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Get a Rich Finish with the Best Car Paint Glazes

  1. Meguiar's "Diamond Cut" Compound Car Paint Glaze
  2. 3M 05990 Hand Car Paint Glaze
  3. Poorboy's World Black Hole Car Paint Glaze
  4. One Grand Omega Car Paint Glaze
  5. Mothers California Gold Sealer & Glaze

Often called the “secret weapon” of show car detailing, a quality glaze is used just before waxing to impart a rich depth and glow to make the finish look just so, deep. These products fill any swirl marks and/or micro fine scratches, resulting in a smooth finish with some containing a small amount of micro fine polish to remove small imperfections at the same time. Since car paint glazes are intended for cosmetic use they'll only last around a week or two without an added layer of protective wax or sealant on top.

We've selected the very best car paint glazes in 2022 which when properly applied, produce some of the most amazing results possible. All of our picks will reduce the appearance of light scratches and swirls, while leaving behind a glossy that’s deep and reflective. Some of these products might be easier to find than others, but each offers excellent paint rehabilitation as proven by their cult followings and continuing popularity.

Detailing the Best Car Paint Glazes of 2022

Meguiar's "Diamond Cut" Compound Car Paint Glaze - Best Car Paint Glaze Overall

Colloquially known simply as Number 7, Meguiar's M-0716 Show Car Glaze is well known on the show car circuit as being the secret behind the deep gloss of the cars on display. Applied before the wax or sealant, this product provides the coveted, wet paint-like effect which car owners crave. Even with vehicles which haven’t had the paint regularly cleaned and maintained, Meguiar's Show Car Glaze is capable of restoring the life and shine to a paint; this glaze is especially effective with dark colors.

This product can be used on both the solid paints of classic cars as well as the clear coats of modern cars. Application is best accomplished by hand versus using a power buffer, but the finished result will be well worth the effort.

3M 05990 Hand Car Paint Glaze - Runner Up

3M's Imperial Hand Glaze increases the gloss and shine of your car's paint, making it show-ready or simply bringing life back into an older car. This product is best applied by hand and out of direct sunlight. Although applying this product requires some elbow grease, it’s only needed a couple of times a year to rejuvenate paint and maintain a deep, glossy look. The 3M Imperial Hand Glaze will effectively hide minor scratches and swirls in your paint, providing your vehicle with a uniform shine. As with all car paint glaze products, this glaze doesn’t offer much in the way of protection for your cars paint, and will require the use of a wax or sealant after application.

Poorboy's World Black Hole Car Paint Glaze - Honorable Mention

Poorboy’s Black Hole Show Glaze is formulated with black, red, and other dark paint jobs in mind but there’s also a White Diamond Show Glaze perfect for white, silver, and other light paints; don’t worry, results provided by both products are very similar. Poorboy’s car paint glaze enhances gloss, hides minor imperfections, and lifts out dirt from swirls and filling them in. This result in swirl-free paint with a mirror-like finish which lasts for months when it’s locked in with a quality wax or sealant. Poorboy’s can be applied in a sunny driveway or in the shade of your garage; simply wipe it on, let it haze, and buff it off using a microfiber towel.

One Grand Omega Car Paint Glaze - Consider

The One Grand Omega Glaze is water-based car paint glaze which creates the deep, wet look usually seen exclusively on show car paint. One Grand Omega Glaze removes minor scratches and swirls in the paint, allowing for a uniform shine and gloss coveted by car owners. Like our other picks, this quality glaze is meant to be applied before you wax your vehicle; this particular product isn’t suited to be used with a polymer sealant on top, so stick to a wax for finishing things off. This glaze can be applied by hand or using a slow speed mechanical buffer, potentially reducing the amount of effort required.

Mothers California Gold Sealer & Glaze - Best Car Paint Glaze

With regular use, Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze will maintain the quality look of your cars paint job over the course of many years. This car paint glaze includes a fine polish, meaning it has a slightly abrasive effect. This is meant to buff out defects such as minor scratches and paint swirls, although some will claim this runs counter to the primary goal of a glaze which is purely to create gloss and shine. However, for those who need extra polish, this product will work well with any paint color while doing an excellent job of producing the coveted “wet look”.

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