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Review: Best Cold Brew Filters

  1. Altura The TUBE Cold Brew Filter
  2. HOMYHEE No Mess Cold Brew Filter
  3. Organic Family Products Cold Brew Filter
  4. Plum Labs Cold Brew Filter
  5. Buyer's Guide

So you love a good cold brew coffee, but making your own at home can take hours and the alternative — buying from a coffee shop — can get expensive over time. Opting to make your own cold brew at home can help your wallet, but you’ll want the best brew possible as a flavorless coffee isn’t a great way to start your day. To make bold, tasty cold brew coffee at home, you’ll need the best cold brew coffee filter in 2021.

While hot coffee requires a traditional coffee maker and can be finished brewing in a matter of minutes, cold brew requires a different method. You can use these simple filters to brew coffee in your fridge in a large container such as a mason jar or pitcher. There’s a type of cold brew filter for any type of grounds you prefer or whether you choose to use reusable, eco-friendly products. Take a look at our list below for perfect cold coffee right in your fridge.

Best Cold Brew Filter

Altura The TUBE Cold Brew Filter - Best Overall

Altura brings you a fantastic cold brew coffee filter with irresistible features. To begin with, it can brew up to 64 ounces of coffee so you can brew your week's worth in one night. Just add 200 grams of coffee grounds to the filter, place in a wide-mouth mason jar with room temperature water, let it sit in your refrigerator overnight and you'll wake up to a concentrated coffee mix that’ll blow you away. The TUBE+ has a high-quality stainless steel mesh that will last for a long time and is reusable for hundreds of uses. The strong steel weave will prevent grounds from getting in your coffee, ensuring a smooth, perfect cup of coffee. This filter also comes with a guide and a recipe eBook so you can make your favorite coffee shop beverages from home.

  • Durable steel mesh
  • Easy to use
  • Produces a flavor-packed coffee concentrate
  • Additional filtering may be required

HOMYHEE No Mess Cold Brew Filter - Runner Up

Are you perhaps looking for a cold brew filter that leaves you with little to no mess? Look no further, because we have the perfect product for you. This filter requires no rinsing, washing, or cleaning: these cold brew filter bags are for single-use, so just brew with cool water and leave it in the fridge for a good 12 hours. You’ll end up with a premium coffee concentrate that can last up to 2 weeks. Plus, the coffee bags are completely natural. They’re made from commercially compostable fine fiber, which is resistant to tearing and it does not negatively affect the environment. With the cold coffee brew bags, you’ll know how easy and convenient it is to make cold brew coffee. You can even use the bags as an infuser pouch for other beverages like tea, making them a great multi-purpose product. And mind you, there aren’t many coffee brew filters out there that can live up to this product’s reputation.

  • Disposable coffee bags for no clean up
  • They are sturdy and mess-free
  • Makes delicious coffee concentrates
  • Only works with small mason jars

Organic Family Products Cold Brew Filter - Honorable Mention

Organic Family Products brings to you an easy-to-use bag that is eco-friendly. If you prefer to use earth-conscious products, you'll love that the filter is made of organic cotton and can be washed and dried to be reused. The cotton is also the ideal thickness to withstand many uses without becoming too thin or porous. While other filters may be fully submerged in a jar to brew coffee, this one has a strong elastic loop that keeps the edges of the bag outside of the jar, eliminating the possibility of grounds leaking into the coffee. Simply tighten the cap to the jar over the sides of the filter and you're good to go. With this filter, you'll get smooth, bold, flavorful cold brew coffee every time. Plus, this filter can be used for a variety of other kitchen needs.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Easy to clean
  • Creates great tasting coffee
  • Ideal for smaller batches

Plum Labs Cold Brew Filter - Contender

Next up, we have amazing coffee bags by the Plum Labs Store. The best part about these coffee bags is that they are extremely convenient. If you’re looking to brew a power-packed concentrate of coffee, just fill the cold brew coffee filter, tie the drawstrings on the coffee bag, add water, and leave it to rest. Whether you're preparing a day's worth of coffee or would like to make a large pitcher for a group, this coffee filter can accommodate — it can brew batches of coffee of up to two quarts using one pound of coffee grounds. If you’re concerned about the sturdiness of the coffee filter, don’t worry. The filter is extremely sturdy, trapping coarse coffee grounds from escaping into your coffee. You won’t have to filter the concentrate, since it’ll be as smooth as silk.

  • Sturdy coffee bags
  • Convenient to use
  • Brews coffee with ease
  • The mouth of the filter might be too small

Buyer's Guide

We’ll pass you some secrets here. Even though buying a coffee brew filter or a coffee maker sounds like simple work, it’s not always that easy. When you’re suddenly introduced to a plethora of products, it is easy to inadvertently pick up a low-quality product. But, we won’t let that happen — that’s why this buying guide exists. It’ll aid you in finding the best coffee brew filters in 2021.

