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Volumize Your Hair with the Best Hair Thickening Cream

Both men and women can benefit from hair thickening cream, which can help hair appear fuller and more youthful. Hair thickening creams should provide instant, noticeable volume and help hair retain its body throughout the day. However, not all hair thickening products are created equal and many leave hair sticky, greasy, and limp. Avoid the hassle by choosing an effective hair thickening cream that other users recommend and rate highly. The best hair thickening creams in 2021 listed below were selected because they are lightweight, volumizing, and overall the most effective.

Best Hair Thickening Cream of 2021 Reviewed in Detail

Redken High Rise Volume Hair Thickening Cream - Best Hair Thickening Cream Overall

Boost fine, limp hair with Redken Thickening Lotion Body Builder. It contains volumizing wheat and soy proteins, witch hazel extract, and other natural ingredients that nourish, strengthen, and reconstruct hair follicles to give them a fuller consistency. This lightweight lotion also moisturizes and hydrates your hair, adding shine and softness. Users claim this lotion works well at bodifying fine hair without weighing it down with sticky gunk. It's also great for sensitive skin because it doesn't contain parabens, sulphates, or silicone.

Marc Anthony Instantly Hair Thickening Cream - Runner Up

Transform thin, lifeless hair into fuller, sexier hair with Marc Anthony True Professional Instantly Thick Hair Cream. This formula is fortified with a custom mixture of soy protein, hydrolyzed corn, and wheat to strengthen and lift hair. It's also heat-activated, so you must blow dry your hair after applying this cream to damp hair. Users claim this cream adds texture and body without weighing down your hair or making it greasy. It also leaves your hair smoother for days.

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Hair Thickening Cream - Honorable Mention

Hair is scientifically proven to feel, look, and remain fuller with Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening & Strengthening Serum. It instantly strengthens hair while improving its elasticity and body. This serum is awesome because it's clinically proven to thicken hair up to 47 percent using sodium hyaluronate derivatives. Users claim this serum makes your hair fuller without any stickiness. Although this product is on the pricey sit, one bottle can last for several weeks because only a small amount of serum is needed to deliver results. It also helps eliminate static in hair during the wintertime.

Samy Conditioner Fat Hair Thickening Cream - Consider

Experience stronger, thicker, more luxurious hair with Samy Fat Hair "0" Calories Thickening Creme. This ultra-lightweight creme features an exclusive thickening complex - a natural blend of proteins - that nourish each strand of hair. As a result, hair becomes considerably thicker and fuller, with better texture. Users claim this creme "bulks" hair up, making it noticeably thicker and fuller. It also helps make your hair easier to manage and style.

Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Hair Thickening Cream - Best Hair Thickening Cream

Don't just thicken your hair, moisturize it with Rusk Radical Creme. It thickens and texturizes dry, damaged hair to provide amazing definition and hydration. Your hair will have a natural, lived-in appearance that won't feel weighed down or crunchy. Users claim this creme works great for scrunching curls into your hair, and it adds a lot of thickness. It won't leave white flakes in your hair, either, like some thickening creams.

Buyer's Guide

Often people face hair loss due to many factors that are not in their control. Causes for thinning hair or hair loss can include hereditary hair loss, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, aging, or any other illness. Hair loss can cause a lot of further stress and social concerns among people facing it. If you cannot afford a hair transplant, then hair thickening creams are the best option for you. Here we will discuss the types of best hair thickening creams in the market, the features, and the benefits of using them.

Why Use A Hair Thickening Cream?

Hair thickening creams are the best alternative to getting expensive hair transplants when people are facing hair loss or hair thinning. These hair serums can help add body and volume to thinning hair and make them look lively again, instilling confidence in the person using them. They are very easy to use and a cost-effective method to get your desired results.

Other Benefits

Other than making your hair look fuller, these creams also help reduce static in your hair. Not only that, but hair thickening creams also help manage and style your hair easily.

Do Hair Thickening Creams Really Work?

Yes and no. They do work in the sense that they will add volume to your hair and make it look fuller for a certain period of time until they are washed out. However, there is no hair thickening cream that can promote hair growth. There are many hair serums in the market that help prevent any further hair loss. There are also formulas that help keep hair in a healthy condition. Today, many people heavily rely on hair thickening creams to help improve the texture of their hair.

What to Look For in a Hair Thickening Product


The very first thing to keep in mind when looking for the best hair thickening cream is the purpose that you need it for. Choose the product that indicates words such as ‘strengthening’, ‘volumizing’, ‘full’, ‘plump’, or ‘lift’ on its label. All these words basically mean that the product is made to help improve the condition of your hair by making it look thicker.


There are different types of formulas that you can find in thickening hair serums. Two of the most popular ones are texturizing formulas and volumizing formulas. The texturizing formulas work by depositing the product on the surface of the hair as it sticks and creates a fuller look overall. On the other hand, a volumizing formula penetrates the hair strands to plump it up from the inside and make each strand appear thicker, giving all the hair a fuller look.


The next thing to consider when buying hair thickening creams is the ingredients in the serum. Usually, ingredients such as collagen, amino acids, peptides, zeolite, niacinamide, and biotin are found in these creams. All these components help make the hair look fuller and strengthen them at the same time.

Many products are also strengthened with a personalized mixture of hydrolyzed corn, wheat, and soy protein to help make hair stronger and look fuller. Other constituents of hair thickening cream may be essential oils or castor oil – both these help nourish the scalp and hair to make it healthier.

How Do You Use Hair Thickening Cream?

Always remember the cliché “less is the way to go” when using hair thickening creams. You should start out with a very little, pearl-sized amount of the cream on your palm. You may add more if needed later. Rub your palms and start applying to sections of damp hair from mid-length, avoiding the roots, all the way to the tips. Then style as usual either with a hairdryer, curler, or straightener. The reason to avoid the roots is that the product may form layers on the scalp and cause damage to your hair.

What Is The Cost Of The Best Hair Thickening Creams?

These volume building serums come in a wide range of prices all the way from $10 to around $250, depending on the brand. Other factors that may affect their price is the size of the bottle and amount of product in it.

Is There Any Other Cost-Effective Method Of Hair Thickening?

Other than using products like hair thickening creams, serums, shampoos, sprays and conditioners, there is another way to make your hair look healthier and volumized. This is by getting a haircut. Experts have the opinion that cutting your hair short helps save thinning hair just as much as any hair thickening product. Longer length weighs down the hair making it look flatter. Shorter hair with blunt edges, on the other hand, helps make hair look thicker and fuller. So try to pair up a fresh haircut with a hair care serum for the best results.

Best Hair Thickening Cream FAQs

Can hair thickening creams help grow hair?

No. Hair thickening creams do not have the ability to help grow hair. Their only purpose is to help make your hair look fuller and volumized. Also, the effect these serums have on hair is washed away with a shower.

What other types of hair thickening products are available?

Other than hair thickening creams, there are other products that can be used simultaneously to achieve greater results. Those products are shampoos, conditioners, sprays, oils, and even mousses. All these products can help achieve your hair volumizing goals.

Can people that have thick hair naturally also use hair thickening serums?

Yes, if you have been out all day you may have noticed that the particles in the air have flattened out your hair or made it greasy. Applying some product to your hair as directed can help give your hair an instant lift.

Is it okay to use hair thickening creams on colored or dyed hair?

It is absolutely fine to use hair thickening serums on hair that is dyed or colored. Actually, these serums help improve the smoothness and improve the volume of all types of hair.

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