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Best Camping Toilets: No More Stinks & Germs While Traveling!

  1. Alpcour Portable Travel Bag – Piston Pump Flush Camping Toilet
  2. Camco 41541 Portable Camping Toilet
  3. Reliance Control Corporation Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Camping Toilet
  4. Campersville Traveling Outdoor Activities 5.2 Gallon Camping Toilet
  5. Buyer's Guide

Camping is primal in a sense. You must ditch all those man-made luxuries to experience the rawness of nature. But, this doesn’t mean you should turn on your primitive survival mode either.

There are a lot of camping-oriented gadgets available to make things easier to camp. And, today, we are going to discuss one of the amazing gadgets; the best camping toilets!

Camping toilets are portable, self-contained toilets that you can move from one place to another. These toilets have no connection to the sewage system. You’ve got to empty them manually once full.

In today’s post, we will evaluate the best camping toilets in 2022. We will also discuss important factors to consider when purchasing a camping toilet, along with frequently asked questions. Read more!

What is/are the best camping toilet of 2022?

Alpcour Portable Travel Bag – Piston Pump Flush Camping Toilet - Best Overall

The Alpcour Camping portable toilet is a sturdy and lightweight option that you can carry anywhere easily. With a 50+ flush capacity, the Alpcour portable toilet uses a built-in piston pump flusher. Thus, the cleaning action is quite powerful and smooth. However, it leaves a little liquid in the toilet bowl. The extra-large 5.3-gallon waste tank and 3.2-gallon water tank capacity make this toilet great for larger groups. The Alpcour toilet also has a heavy-duty construction so you won’t have to stress about toppling over in the wild. After your trip is over and cleaned thoroughly, it comes with a nice storage bag to store it in until your next vacation.

Camco 41541 Portable Camping Toilet - Runner Up

Compact and leak-proof, the Camco Portable Travel toilet is an amazing choice for families and groups. It has a large 5.3-gallon waste tank capacity that keeps odor and germs at a minimum. There is a dedicated sealing slide valve that prevents leakage. Also, the tank is detachable with a cap on the corner for easy disposal. The Camco Portable Travel toilet is quite compact and lightweight weighing in around 12 pounds. You can even place it in the back of a minivan for emergencies. The two latches on the side secure both the toilet bowl and holding tank together. It has a powerful flushing system that carries all the waste to the tank easily. However, pulling the hard flusher may be challenging for kids or the elderly.

Reliance Control Corporation Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Camping Toilet - Honorable Mention

If changing the toilet bag regularly and cleaning the bucket is not a hassle for you, then this Reliance Luggable Loo Toilet is an idealistic option. It is a bucket toilet with a removable toilet seat to make things easy and fool-proof. You can detach and use the seat on other buckets too. The Reliance Luggable Loo is compatible with the Reliance Double doodle bag so you can attach toilet bags depending on your preferences. Also, the Luggable Loo has a 20-liters capacity (5-gallon), which is great for two to three people. However, it does not feature any flushing mechanism. If you don't need the fancy features, this is the one for you.

Campersville Traveling Outdoor Activities 5.2 Gallon Camping Toilet - Contender

The Campersville Portable Outdoor Toilet looks like a replica of the Camco travel toilet. It has a similar cube structure and construction. You will get two detachable units; the toilet bowl and the waste tank. It has a 5.2-gallon large capacity that is ideal for two to three people on a long camping trip. The Campersville portable toilet is lightweight, sturdy, and compact. You can take it to various places with convenience. It has a built-in powerful flushing system, which makes the usage super easy. However, handle it with extreme vigilance, or else the tank may leak.

Buyer's Guide

Is it worth buying a camping toilet?

Waking up in the middle of night to go to the campsite toilet far away is no fun. And, it only gets worse if it's raining outside. So, what shall one do in such a case? Buy yourself a camping toilet!

Camping toilets may require some work with emptying and cleaning, but they are worth the hassle. They serve as your personal camping toilet that saves you those scary, exhausting trips in the night.

Since they’re lightweight, you can clean and store them with the rest of the cargo for travel. These portable units take up little space. Also, the camping toilets allow you to create more sanitary and hygienic conditions at the campsite. You can use this toilet instead of the common one used by everyone which might be far away from your site.

