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Get Great Sleep With The Best Blackout Window Films

  1. Gila Privacy Black DIY Window Film
  2. BDF NA05 Window Film
  3. Jahoot Blackout Window Film
  4. Window Whirl Total Blackout Window Film
  5. Buyer's Guide

When you have a house with a lot of windows, it’s normal to have well-lit areas with a lot of natural light throughout the day. Unfortunately, this can be inconvenient if you have a baby who sleeps during the day or if you have night shifts and need to slumber when it’s bright outside.

Although you may have heavy blackout curtains, they can still allow some light through the cracks. Blackout window film is more effective and works well for creating a completely pitch black environment in the home. Not all blackout window film is equal though, making it necessary to use a few of the Best Blackout Window Films in 2022 to ensure it’s effective in dimming your interior setting.

Best Blackout Window Films Worth Considering in 2022

Gila Privacy Black DIY Window Film - Best Blackout Window Film Overall

The Gila Privacy Black Window Film is your choice if you do not want a complete blackout film. Think of it as a dark window tint on a car. It may work best if you use a combination of your current drapes and this tint to significantly darken a room. It's also a good choice for privacy on a front door window or if you have windows on a garage door. Another great benefit is heat reduction and keeping your furniture protected from UV rays.

  • Comes with clear and thorough instructions
  • Doesn’t cause damage to windows or leave any residue behind
  • Doesn’t work well as a privacy film

BDF NA05 Window Film - Runner Up

Similar to the Gila, this blackout window film has an extra dark, black finish that completely absorbs UV rays and greatly reduces sunlight, providing an impressive tint effect to your space. The strong adhesives will keep it stuck to the surface for a long time, so you would not have to replace this window film anytime soon. As long as your follow the included instructions, it is easy to install, so you don't need the services of a professional or high-quality tools. BDF does include a cutting tool and a squeegee so you don't have to make a separate run to the hardware store.

  • It is non-reflective and looks professional
  • Thick enough to prevent tearing while installing or removing it
  • Material can crease a bit during installation, requires care

Jahoot Blackout Window Film - Honorable Mention

Rounding out the list is another pure blackout film. It does an admirable job of blacking out practically all the sunlight from a room. Not only is it great for rooms, such as nurseries, but can be used to even back aquariums. The tricky part is cutting it just right so that the corners and edges are blacked out too without the film overlapping onto the window sill. The unique feature is that the material is matte rather than shiny if you prefer the different look.

  • Reusable construction, can be taken off and placed on any other window
  • Uses a static to cling to the windows, does not require glue to install
  • Might require duct tape to install on some types of windows

Window Whirl Total Blackout Window Film - Contender

This blackout window film is light blocking and has gridlines on the back that allow you to cut it very precisely, like wrapping paper. The material reflects UV rays so it blocks out harmful light and also keeps the room cooler, making it suitable for installation in a nursery. It uses super static cling to stick to the window, making it easy to apply, and it also does not leave any residue so you don't have to worry about ruining your windows. The installation process is a bit more labor intensive since you have to clean the window and squeegee out any excess bubbles. The blackout effect can allow you to sleep soundly at any time of the day. Also, it comes with instructions that are very easy to follow.

  • It is heavy-duty and doesn’t tear easily
  • Easy to cut with scissors and doesn’t require you to use a razor
  • Material may shrink over time

Buyer's Guide

Every homeowner wants their house safe and comfortable. When it comes to heat management and privacy, blackout window films can come in handy. These incredible films form a covering on the window, helping to prevent prying eyes from seeing what's happening under your roof while simultaneously blocking out sunlight to keep your space dark and cool. Thus, blackout window film can be a wonderful protective solution for your home.

However, purchasing the best blackout window film is not easy, as you have to bear several factors in mind to ensure their usefulness. If you plan to install window film yourself but are unsure about what to look for before making your purchase, you're in the right place. We have listed a few aspects you might want to consider to avoid common mistakes most people make when buying new blackout window film. Keep reading to find out more!

What To Look For When Shopping For Blackout Window Films?


Price is one of the major factors that impacts the quality of a window film. The cost of blackout window film varies depending on the film quality and size. That’s why you must decide on your budget beforehand so that you don't waste money on a blackout window film for your place that drains your wallet without getting what you expect. However, make sure not to compromise on the quality of the film while saving a few bucks.


Since the primary reason behind installing blackout window film is security or light control if you work graveyard shifts, you'll need to make sure that the film you choose will work right the first time. Unfortunately, not all films provide you with the same level of quality. Before buying any window films, check whatever customer reviews are published and be sure to confirm whether they are pure blackout or merely very dark tint.

Sunlight Rejection

Blackout window film is a great way to decrease the amount of direct UV rays beating down on your rooms. However, the light rejection capacity of these films can vary. Thus, you should look for film that offers you maximum light rejection and adequate protection from harmful UV rays.

Glare Reduction Capacity

There are times when you may find it hard to continuously look at a screen while working on the computer or watching your favorite movie. While the source of this discomfort can be argued about ad nauseum, the resulting eye strain can't be denied.

In a similar vein, you might experience the same fatigue when you spend longer periods of time looking out your window. This happens due to the glare of the sun's rays that pass through the windows. Taking this into consideration, when you're shopping for blackout window films, make sure it reduces glare - especially if you want to create a better home theater setup.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Blackout Window Films?

Blackout window films are amongst the best solutions to keep homes, offices, and other places protected against sunlight or reduce heat. Thanks to their easy installation and maintenance, these films are quite popular as a substitute to blackout curtains. Here are some other benefits that can be gained by installing these window films.

Regulate Temperature

Window film is perfect for keeping your home and office space cool in the summer. By blocking all or most sunlight, window film helps to keep the temperature low.

Reduce Energy Bills

Like we mentioned above, blackout window film blocks direct sunlight and regulates temperature, which reduces the need for air conditioners and other cooling equipment.

Final Words

There's no doubt that blackout window films offer multiple benefits. This article offers plenty of useful information on blackout window films and explains how using them can improve the comfort level of your space. With that in mind, we hope you'll be able to purchase the best quality window film using the information we have provided in this article.

Blackout Window Film FAQ

Q: Does blackout window film require maintenance?

A: The short answer is no. Window film does not typically require maintenance or any kind of extra care after installation, though it helps to keep an eye out for air bubbles early on.

Q: How much time does it take to install?

A: The installation time can vary from place to place, along with the types of windows at your home or office. It also depends if you plan on installing it yourself or hiring experts who might be able to get the job done quicker.

Q: What is the basic use of these window films?

A: Although blackout window film provides ample benefits, it is installed to add privacy and security to homes and offices. Besides that, it also blocks UV rays and reduces your electricity bill.

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