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Best Collagen Powders for a Healthy Body

  1. Zammex Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder
  2. Nutricost Marine Collagen Peptides
  3. Ancient Nutrition - Multi Protein Collagen Powder
  4. Anthony's Peptide Collagen Powder
  5. ForestLeaf Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  6. Terranics Multi Collagen Powder
  7. Zhou Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed Protein Powder
  8. Buyer's Guide

Collagen powders are a type of natural protein powder that has unique health benefits. As you would guess from the name, it's a great source of collagen, an amino acid that plays a big role in your health. Collagen powder can help you build stronger and healthier muscles, decrease inflammation around the joints, and regulate blood sugar. Because of its unique properties, it’s also great for your hair and nails. We've rounded up the best collagen powders in 2022, and we've also compiled a handy buyer's guide if you're interested in further reading.

What is the best collagen powder of 2022?

Zammex Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder - Best Collagen Powder Overall

The fast-dissolving solution of this collagen powder mixes well in either cold or hot water, allowing you to fulfill your daily collagen requirement without much effort. The collagen is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows, so it is packed with healthy nutrition while leaving out undesirable chemicals and toxins. It is also hydrolyzed with enzymes, making it very easy to digest. The texture of the drink is entirely smooth without any clumping whatsoever, and there are no foul odors or tastes, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable drinking experience. Also, the quantity included in the price makes it a very economical choice, which is important if you're planning on using collagen for a long time.

Nutricost Marine Collagen Peptides - Best Collagen

Nutricost Marine Collagen is derived from deep-sea fish (cod) caught in Alaskan waters and is a natural collagen supplement. A bottle contains 8 ounces of liquid, and each serving contains 10 grams of marine collagen (scoop included). Moreover, it is 3rd party tested and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. It is made from fish skin that is naturally rich in non-GMO, type I collagen, and gluten-free. Nutricoast works wonderfully because it has no taste, order free, and gives a beautiful creamy head to your morning beverage. It also dissolves quickly, making it simple to mix into drinks. It is made entirely of cod, so if you don't want to eat beef or chicken, this is a fantastic option for you.

Ancient Nutrition - Multi Protein Collagen Powder - Another Top Pick

There are a total of 45 servings in one tub of this collagen powder, so it’s fair to say you get to save quite a lot with its purchase. But that’s not all - each two-scoop serving packs a total of 20g collagen, which is more than sufficient to fulfill the daily requirement for most people. There is also an additional 18g of protein in it, giving you a further energy boost to kickstart your day. The collagen included in this product comes from four different sources, all of which are hormone-free and non-GMO, making it completely safe for you to consume.

Anthony's Peptide Collagen Powder - Also Consider

There are plenty of benefits that can be associated with this collagen powder by Anthony’s. First of all, you get a mildly-flavored powder that can be added to almost any beverage, including smoothies, coffee, and tea, as well as any food item like your morning cereal or a cup of yogurt. An important factor to consider in collagen powder is its source; this one comes from grass-fed cows, so it can be considered high-quality for sure. The product does not contain any soy, making it perfect for people who are allergic to the ingredient. Also, it is priced perfectly for the quantity included, so you get quite the bargain.

Terranics Multi Collagen Powder - Contender

When you are looking for a collagen powder, you are better off with one that contains five types of collagen and additional essential nutrition like biotin, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, just like this one by Terranics. The formula is completely odorless and flavorless; hence, you can easily mix it with any food or drink item without disturbing the taste. Also, it has been hydrolyzed with enzymes - a property that makes the collagen powder very easy to digest, so you can truly benefit from all of the nutrition that it has to offer. Plus, it is gluten-free, making it suitable for people suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed Protein Powder - Consider

Type I and III collagen make up about 90 percent of all collagen in the body. Collagen peptides from Zhous help fuel the bones, tendons, and connective tissue that assist women and men maintain joint flexibility and bone strength. Collagen hydrolysate is included in this pure, hormone-free collagen peptides powder to help maintain the health and look of your skin. For smoother, firmer skin, it replaces lost collagen and promotes cell renewal. They include two of the three amino acids required for creatine synthesis.

It provides nutrition while supporting muscle cells, making thin, broken hair and fragile, frail nails a relic of the past. It's paleo and keto friendly, making it the ideal supplementation for staying on track with your diet. It's a natural appetite suppressant that keeps you feeling fuller for longer while also supporting gut health by calming the sensitive lining of your intestines. Furthermore, because peptides have smaller molecules, they are easier to digest, allowing more collagen to be absorbed and used.

Buyer's Guide

Best Collagen Powder Buying Guide

As we grow older, the quality of our skin and hair starts to diminish due to collagen degradation. Collagen is the main protein responsible for tissue development and repair. When it starts to degrade, sagging skin, stiff joints, hair loss, and weak bones are not far behind.

