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Portable and Versatile: The Best Hot Plates

  1. Waring Pro SB30 Hot Plate
  2. Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Plate
  3. Aroma AHP303 Electric Single Hot Plate
  4. Max Burton 6200 Deluxe Hot Plate
  5. MaxiMatic ESB-301F Elite Cuisine Single Cast Burner 1000-Watt Hot Plate
  6. Buyer's Guide

Conventional hot plates are traditionally made from a cast-iron plate which heats up using electricity. While this durable design is very effective, it can be rather slow to heat up and inconsistent at maintaining precise temperatures preferred by serious cooks. While nduction burners are generally more expensive, but they're capable of fast, precise heat without heating up the cooktop surface. However, induction technology requires the use of specific cookware and will not work with glass, ceramic, or copper materials. Induction burners can also be noisy due to their internal cooling fan, but there's no denying they cook food quickly and consistently.

These picks for the best hot plates in 2022 are varied, but they all offer the convenience of a single burner that can be used as a supplementary, emergency, or portable burner. These selections are able to perform essential tasks such as boiling water in a reasonably fast amount of time, and are built with durable materials for long lasting performance.

Cook your favorite foods quickly and perfectly with these top hot plates.

Waring Pro SB30 Hot Plate - Best Hot Plate Overall

This cast-iron hot plate from Waring offers 1,300 watts of power for fast, stable heat. Although the SB30 won't match the performance of a more precise induction burner, it heats up quickly while offering a compact and portable design useful for a variety of purposes. An adjustable thermostat allows you to accurately control cooking temperatures while the unit has both “on” and “ready” indicator lights to ensure user safety. The SB30 features a brushed stainless steel housing and non-skid feet to keep it in place. Although this single hot plate is pricey for a traditional cast-iron model, it offers decent performance and temperature control.

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Plate - Runner Up

Although this induction cooktop from Berghoff is more expensive than most would want to pay for a hot plate, it may be worth the added cost if you require a cooktop capable of more serious cooking. While most hot plates are only suited for occasional use or for cooking which doesn’t require precise temperatures, this model offers high-end performance, consistent heat, and stylish design.

The easy-clean, ceramic cooking surface and touch pad controls are sleek and modern along with a timer, plentiful settings for cooking and warming, and the ability to manually adjust the temperature. Although an induction cooktop is far less likely to cause burns since it heats the cookware instead of the actual cooking surface, an LED light nonetheless indicates when the unit is on, and the unit will shut off if it detects overheating or cookware isn't present.

Aroma AHP303 Electric Single Hot Plate - Honorable Mention

The Aroma APH-303 is a portable electric hot plate made of die-cast metal for durable and consistent performance. The APH-303 offers low, warm, medium, and high settings, has an indicator light to show when the unit is on, and the compact design with non-skid feet is extremely portable. It’s important to ensure this hot plate has plenty of space around it, as objects too close can cause the thermal safety trigger to believe the device is overheating and shut it off. Regardless, this is an excellent hot plate which heats up quickly and is able to maintain relatively accurate temperatures.

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe Hot Plate - Consider

This 1,800-watt induction cooktop from Max Burton offers fast and safe cooking, with no open flame to cause burns or the risk a potentially disastrous fire. This portable induction burner features an LED display with the choice of ten power levels for easy temperature control, an 180-minute timer, as well as an overheat sensor to ensure your safety. The stainless steel housing and ceramic cooktop are also very easy to clean, delivering fast and consistent results in a small, portable package with even-cooking and accurate temperatures every time. Like any induction cooktop, this appliance requires the use of specific cookware as glass, ceramic, and copper options will not work.

MaxiMatic ESB-301F Elite Cuisine Single Cast Burner 1000-Watt Hot Plate - Best Hot Plate

The Maxi-Matic ESB-301F is an affordable traditional electric hot plate, delivering 1,000 watts of power to its cast-iron heating plate. The ESB-301F is capable of boiling water reasonably quickly, and offers good control over temperature levels with the choice of warm, low, medium, and high settings. Despite the high temperatures achieved by the heating plate, the units base always remains cool to the touch. Non-skid feet prevent unwanted, potentially dangerous movement and there’s also a power indicator light for safety. Overall, for those who want affordability and longevity from a basic cast-iron hot plate, the ESB-301F is a go-to for sensible shoppers.

Buyer's Guide

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you might have experienced the hassles of having less number of built-in cookers. Whether you live in a studio apartment without a built-in cooker or simply want an additional cooking surface, here are some tips for selecting the best hot plates. Naturally, it must be compact and space-efficient, but what else?

How should you purchase a hot plate?

