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Add Comfort To Your Bathroom With The Best Toilet Seat

  1. TOTO Washlet Toilet Seat
  2. Mayfair 126MBSL 000 Benton Toilet Seat
  3. INAX Shower Toilet Seat
  4. Little2Big 81SLOW 000 Toilet Seat
  5. Mayfair 13EC-006 Soft Toilet Seat
  6. Buyer's Guide

Toilet seats come in all shapes and sizes, but when you get down to it, they are either elongated bowls, or round bowls. All the accessories that come with them can be purchased at your discretion. As in the case of automatically opening seats, found on medicinal toilet seats, you will need a dedicated line of power to get them to perform correctly, but any licensed electrician will be able to help you here. Apart from your budget, and what kind of features you like in the bathroom, there are plenty of choices out here for you. This list is just a broad introduction. Check out our list of the best toilet seats in 2022

The Best Toilet Seat Models of 2022 in Detail

TOTO Washlet Toilet Seat - Best Toilet Seat Overall

TOTO Toilets have long been known as a leader in bathroom design, and the Washlet S330E takes this model one step further. Originally designed to help those with physical limitations, the Washlet has now become a welcome standard in many homes across America. It is a little slimmer than the previous version, coming in at just under four inches in height. The bidet feature allows you to enjoy the washing without purchasing a whole new bidet. This seat and all its features can be mounted to any standard, elongated bowl and power source. Because it requires electricity, it is best to have this model professionally installed. The water can be adjusted in both temperature and pressure to assure that your experience is custom made for just you. In addition to the wonderful bidet features found in this seat, Toto has improved this model by using E-Water. E-Water stands for ‘Electrolyzed water’ that is a proven disinfectant also used in food preparation. After each use, E-Water mists the bowl to reduce as much as 80-percent of the potential bacterial growth. This eliminates the need to use harsh, caustic cleaning chemicals. With five spray settings, and immediate water heating, you can be sure that your time in the bathroom will be best suited for your needs. The built in deodorizer will keep the room smelling fresh, while the auto-open and close seat anticipates your next move. If you have a handicapped person in your household, this would be the perfect solution for these daily necessities. Not only is the water temperature customizable, the seat temperature is, too. When finished, there is a gentle, warm air that passes over the user just in case they are unable to finish the cleansing process due to difficulties in bending and twisting. As if this is not enough, all these features can be programmed or controlled remotely, with a wall mounted control panel for even more versatility.

Mayfair 126MBSL 000 Benton Toilet Seat - Runner Up

If you have little ones learning how to take care of business, then this toilet seat is the perfect selection. Designed to work with any standard elongated bowl, this child’s version will accommodate your toddler to use the potty like everyone else, and still allow the adults to use it their way, too. The smaller plastic seat magnetically attaches to the adult seat when in the up position so dual use is easy. It is also attached with easy to remove hinges that allow you to remove, clean, and replace with ease. When your little tyke outgrows it, the child potty seat can be permanently removed and stored as you see fit. Sized right and safely installed, this little seat will give children the confidence to use the toilet like an adult, making this stage of life go by quickly. If you have more than one toddler, this design will allow for maturity changes along the way.

INAX Shower Toilet Seat - Honorable Mention

If TOTO models are a little too pricey for your budget, then the INAX version comes in a close second. Equipped with a similar soft-close feature, this toilet seat and cover will close quietly on its own, eliminating the need to remind certain people to do the same thing over and over again. The bidet features include adjustable water pressure and temperature, can be used with any standard elongated bowl, eliminating the need for expensive add-ons and a whole new purchase. The seat also comes with an adjustable temperature feature. If you live in a basement apartment, or someplace where the heat is not exactly what you would like it to be in the winter time, this INAX toilet seat can make up for the lack. The warm air dryer is another added nicety that will make your experience in the bathroom even better. If you have trouble bending and twisting, or if you are not as European as all this, the L-series comes with a hand held wand so you can control what goes where. All the customizable features, in a fine tuned price, you will be able to clean yourself in style and comfort for a fraction of the price.

Little2Big 81SLOW 000 Toilet Seat - Consider

The Mayfair 48E2000 is not quite the Star Wars version of toilet seats, but it does have some very nice features at a completely affordable price. The main feature is the soft-close seat that will lower the set slowly and quietly in case you have toddlers or teenagers in the house. This is especially nice if you have someone that used the commode in the middle of the night. If you live in a condo community, it might make a good Christmas gift for that incontinent neighbor. The other nice feature about this model is the innovative ‘lift-off’ hinges. Removing the seat for a complete, and sanitary clean, is as easy as “1-2-3”.

