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Tame Frizzy Hair Using the Best Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creams

Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creams are multi-tasking, one-stop products. If you are looking to simplify and streamline your arsenal of hair products, this is the one item to keep. Hair creams leave the hair silky and smooth, and can be used for a wet, curly looks or a sleek blow dry. If you are sporting a pony tail or sophisticated up-do for an event, the tiniest amount can be smoothed over the style to keep it in place and stop fly-away hair. Anti-frizz creams also conceal damage and temporarily seal split ends. Most formulas contain oils in a cream suspension, which allows them to penetrate deep without building up or getting too greasy. I chose the following based on price point, fragrance and effectiveness. No matter what you need it for, we have a list of best anti-frizz smoothing cream in 2021 for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

The Best Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream Models of 2021 in Detail

TIGI Bed Head Afterparty Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream - Best Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream Overall

Bed Head by TIGI After Party is my all-time favorite hair styling cream. Used on wet hair, it leaves my curls defined, polished and frizz-free. Used on dry hair with a flat iron, it smoothes out kinks and leaves my tresses silky, moisturized and glossy. The formula contains ultra-rich Castor seed oil, which can leave hair greasy and hard to style. Bed Head managed to harness the moisturizing properties of Castor seed oil and suspend it in a reflective cream that is light-weight, conditioning and absolutely amazing.

Rusk Deepshine Lustre Shine Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream - Runner Up

Rusk DeepShine Lustre Shine Enhancing Lusterizer is my favorite anti-frizz cream following After Party. Every single Rusk product that I have tried has been amazing, at a reasonable price. You can use this polishing cream after your favorite shampoo and conditioner or with the Rusk DeepShine line for maximum results. This frizz-fighter packs in natural lipids, proteins and botanicals to enhance the aquatic scent as well as its rejuvenating effects. The formula is a super-creamy, ultra-moisturizing consistency with a pearlescent glimmer. Only a tiny bit is needed as too much of this product will leave you with oil-slick hair. My recommendation is to start with a pea-size dollop in your hand. Work it through wet hair, starting at the ends of the hair and gradually working your way up to the roots. Blow dry hair. Rub in half of a pea-sized dollop after blow-drying but prior to using the flat iron. Straighten hair with a flat iron and finish off with a few shots of hair spray.

MoroccanOil Curl Control Mousse Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream - Honorable Mention

MoroccanOil Curl Defining Cream is great when trying to pull off jaw-dropping ringlets. To all the ladies out there with unruly, curly hair: this cream was made for you. If you aren't using this product, you should be. MoroccanOil utilizes Argon oil, which is super hydrating yet light weight. It penetrates the hair shaft with out build-up or grease. My curls come out perfect and require very few touch-ups after using this cream. For best results, shampoo and condition with MorrocanOil shampoo and conditioner. Rinse hair with cold water to seal the cuticle and seal in shine. Gently pat hair with a towel to absorb excess moisture and apply a liberal amount of MoroccanOil Curl defining Cream. Top off with your favorite hair spray.

Goldwell Style Sign Flat Marvel Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream - Consider

Goldwell Style Sign Spun Shine Gloss Shine Cream is a favorite for humid days. In the warmer months, a hair oil or cream will smooth curly hair straight, only to revert to its naturally curly texture once exposed to rain or humidity. This anti-frizz cream not only moisturizes and protects hair, it is a real styling agent. The cream-gel formula has medium control, so it holds the style in place with out getting stiff. Once dry, hair will remain silky with a high gloss-shine.

Biomega Behave Infused Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream - Best Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream

Aquage Biomega Behave Smoothing Elixer incorporates one of the most treasured beauty products: coconut oil. The formula also contains deep-sea extracts as well as Keratin amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. While many pricey products contain moisturizing ingredients, some moisture molecules are too big to penetrate into the cell matrix of the hair. Translation: the product never fully absorbs and lays on the outer cuticle of the hair. The result is difficult-to-style, greasy hair. I love that this styling product is light-weight yet effective. If your hair is in desperate need of moisture, this is the perfect anti-frizz cream for you.

Buyer's Guide

You spend hours cleaning, drying, and styling your hair – only to get them frizzy as soon as you step outside. Your perfectly smooth hair puffs up and starts resembling a bird's nest, with flyaways ruining your looks even further. Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this struggle, millions of people deal with frizzy hair every single day. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of this tunnel; anti-frizz smoothing creams.