Consider your specific requirements

To begin, you must understand why you are purchasing a hot plate. Is it required for routine use? Or what if you're a party addict who enjoys camping, outdoor adventures, and similar activities on occasion?

The solution is as follows, mate. A single burner hot plate is ideal for families living in small apartments and adventurers.

On the other hand, if you're worried about feeding a crowd or want a stove large enough to accommodate a large family, a double burner should be high on your priority list.

Temperature control

Following that, you should check the temperature setting on your plate. Nowadays, the majority of electric hot plates come with multiple levels. Thus, it allows you to easily adjust the temperature to your liking.

Therefore, choose a stove with a variable setting, such as minimum to maximum. Depending on the type of food you're cooking, you can adjust the temperature range to maximize the benefit and speed up the cooking time.


The hot plate should be free of any harmful substances, particularly electromagnetic radiation, which has a detrimental effect on human beings. Attempt to avoid those harmful radiations at all costs.

Simple to clean

It will be extremely inconvenient if the item you have is difficult to clean. Occasionally, users must exert extreme effort to remove stubborn dirt or other debris. It's a real bummer!

Therefore, concentrate on the one that is relatively simple to clean. The outer frame should be significantly smoother to avoid injury while wiping.

Convenient design

A lightweight structure on a hot plate is always a plus. If you choose a portable stove, transporting it from home to picnic or office will be a breeze.

Along with the lightweight structure, the size of your hot plate is critical. A slim, space-saving design allows you to easily store it in small spaces.

Volumes of cooking

Hot plates are designed to take up little space, and the majority of models can be unplugged and tucked away when not in use. However, the size becomes a secondary consideration, depending on the amount of cooking space available, the frequency with which you cook, and the number of people you regularly feed. If your kitchen is compact and doesn’t have enough space to store a plethora of utensils, scavenge for a smaller-sized plate that can be stored on the shelf.

Preparing multiple courses on a single hot plate, on the other hand, will quickly become frustrating if you live in an apartment with a partner or sibling, regardless of how small the space is. Even if the flavor and texture combination does not initially appeal to you, you may quickly come to appreciate the convenience of one-pan cooking. Therefore, cooking lovers should purchase a hot plate that comes with at least two burners.

Which key considerations regarding the best hot plates are critical to know?


Certain hot plates include timers that indicate when the cooking time is up. This feature is useful to prevent the food from overcooking or burning.

Power switch

Some hot plates automatically turn on when connected to a power source. Others, on the other hand, have power switches that allow them to be plugged in even when they are not in use. You can choose a hot plate depending on your preferences.

Drip pan

You will usually see a removable pan that catches all the spills and splashes under the burner. If the hot plate comes with a drip pan, you will be saving a lot of money.

Which type of hot plate should you buy?

Tampered glass

This high-quality and dependable material is more often used in portable induction cooktops. A hot plate made of tempered glass takes less time to evenly heat up and cooks food efficiently.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel hot plates provide long-lasting, easy-to-clean surfaces. While some models of hot plates feature a flat stainless steel surface, others feature a stainless steel burner area with an embedded heating element.

Electric heating elements

When an element is exposed, it is usually surrounded by additional surface material. These hot plates will be available in single or double coil configurations.

Die-cast metal

If you are looking for a hot plate that dissipates the heat evenly to perfectly cook your food, then die-cast metal plates are a great choice. However, one drawback is that it takes more time to heat as compared to other materials. Similarly, it retains heat for an extended period, which contributes to the overall warmth of the plate.

What is the price of a hot plate?

Prices for hot plates range between $10 and $100. If you intend to buy hot places within this range, you will most probably get the ones with stainless steel frames and one or sometimes two burners. Hot plates are generally lightweight and compact to fit perfectly with pans having a diameter of approximately 6.4 inches to 7.4 inches.

However, if you opt for ceramic and other expensive materials, hot plates will be more expensive. The type of hot plate that you should buy depends on your usage and the material you choose and both these factors will affect the cost significantly.

Best Hot Plates FAQs

Q: Are hot plates effective?

A: Of course, a hot plate is one of the best solutions for spicing up your camping trip by simultaneously cooking several delectable foods. The majority of hot plates are designed with a slim, compact shape that allows for easy portability.

Q: Is induction better than a hot plate?

A: Both induction and hot plates, in our opinion, are acceptable, and each has a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, in terms of cost, the hot plate is significantly less expensive than the induction.

Q: Is it possible to boil water on a hot plate?

A: A hot plate is designed for a variety of purposes. Along with cooking, it performs admirably when it comes to boiling water. Fortunately, there are a few stoves that are excellent for boiling water.

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