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Best Cradle Cap Brushes for Your Baby

  1. Fridababy Dermafrida The Flake Fixer
  2. Scalp Scrubbie Cradle Cap Sponge Brush
  3. Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb
  4. S&T INC. Bath Brushes
  5. Buyer's Guide

While a cradle cap on the scalp of a baby isn’t a serious thing to worry about, it really isn’t pleasant to look at. Cradle cap is a yellowy or white crusty patch of dry skin that is mainly caused by the hormonal imbalance in a woman while pregnant or a baby’s skin adjusting to the outside world.

Usually the scales clear up after a few weeks or months but that process can be hastened with a good cradle cap brush. Grooming these scales off your baby’s hair must be done with utmost care because of how delicate a baby’s skin is.

A good cradle cap brush is one that is soft, skin-friendly, made from durable materials, and comes with fine bristles to pick off the flakes easily. We have compiled a list of the best cradle cap brushes in 2022 for you to choose from for your little one.

Best Cradle Cap Brushes Worth Considering in 2022

Fridababy Dermafrida The Flake Fixer - Top Pick

The 3-Step Cradle Cap System by Fridababy offers a one-stop-shop solution to your little one's cradle cap.

  • It comes in a set of 3
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It is a little pricey

Although it's nothing to worry about, if you don't like the way it looks, this is a great solution. There are three products in one to fix the flakes. A sponge to lather up the head, a brush to scrub away the flakes, and a comb to help style the hair while also pulling out any leftover flakes.

Scalp Scrubbie Cradle Cap Sponge Brush - Runner Up

This kit comes with three individually wrapped sterile disposable brushes. Each brush comes with a 2-sided design; one side is a fine cradle cap brush, the other, a soft bath foam.

  • Comes with two-sided design
  • Can be used for toddlers
  • Not reusable

This duo combination makes it an effective grooming tool for handling cradle cap during bath time for your baby.

Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb - Honorable Mention

The Safety 1st Cradle Cap combo is an ergonomic design where the brush slides onto your hand so it's easy to grip and maneuver.

  • It is easy to hold and control
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comb may be prone to bending

The rubber bristles are gentle and soft on your baby's head, while also helping to remove the dry skin. Also attached is a fine-toothed comb to help comb out the remaining flakes that might be a little more stubborn.

S&T INC. Bath Brushes - Contender

This set comes with two bath brushes made from soft silicone.

  • Very soft and flexible
  • Very versatile
  • It may fall off between your fingers when slippery

Thanks to its silicone construction, each brush is extra soft and excellent for your baby’s delicate skin. They are versatile to just about every part of your baby’s body and are easily held between two fingers.

Buyer's Guide

Meta: Heading out to buy a cradle cap brush for your baby? In this buying guide we have listed down all the features you should consider to buy the best cradle cap brush in 2021.

Cradle cap brushes can be lifesavers when it comes to taking care of a baby’s scalp. Since this area of a baby’s skin is sensitive, it can become itchy and can cause scarring if not taken care of. However, there are many different types of cradle cap brushes available in the market, which makes it difficult to pick the right one for your baby.

In this buying guide, we are going to talk about all of the essential features that should be considered in order to choose the best cradle cap brush in 2021, for your little one.

What Are Some of The Features You Should Look Into to Buy the Best Cradle Cap Brush for Your Baby?

The features that you should look into to choose the ideal cradle cap include:


When it comes to choosing the best cradle cap brush for your little one, it is important that you check the material that it is made from. There are several different materials used to make cradle cap brushes, with the ideal ones being the ones made from goat hair. Goat hair is an ideal material for cradle cap brushes because it is soft, which makes it very easy to remove flakes from your baby’s scalp without being harsh or irritating on the skin.


The health of your little one should never be compromised, therefore it is important that the cradle cap brush is safe to use. First off, it should be made from components and materials that are not harsh on the sensitive skin of a baby. Secondly the brush should not be pointy so the baby doesn’t injure himself/herself with it when you are not looking. Moreover, it should be a hygienic product, which means it shouldn’t accumulate bacteria overtime, since that too can be very dangerous for the sensitive skin of a baby.

Ease of Use

As a parent, you should look for a cradle cap brush that is easy to use for you since you are the one who is going to be using it on your baby. The ideal cradle cap brush should not only be easy to use, but should feel comfortable in your hand as well.


You certainly don’t want to purchase a product that won’t last you long, which is why it is essential that you look for a cradle cap brush that has been made from sturdy materials and would last for long. You can find a lot of cradle caps in the market that are very durable and come at a good price as well.


The cost of the cradle cap is also something that you might want to look into. There are several different price ranges for cradle caps, ranging from cheap to expensive ones. However, one thing you might want to keep in mind is that the quality of the product might be affected due to its price. However, there are a few decent options available at affordable prices as well.


There are two types of cradle cap brushes usually available in the market. The ones that are made with goat hair bristles, and the ones that come with silicone bristles. Though both types of cradle cap brushes are safe to use, there are a few differences in both types.

Cradle crap brushes made with silicone are usually much more durable as compared to the ones made from goat hair. Moreover, silicone brushes are usually used along with cradle cap shampoo when bathing the baby. Whereas, the goat hair brush is used along with oil. Moreover, goat hair brush is also more suitable for babies that have sensitive skin.

As far as durability is concerned, silicone cradle cap brushes tend to be more durable as compared to the other option.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cradle Cap Brush?

Some of the benefits of a cradle cap brush are:

Protects baby skin

One of the biggest benefits of a cradle cap brush is that it will help you get rid of all the flakiness and oily patches that might be present on your baby’s scalp without the need to use any harsh shampoos or treatments to treat the problem.


The best thing about cradle cap brushes is that these are very easy to use and convenient. Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about your baby having an allergic reaction to the brush, which is possible when it comes to treating cradle caps with oil, shampoos and other products.

Improves blood flow

Another benefit of using a cradle cap brush is that along with removing the dead skin and flakes, it also helps improve blood flow as well since you will be basically brushing the baby’s scalp. This promotes healing and speedy recovery from the cradle cap.

People Also Ask

Are cradle cap brushes safe to use?

Yes, cradle cap brushes are absolutely safe to use especially if they are made from goat hair or silicone. Brushing the cradle cap will remove any dead skin that might be present and will get rid of flakiness.

How big of a problem is a cradle cap?

Cradle cap is a common skin problem that occurs in a lot of babies. Generally, the cradle cap shouldn't be a major issue unless it lasts for longer than expected. There are several different treatments that can be used to treat a baby’s cradle cap.

Is it fine to leave the cradle cap as it is or should it be treated?

It is recommended that you don’t leave the cradle cap alone and try to get it treated as soon as possible. Though small flakes and scales are not a big issue, the problem can get bigger if it doesn't go away on its own in 14 days.

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