What are factors to keep in mind before buying the best cold brew filter?

Before you pull out that credit card, wait a second. Don’t confirm the purchase just yet, at least not before you’re through with our buying guide. You need to make sure that you check a few factors before you bring a cold brew coffee filter home.


First and foremost, cleaning. Everybody enjoys a good cup of coffee, and they might compliment you too, but what happens next? The worst chore to ever exist: cleaning. There may come a time when you don’t even make coffee to avoid the aftermath.

An ideal cold coffee filter will not require intensive cleaning. If the quality is good, but it asks for a wash after every use, then that’s still acceptable. If you want to avoid cleaning altogether, go for disposable coffee bags that are ideal for single-use. Once you’re through with them, you can throw them away. And since most of them are made from recycled paper, they decompose. This seems like a win-win situation.


Up next is the size of the filter. This is mostly subjective; it depends on the size you’re looking for. But we don’t recommend you to choose the smallest size. You’ll end up brewing more repeatedly, and that could become a hassle. You also may not get a strong brew, leaving you with weak, watery coffee.

Most brewers can hold up to 1 liter or about 30+ oz of liquid. There are other sizes as well that you can commonly find, just make sure you think about your needs before you confirm the purchase. Additionally, go ahead and measure the height of your refrigerator shelves. This will help you in determining the ideal size. Coffee filters can hold a range of coffee ground quantities, ranging from a few cups to even a whole pound. If you're unsure of which size filter is best, choose a larger size so you can add extra grounds if you'd like to make a larger brew.


Well, making cold brew coffee isn’t that difficult. Once you get the hang of it, making it again is like child’s play. However, that doesn’t mean all methods of brewing cold brew coffee are easy to understand. It is true that with mechanized devices you may get additional features, but this comes with a downside.

There are few cold brew coffee makers that do the job in a matter of minutes like a traditional coffee maker. Most methods of cold brewing just involve a filter and a container of water. Although it takes hours, it is hands-off work. The coffee just sits in your cool fridge for hours overnight.

When it comes to a convenient cold brew filter, that depends on your personal preferences. Are you looking for something reusable or eco-friendly? Or something disposable for easy, mess-free cleanup? These elements of convenience come down to what you look for in a product, and there's a filter for every type of preference.


The materials used in making the filter are really important as they determine how long it may last. It depends on how you maintain it as well, but high-quality components and materials are forgiving, even if you end up making a mistake or two.

Ask yourself a few questions first. Do you prefer steel? Or mesh? What about cotton? There are products made with all sorts of materials that are safe for use, so you can go for them without an ounce of worry. Some of these materials may be reusable while others will be disposable. Either way, each of these options will provide you with tasty coffee.

What are the benefits of cold brew filters?

You’re probably wondering why cold brew filters are important. While it is true that this technique takes more time than making coffee traditionally, wait till you hear the benefits of cold brew filters.

First up, this extraction method is ideal to bring out the best taste of the coffee grounds, as well as a hefty dose of caffeine. People who have to work long hours or students who study all night can’t function properly without their fair share of caffeine. And we all know how essential a good cup of coffee is to boost your mood. That’s where a cold brew filter comes in: a good cold brew coffee filter is indeed essential to seal the deal as most products these days ask for little to no effort and they still end up creating a delicious brew.

The best part is that once you’re through with this purchase, you don’t have to worry about buying a replacement for a while. Because most filters are reusable, you can use them day after day without a decrease in your coffee's quality. Even if you opt for a disposable option, most disposable filters come in packs with large quantities that will last you for a few months or so.

Cold Brew Filter FAQ

Q: Can I reuse cold brew filters?

A: Yes, of course, unless it's disposable. That’s what makes them irresistible in the first place. You can make an eco-friendly decision and enjoy your coffee all at once.

Q: Which water is best for the perfect cold brew?

A: Honestly, it depends on your taste. For the first few times, you can try tap water to understand how the ratios work. From then on you can start using filtered water to see how the brew tastes.

Q: What if I over steep the cold brew?

A: We don’t recommend going over about 24 hours. After this point, the coffee may become bitter. It is best to keep an eye on how long your grounds are steeping so you get the ideal cup of cold brew.

Q: Are cold brew coffee filter bags any good?

A: They are rising in popularity, and they are very good. Coffee filter bags have a decent thickness to them, which allows the product to filter out grounds and bitterness as well. This results in a concentration that you will surely enjoy. The primary reason why people choose these coffee bags is that they are very convenient as well.

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