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Best Bar Set For The True DIY Bartender

Many people love a tasty drink at home. Not only do people love drinking, they love a drink made using a classy bar set. A striking bar set will increase the ambience of your drinking corner. If you want to up the game of your home bar, then this article is just for you. Bar sets include many things like cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, jiggers, bar spoons, and much more. It can become difficult at times to find a set that has all these products in an affordable price range. To make this tedious task easy for you, we have checked many sets and created a list of the best bar sets in 2021.

In the second half of this article, a buyer’s guide is included that will answer all your questions related to the best bar sets.

Top Bar Sets Worth Considering in 2021

Boston Shaker Set

Become the DIY bartender professional you've always wanted to be with this Boston Shaker set. Coming from a family-owned business, you know that the quality and dedication attributed to this drinkware set is second to none. With a dripless pour, hawthorne strainer, and Japanese jigger, your favorite cocktails will be the talk of the town and leave everyone wishing you were their full-time bartender.

  • Tested and approved by professional bartenders
  • Doesn't leak when shaking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Making drinks isn't the most quiet of professions

Modern Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand Bar Set

This bartending kit is ideal for at-home bartenders as it allows anyone to mix with ease. Made of high-grade stainless steel, this durable set comes with all the essential bar accessories that you'll need. Moreover, it is accurate and allows you to get all the measurements correct. It also comes with a card set filled with many recipes for making different cocktails. Each item is dishwasher safe but we recommend washing by hand to safeguard the finish. This is an incredible gift for yourself or a friend. It is a stunning silver colored bar set that is a treat on the eyes and for your guests when you make them that perfect drink.

  • Has a leak-proof cocktail shaker
  • Includes all of the necessary equipment for creating the perfect drink
  • Set doesn’t come with a grinder

Mixology & Craft 10-Piece Bar Set

This set includes everything you need to make a perfect drink. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, it won't allow rusting, making it a highly durable bar set that'll last you for years. It also features a sleek bamboo tool holder. The eco-friendly holder looks great on a bar cart or on the shelf. With an included leak-proof shaker, this set also comes with a cocktail catalogue to get your inspired. It'll help you make perfect and impressive cocktails in no time and is ideal for both beginners as well as professional bartenders. With this purchase, you're sure to impress with your beautiful new cocktail mixing tools and hopefully the drinks you create from them.

  • Comprised of stainless steel that is both heavy-duty and high-grade
  • Has a leak-proof shaker that keeps the mess and spills at bay
  • Rim of the cocktail shaker is exceptionally sharp

J&A Homes Parisian Cocktail Mixology Bar Set

You can make a professional martini with this 11-piece Gunmetal bartender set. Included is a 19 oz shaker, helping you to make multiple cocktails without any mess. It also comes with a strainer, jigger, muddler, and a walnut colored stand. The stand keeps all the pieces looking tidy and all in one place. To maintain the quality of this set, it is recommended to be washed by hand. If you're not a fan of a dark finish, J&A also offers a Copper and Silver color as well. Lastly, it comes with a beautiful gift box, making it a great gift.

  • Core is made with stainless steel with a modern colored finish
  • Stays in great shape if properly cared for
  • Filter on the tin of the shaker falls out after a few uses

Mixology & Craft 11-Piece Bar Tool Bar Set

Our last kit on our list features an 11-piece copper-colored bartender set crafted with scratch-free stainless steel alloy. Also available are silver and gunmetal. It is a first-class bartending set with an attractive farmhouse-style holder that accommodates all 11 pieces in it. This mixology set also includes a catalogue that allows you to try new recipes and make delicious cocktails. One of the reasons why we picked this kit is because of it's unique stand that can be hung on a wall to free up space on your bar cart or shelf. It stands as an attractive centerpiece of decor.

  • Stand can be hung up
  • Perfect for home as well as professional usage
  • Measurements on the jiggers are not precise

Buyer's Guide

Many bar sets are available online, but you should do your research when buying a bar set to ensure you get a high-quality set for your wet bar or bar cart. Furthermore, many things should be considered when purchasing a bar set. We've created this guide to make it easier for you to choose the best bar set.

What are some key considerations when buying a bar set?


The quality is the first thing that people notice when buying any product, and the same goes for a bar set. A bar set that is made of high-quality stanless steel is ideal, and bar sets made of other materials tend to be lower quality.


Most bar sets are made with stainless steel. Therefore, the bar sets made with steel are highly durable. The durability also depends on the way you treat your bar set. One thing to keep in mind is that it is always better to hand wash the items rather than putting them in the dishwasher. Taking care of them will help make your investment last longer.


People who love cocktails also love to have their drinks made in a stylish cocktail set. Bar sets are available in many colors and styles. Go for the ones that complement your decor and it will likely make your drinking space look even classier.

Easy to clean

The bar set should be easy to clean. Most bar sets are recommended to be cleaned by hand without using a dishwasher. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while cleaning is that the cocktail set pieces must be handled with care while washing. Taking care while washing will prevent scratches, helping it last a long time.

Features to look for in bar sets

Sturdy holder

A bar set holder increases the life as well as the beauty of your bar set. As far as the set’s longevity is concerned, the holder allows all the pieces to stay together so you're more likely not to lose a piece. When all pieces are constantly kept together, it requires less space, while also looking more presentable.


A catalogue is incorporated in many bar sets, with the inclusion of many recipes to follow. If you are fed up with your old cocktail recipes, an included catalogue could help you to create different cocktails for your parties and get inspiration. Be adventurous and give a new cocktail a shot.

All in one kit

The set you buy should include all the accessories needed to make a cocktail. These include shakers, mixing glasses, bar spoons, strainers, jiggers, and glassware. If any of these things are not present in a bar set, you'll have to buy things separately.

No spillage shaker

Some bar set shakers can spill the liquid while mixing the drink. To avoid this mess, you should buy a set with a no-spillage shaker. This type of shaker won’t let the cocktail spill even if the shaking is vigorous.

What is the price range of bar sets?

Bar sets range in price from $10 all the way up to $500. This is because each set can include more or less accessories, materials of the items, as well as the stand. The ones selling 10-piece sets are cheaper than the sets with 23 or 30 pieces.

Bar Set FAQ

Q: Can I place the bar set in my home?

A: Yes, you can place a bar set in your home. Many people keep these sets in their homes and use them for their get-togethers and parties. It can become the centerpiece or accentuate a corner or wall.

Q: What is the best material for bar sets?

A: Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials when it comes to bar sets. You should buy one made of steel if you want your bar set looking new for a long time. Also, it is best to wash the items by hand to extend their finish.

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