These creams exterminate the frizz menace while also providing exceptional moisturization, smoothness, and many other benefits to your hair. The best part about using these anti-frizz products, however, is that they do not take any extra time or effort. You can easily integrate them into your everyday morning routine.

How Do the Best Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creams Work?

Before we learn how anti-frizz products work, we need to understand why our hair becomes frizzy in the first place.

What Causes Frizzing?

The answer to this question lies in atmospheric humidity, which tends to move from areas of high concentration to low concentration. When you go out on a humid summer day with dry hair, the moisture in the air starts getting into your hair. More specifically, this extra moisture gets between your cuticles (microscopic, scale-like cell tissues). This excess humidity causes your hair to puff up and get frizzy.

How Anti-Frizz Creams Work

Anti-frizz creams and conditioners prevent frizzing in two ways.

First, they fill in the gaps between your cuticle cells, leaving no space for water to get trapped and cause puffiness. Secondly, these creams create a protective layer between your hair and the atmosphere, preventing any excess moisture from getting in. Both of these methods, when combined, make your hair completely moisture resistant at the microscopic scale, removing any chance of frizzing.

How to Buy the Right Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream

You can buy any of the anti-frizz smoothing creams out there and see a significant reduction in frizzing. However, you need to find a cream that matches your hair type if you want the best possible results. Here's what to look for.

Fine Hair

People with fine hair are often advised to stay away from moisturizers and smoothing creams altogether. But fine hairs are just as susceptible to frizziness and dryness as any other type. Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight anti-frizz creams out there.

These lightweight creams will keep your delicate hair smooth and shiny without weighing them down or destroying their voluminous charm.

Wavy Hair

Frizz can completely destroy the natural definition of wavy hair, and restoring those gorgeous waves can be difficult. Using an anti-frizz cream as normal will remove the frizzing issue but will not restore your gorgeous waves.

For that, you would have to buy anti-frizz smoothing creams that are specifically made for wavy hair. Additionally, using these creams as a prep product before blow-drying your hair is the best way to get the smooth and shiny waves.

Curly hair

Frizzy, curly hairs are a tough beast to tackle. Once frizzed, they can be quite a challenge to restore. Luckily, it is possible with the best lightweight anti-frizz smoothing creams.

Some people assume that dense, curly hair requires heavy creams to take out the frizz, but it's quite the opposite. Heavy creams will weigh down the hair, preventing the formation of defined curls.

So, the best way to achieve frizz-free curls is to lather a supple smoothing cream from mid-shaft to ends and blow-dry your hair slowly. It takes a little patience, but you should get your striking spirals back.

Best Ways to Avoid Frizzing

Anti-frizz smoothing creams are a wonderful weapon against frizzing, but there is a lot more that you can do to avoid frizzing in the first place.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot water is not good for your hair. It washes away your hair's natural protective oils and leaves them defenseless. Hot showers are also the leading cause of scalp dryness, so avoiding them altogether is not a bad idea.

Instead, wash your hair thoroughly with mildly cold water. This will clean your hair without affecting the natural oils at all.

Be Careful with Blow Dryers

Blow dryers are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. They will let you tame a wild frizz in a pinch. However, the heat from blow-drying can damage your hair in the long run and increase the chances of flyaways and frizzing.

So, keep your blow dryer's heat as low as possible and use them only when necessary. Air drying your hair is a great alternative to blow dryers if you have the time.

Avoid Sulphates

A lot of modern shampoos contain sulfates. They make the shampoo foamy. However, they are also responsible for washing away natural hair oils and causing dryness, which leads to further frizziness.

Avoid buying any sulfate-based shampoos and look for glycerin-based alternatives. These glycerin shampoos even provide extra moisturization and hydration for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anti-frizz cream make my hair greasy?

Your hair should not get greasy after using a smoothing cream, but it is possible. This usually happens when you use heavy, oil-based cream for fine hair. If you notice your hair getting oily, you should look for a lighter anti-frizz cream that is more suitable for your hair type.

Can anti-frizz smoothing cream damage my hair

Unlike many other styling products, anti-frizz creams are actually good for your hair. Their nourishing ingredients rehydrate your hair and protect the natural oils on your scalp. This gives your hair a silky smooth finish while completely removing flyaways and frizz.

Do anti-frizz products expire?

Yes, they have a limited shelf life and should be replaced every two to three years. Always store them in cool, dry places to keep them fresh for longer, and do not expose them to direct sunlight.

However, it is unlikely that your hair will get damaged from using an expired anti-frizz smoothing cream. But, the risk is still there, and you should avoid making such mistakes.

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