Features to consider in the best camping toilet

You don’t just buy any portable toilet. You need one that satisfies the needs of your particular camping group. Here are some features to consider in the best camping toilet:

Types of Camping Toilets

There are several types of camping toilets available on the market. Select one depending on their pros and cons.

Bucket Camping Toilet: The bucket toilet comprises of a bucket and toilet seat with a lid. Most people build it themselves since it is so easy and cheap. However, bucket toilets can be difficult to clean and maintain. Plus, there is no separate unit for the waste.

Collapsible Camping Toilet: The collapsible camping toilets are the ones that include a seat and a waste bag. You can fold them easily for storage and transport. However, these are a little unstable and may topple over.

Flushable Camping Toilet: A flushable camping toilet is a proper unit with a pump flushing system. It has a separate toilet bowl and holding tank. Hence, these toilets help maintain hygienic conditions and offer comfort. But, these are often bulky and heavy to transport.


Make sure it has appropriate holding capacity. If you’re a group of two or three people a 5-gallon tank would be sufficient to meet the needs. However, if it will be a family or friends camping weekend, then choose a toilet with a larger capacity.

Please do not evaluate the capacity depending on the number of days it will be able to store. Even if you purchase a 10-gallon portable toilet for two people to use, you will have to empty it after a few days due to sanitary reasons.

Build Quality

Portable toilets come in a variety of builds too. Ideally, you should choose a camping toilet that is lightweight and compact for portability. Also, ensure it is sturdy and stable enough to sit on without falling over.

How do camping portable toilets work?

Camping portable toilets, also called chemical toilets, have a special mechanism. You need to understand it to use and maintain the toilet properly.

Fundamentally, each camping toilet has four components:

- Toilet seat
- Holding tank
- Flushing mechanism
- Pressure system

Once you’re done using the toilet, you have to use the flusher to wash away the contents. You may operate it using hands or feet as per the toilet’s design.

The flusher causes pressure to develop in the hidden water tank. As a result, water circulates and comes out through pipes into the toilet bowl.

Most chemical toilets use chemicals stored in the tank instead of water. So, when you use the flusher, chemicals come out from the pipes.

The water/chemicals dislodge any stuck debris in the bowl and carry it to the holding tank. It is a separate unit underneath the toilet bowl.

Unlike conventional toilets, there is no outlet connected from the portable toilet to the sewer. Instead, the holding tank carries the waste until you empty it.

Every holding tank contains strong chemicals that break down the solid waste and toilet paper. These chemicals also eliminate germs and reduce odors to create hygienic conditions.

Emptying a camping toilet

People often do not discuss this topic when purchasing a camping toilet. While this may sound gross, it will be even more gross if you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

Most bucket and collapsible toilets do not require much work. Simply remove the toilet bag, secure it with a knot, and dump it in the nearest facility.

As for flushable toilets, you will need to detach the waste tank and carry it to the toilet disposal point. Make sure to have protective clothing on before doing this task. You can make this easy by looking for a waste tank with wheels.

Then, open the cap of the tank and slowly empty the contents. Use the available water hose to fill the tank, shake it thoroughly, and empty it again. And, you’re done!

Camping Toilet FAQ

Q: How do I stop my camping toilet from smelling?

A: Portable toilets, when faced with intensive use, can develop bad odors. To prevent this, it’s best to maintain the camping toilet thoroughly and consistently.

You can use the cleaning tablets in these toilets to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Plus, you can use an air freshener for quicker results. On our end, we recommend you ventilate your portable toilet now and then by keeping the lid open and letting fresh air pass through.

Q: Do campsites have toilets?

A: Yes! Some campsites do offer complete toilet and showering facilities. The facilities are usually located at intervals, depending on the total area covered.

However, other campsites do not offer you toilet facilities in an attempt of maximizing a natural experience. And so, carrying a portable toilet is a must!

Q: How long do portable toilets last?

A: On average, the lifespan of a portable toilet is around ten years or so if used and maintained properly. Rough usage can shorten the lifespan of the toilet by several years. It could last 3-4 years at most.

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