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Review: Best Paint Scratch Remover

Let’s face it, no matter how well you try to take care of your car, scratches are bound to happen. Whether this happens due to careless people in parking lots or something as simple as accidentally grazing your car with a sharp object, scratches on the paint show up sooner or later.

While deeper scratches extending into the bare metal of your car require professional attention to repair, lighter ones can often be taken care of with a good scratch remover. These products work by polishing the surface of the scratch until it blends in with the rest of the paint, making it nearly unnoticeable. However, the quality of the repair varies depending on the person performing the repair.

We've chosen the best paint scracth removers in 2021 that require minimal effort while producing maximum results. Suited for light surface defects, each of the following picks will effectively reduce the appearance of scratches, swirls, and other minor paint issues. Most are also quite affordable, making them a no-brainer to have on hand for when the inevitable scratches and scuffs happen.

The Best Paint Scratch Removers in Detail

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover

The Quixx Paint Scratch Remover is a good option for removing minor scratches from your car's paint. This easy-to-use product consists of a two-part system, with both a polish and a finish. Light scratches can be removed using only the polish and the finish to buff out the surface, but deeper scratches will require the use of the included sandpaper as well.

However, it’s unreasonable to expect a scratch removal product to fix very deep scratches. Severe scratches will require, at minimum, the addition of touch-up paint to the process. That being said, the Quixx Paint Scratch Remover doesn't stain rubber and plastic, produces excellent results, and is simple to use when you follow the directions (Quixx also has further information on their website).

Meguiar's ScratchX Paint Scratch Remover

Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 might be affordable, but it's the secret behind many cars that look like they have never been taken out of the garage. This product is designed to remove light scratches and other surface defects from your car's paint with minimal hassle and effort. The formulas micro abrasives remove scratches, but won't damage your cars paint. Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 can even be applied to your entire car to remove light oxidation and stains. This product is easy to use, just simply dispense the product and rub it on the scratch using a soft cloth, such as a microfiber. Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 is one of the best value scratch removers available.

Nu Finish Paint Scratch Remover

This highly-rated product effectively removes scratches, scuffs, swirls, and even haze from your vehicle's paint. The Nu Finish Scratch Doctor blends surface defects to reduce their appearance, and is best when followed up with a wax or sealant to protect the repaired area following use. This product doesn’t create more scratches as it goes to work and it’s safe for use on on cars, fiberglass boats, motorcycles, and even chrome appliances. The Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is easy to use, simply by dispensing the product and applying it using a clean microfiber cloth.

Mothers California Paint Scratch Remover

Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover is an affordable and easy-to-use product that’s excellent to have on hand for the scratches and scuffs bound to appear on your vehicle over time. This scratch remover effectively removes surface defects, making paint appear uniform once again. Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover is easy to use; simply apply the product using a clean microfiber cloth. After application, Mothers recommends finishing with a wax to seal and protect the paint.

3M Scratch Remover

3M is known for offering quality products for fair prices, and their Scratch Remover is no different. This product is well-suited for removing surface defects that don’t extend deep into the paint layers, while also being simple and quick to use. Simply apply the product on a foam applicator pad, rub on the affected area, and then buff off with a clean microfiber cloth. When followed up with wax to seal the area, minor scratches will completely disappear but don’t expect this product to fix deep scratches or damage. Overall this affordable scratch remover is a good option.

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