Mayfair 13EC-006 Soft Toilet Seat - Best Toilet Seat

One of the best sellers on the web, this Mayfair padded soft seat is equipped with a firm cushion for maximum comfort. Wrapped with a high strength vinyl finish, the padding is mounted on real wood for durability and strength. In case you are a bathroom reader that likes to sit on the throne for a while, you will find this model particularly suitable for your needs. Designed for elongated bowls, this model will fit any standard sizes with its adjustable opening.

Buyer's Guide

When we are designing our bathroom, maybe we don't think much about choosing the toilet seat. However, the material and design of a toilet seat decide a great deal of how long you can use it. Whenever we buy a product, we want it to last long enough, so our money doesn't waste. Thus, give a good read to the buyer's guide for the best toilet seats of 2021 below and buy smartly.

Are There Different Types of Toilet Seats?

Yes, there are two primary types of toilet seats. You need to choose between the two options by determining which one fits your toilet. Both differ in shape and size, so you must know their difference to determine which one you want to buy.

Elongated Toilet Seat

As you would have guessed from the name, elongated toilet seats are longer in size than round seats. Their shape is oval and they are considered to be more comfortable than the other type. However, it may cost you a few extra bucks considering its more extended size and comfort. Usually, an elongated toilet seat measures 18.5 inches, and you can find it in various colours and materials to go with your bathroom design.

Round Toilet Seat

The size of round toilet seats is 16.5 inches, which is smaller than the elongated seats. Thus, it won’t cost you much, and you can easily find it in the market. You can also consider these toilet seats to be the traditional ones because they have been in the market for a long time. Those who have small bathrooms generally opt for this type.

Measuring the Size of a Toilet Seat

As the primary differentiating factor between the two types of toilet seats is their sizes, you need to know the size of your toilet seat to decide. It would help if you had a simple measuring tape or even a wooden rule with at least 20 inches that will do the job. Find the holes where you need to bolt the seat in the toilet. Then, measure down from these bolts to the front of the bowl. If the measurement you get is 16.5 inches, it is best to go for round seats. On the other hand, if the size is 18.5 inches, then elongated seats are your option.

What Features to Look for?

After choosing the type of toilet seat, you need to consider some other fundamental factors to ensure that you buy the best toilet seat. Both elongated and round toilet seats come in various materials, noise, and durability. Thus, it would be best if you still sorted out your needle from the haystack.


There is an unlimited range of materials from which toilet seats are made but the two most commonly used are plastic and wood:

  • Plastic Seats are the most common and used material for making toilet seats. Whenever you go to the market to buy toilet seats, it will be the first material shown. They are very cheap and easy to clean, so users find no harm in buying them. It also comes in various colours, so you can choose the one that best goes with your bathroom designs.
  • Wood Seats are the second most used toilet seats because users believe it is highly comfortable especially in winters. It is also durable and long-lasting because it is not easy to get wood scratched or damaged. These are a bit more expensive than plastic seats, but it's all worth it if you are looking for comfort and durability in one.

Some other materials used to make toilet seats are vinyl, brass, ceramics, and stainless steel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so you have a wide variety to choose from.


You might not even be wondering about noise when buying a toilet seat. However, it is an important feature that you need to consider. Imagine you are sleeping tight, and suddenly someone closes the toilet lid, and it goes with a bam sound. Isn't it annoying and disturbing? So to avoid getting in such a situation, check your padding on the toilet seat. These days' toilet seats are designed with soft padding and slow automatic closing so that you never have to hear the loud slam when you close the lid. A point to keep in mind is a trade-off in the noise and durability of a padded toilet seat because a padded toilet seat does not last long.


You don't want to buy toilet seats all year, so make your choice smartly and buy the best toilet seat for once. A durable toilet seat will save you the hustle of removing the old one and re-installing a new one. Wooden toilet seats are considered to be the most durable according to customers. Although plastic toilet seats are primarily used at homes, they get scratched in no time, and within a few years, they will ultimately wear off. Wooden toilet seats lose their strength slowly when their coating is removed, and they start absorbing water.

For finding the durability of a toilet seat, it is best to stroll into the product reviews section. You will quickly find out how long the product can last.

Toilet Seat FAQ

Q: When should I change my toilet seat?

Usually, a good quality toilet seat can last for almost five years. However, the material, built quality, and many other factors define the lifespan of a toilet seat. For instance, padded toilet seats tend to wear off earlier than others.

Q: What are the bottom fix and top fix toilet seats?

The bottom fixed toilet seat needs to be fitted from the top, and then you need to tighten it from underneath with a wing nut. On the other hand, a top fixed toilet seat is fitted by securing two bolts in the pan and then tightening it from the top.

Q. Should the toilet seat be of the same brand as the toilet?

No, it is not a rule to buy a toilet seat from the same company as the toilet. However, it is recommended so that you may find the perfect match and have no issues with incompatibility. The installation process is also made easy if the toilet seat is an ideal match for the toilet.

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