliding a shoe over the brace while the the lace up style makes the perfect fit easy. The braces steel stays offer all the support you need but they’ll never dig into your leg. McDavid even offers extra inserts for extra support during recovery.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace - Honorable Mention

At first glance the Aircast Airsport may not look like much but it’s actually one of the best ankle braces on the market. Super easy to use, just slip it on, tighten the straps and you ready to go. The plastic shell is stiff but pliable while the woven fabric is specially coated to enhance the braces durability. The inside foam is infused with special Aircell technology making the inside cushion incredibly soft and helps protect the ankle from impact.

Cramer Active Ankle Volt - Also Consider

Think of this ankle brace as body armor for your ankle. This is a brace meant for most serious athletes, allowing easy of movement while still getting adequate support. A polypropylene shell makes this brace incredibly durable yet lightweight, the minimalistic design is anything but bulky or intrusive and Volts EVA foam pads are super soft so your ankle feels like its resting in a pillow. The U strap on the bottom is a huge benefit because it keeps the brace in place without making you feel like you’re wearing a boot.

DonJoy RocketSoc Drytex Ankle Support - Contender

Don Joy is one of the most respected names in the sports medicine injury, The RocketSoc is one of their best ankle braces for arch support and comes in 3 different types of fabric with the Drytex best for prolonged use. The braces breathable Drytex material wicks away moisture and improves airflow so your foot stays dry and cool. Incredibly comfortable, Rocketsock won’t rub up against your ankle or the top of your foot while you’re walking. With this ankle brace you’re getting support during flexing and extension without inhibiting your range of motion.

Buyer's Guide

Nowadays, ankle braces aren’t just used by athletes and sportspersons. You can also find regular people wearing them because they provide optimal support and comfort to the ankles. Thus, no health-conscious person says no to such a useful item that can prevent ankle injuries, improve mobility, reduce pain, and help in quicker recovery. However, the problem is selecting the right braces for your ankles out of a myriad of similar options available in the market. That’s why we have explained a few things below that you can take into account to the best ankle braces and choose the perfect fit.

What Are The Main Types Of Ankle Braces?

1. Strapped ankle braces have multiple closure straps that will help you secure them around your feet and ankle.

2. Lace-up ankle braces have the normal shoelaces and eyelets, using which you can adjust their fitting effortlessly.

3. In the rigid braces, you need to slide in your foot and adjust it to ensure that the support hinges sit right atop your ankle bone.

What Should You Bear In Mind While Looking For The Best Ankle Braces?


To make the most out of your ankle braces, you need to get the sizing correct. They shouldn’t be too tight as it will prevent normal blood flow, thereby causing your toes to go numb. A tight brace also won’t give you the freedom to move your feet properly. On the other hand, having a size larger than your requirement will introduce more problems like inappropriate fitting, not having firm support, and more. Hence, an ankle brace should hug your ankles and feet properly. That’s why you should go for a product that can be adjusted so that it can conform to your ankle and foot's shape.


The ankle braces are manufactured from various materials like spandex, polyester, nylon, and neoprene. Each material has different advantages, which is why you need to choose the item carefully. Braces made of polyester are extremely light, and hence, you won't feel as if you are wearing them. Nylon is also both light and highly breathable. That's why it can absorb sweat from your feet quickly, thereby keeping the skin dry. Besides, spandex is known for its elasticity, and you can comfortably wear an ankle brace made of this material throughout the day. Neoprene, on the other hand, can prevent abrasions that make the ankle brace highly durable.


The choice of the ankle brace will also depend on the purpose. For example, athletes usually prefer rigid or hinged braces because they can offer a high degree of protection from any sports injury like sprains, sudden twisting of the ankles, and more. Similarly, the normal strapped braces are best for low to medium-intensity sports, running, jogging, and regular use. So, make sure to determine your purpose to get your hands on the most suitable ankle braces.


When you wrap an ankle brace around your feet, you will gain a slight height because of the straps and the thickness of the material. Due to this, you might not be able to enjoy the sensations of walking on the ground barefoot. Thus, considering the profile of the selected ankle braces is essential. If you don’t take this attribute into account, you can end up having a product that will feel bulky after wearing the shoes. A lower-profile ankle brace can be worn with any shoe, and it won't even cause any discomfort.

Internal Padding

If you want to feel more comfortable, you should look for ankle braces having internal padding. This is usually made from foam because it can absorb the forces of impact and keep your bones and ligaments safe from injury. Furthermore, a brace with padded lining can offer cushion support so that the pain in your feet can be reduced.

Range of Motion

Ankle braces are certainly incredible. But if you can’t move your ankle or place your feet flat on the ground without any strain, there is no point in wearing this protective item. That's why you should determine if the ankle brace you choose can offer a full range of motion, like moving the feet sideways, bending the ankle, and so on.

What Is The Difference Between Stabilizing And Supporting Ankle Braces?

  • A stabilizing ankle brace will restrict certain movements of your feet and ankles, like an inversion of the joint or side twisting of the feet. But the supportive braces are worn to provide an extra layer of protection from injuries.
  • In a stabilizing ankle brace, the straps need to be attached in the shape of eight so that they can offer full coverage to the bones and ligaments. On the other hand, the supportive braces have straps for securing the product around your ankle and feet.
  • Also, a stabilizing ankle brace is more capable of helping you recover from an injury in comparison to supportive braces.

How To Maintain Or Take Care Of An Ankle Brace?

If you want your ankle brace to last for a long time without compromising its quality, performance, and durability, taking proper care is crucial. And to do so, you can take help from these below-mentioned tips.

  • Wearing a pair of smooth, sweat-absorbing socks underneath the braces will prevent skin irritation and abrasions. Also, your feet won’t sweat too much, thereby ensuring that the brace’s inner lining is safe from moisture.
  • To ensure that the braces deliver optimal performance, you need to wear proper shoes with them. Ensure that the shoes' inner compartment is smooth so that there is no damage to the ankle brace.
  • Unless the manufacturer has specifically stated, do not use water and soap to clean the braces. It will damage the Velcro straps, the fabric, and also any foam padding if present in the product.
  • While attaching the straps, pull them gently across the front and back of your ankle. If you apply too much pressure on them, their stitches will get damaged.

Ankle Brace FAQ

Q. Do I need an ankle brace for playing basketball?

A. In basketball, you have to run continuously and also jump high enough to make the basket. That’s why you do need to wear ankle braces to ensure that the ankle bones and ligaments don't suffer from any injury while playing.

Q: Should I wear an ankle brace over or under a sock?

A: It boils down to personal preference. Some people prefer to wear the brace over their socks, while others find it more comfortable to wear them under their socks.

Q: How long should I wear an ankle brace?

A: It is recommended that you wear the ankle brace for the whole day, but take it off every now and then to give your ankles some rest. Make sure that you put the brace back on at least an hour before going to bed so it can help reduce pain and discomfort overnight. According to experts, you should only have one ankle brace on at a time. This is because the flow of blood can be reduced in your feet if both are restricted by an ankle brace.

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