Collagen powders are formulated to counter the aging effects of collagen degradation by augmenting body collagen levels. These collagen supplements have been proven to enhance skin, hair, and bone quality - even for the elderly. They’re generating quite a buzz in medical, social media, fashion, and skincare circles and it looks like they’re here to stay.

There are many collagen powder brands in the world today, each with varying formulations and qualities that you must explore before making a choice. You'll learn about them in this buying guide and hopefully apply the information to choose the best collagen powder in the market.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A Collagen Powder Product?

Ingestible products are always under intense scrutiny, and collagen powders are no exception. You must be wary of what you put in your mouth for obvious health reasons, so check the following requirements to ensure that your collagen powder choice is compliant with health safety standards.

What are the active ingredients in collagen powders?

Many brands claim to have formulated the best collagen powder in the globe - don’t take their word at face value. Read descriptions and ensure that all or some of the following active ingredients are present before paying for a collagen powder product: peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, zinc, vitamin E, superoxide dismutases, organic silicon, elastin, and ceramides. Vitamin C and E and superoxide dismutases act as antioxidants that support collagen synthesis, organic silicon stimulates collagen synthesis, while polyphenols act as radicals that prevent dermal cells from degrading. Zinc protects skin cells from oxidative stress, ceramides act against collagen breakdown, hyaluronic acid enhances skin elasticity, and peptides control collagen synthesis.

What do collagen powders taste like?

Some collagen powders are flavored, while others are not. Choosing between either option boils down to preference; however, unflavored collagen powders are highly recommended because they are considered pure and free of additives that may trigger allergic reactions or have an unpleasant aftertaste. Plus, they can be mixed with any food or drink without changing the initial flavor or taste. If you prefer the alternative, there’s a myriad of flavors to choose from. Some of the available collagen powder flavors are mandarin orange, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, berry lemonade, and strawberry-lemon.

Hydrolyzed or plain collagen powder?

For enhanced digestion and bioavailability, it is best to go for hydrolyzed collagen powders. Molecules of plain collagen powders are large and difficult to absorb by the human system, and this slows digestion. Hydrolyzed collagen powders are more bioavailable and easily digested because their molecules have been broken down into smaller amino acids known as collagen peptides. So for fast action and fewer chances of stomach troubles, we recommend that you go for hydrolyzed collagen powders.

What do collagen powders smell like?

Collagen supplements shouldn’t have a distinct smell. A distinct odor is the first sign of an inferior or potentially harmful collagen supplement, and you should do well to avoid such.

Can collagen supplements trigger allergic reactions?

The best collagen powders are typically allergen-free, and this is always highlighted in their descriptions. However, some collagen powders contain generally harmless substances that could cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Examples of such subtances include fish, shellfish, or egg ingredients. So, check the active and inactive ingredients of a collagen supplement and ensure that it contains zero allergens.

Do all collagen powders have third-party verification?

The FDA does not regulate collagen powders, so there are so many fakes and harmful products out there. We highly recommend going for collagen powder brands with third-party verification and quality assurance from established scientists, dermatologists, and nutritionists in the field to protect yourself. You can also check for certifications from organizations like the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Underwriters Laboratory (UL), or the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Best Collagen Powder FAQs

Is it safe to take collagen powders every day?

Daily use of collagen powders is perfectly safe. In fact, it is highly recommended for best results. A daily dose of 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen powder is the standard amount to take every day, but for enhanced effects, you can choose to take up to 15 grams per day.

Can people with diabetes take collagen supplements?

Absolutely! Diabetics are advised to take collagen supplements because the high amount of sugar in their blood breaks down collagen rapidly, leading to aging symptoms such as loss of hair, wrinkled skin, and bone weakness. Collagen supplements are often prescribed to augment and maintain their collagen levels.

Are there any side effects of taking collagen supplements?

Aside from rare occurrences of stomach trouble, high-quality collagen supplements have no history of any side effects. They are safe for adults and kids alike.

Is it safe to mix collagen powders with fluids?

The best way of taking collagen powders is in solution. You can dissolve your collagen powder in water, cold tea, or juice - it is perfectly fine to do so. The exceptions are alcohol, coffee, or any hot drink. Alcohol breaks down collagen and renders it useless, so it’s best to lay off the booze before, during, and after taking collagen supplements. Also, collagen will degrade to gelatin in temperatures higher than room temperature, so when you add it to hot coffee or any other hot liquid, you’ll be drinking gelatin, not collagen. They may rhyme, but they’re nothing alike.

How long before the effects of taking collagen powders start to show?

According to reports and clinical trials, steady collagen intake will start to reflect on human health after four to eight weeks from the onset of supplementation.

Is it okay to take collagen powder on an empty stomach?

Taking collagen powder without food poses no serious health challenges. Some studies even claim that taking collagen supplements on an empty stomach increases its absorption rate. However, to avoid stomach discomfort due to indigestion, taking collagen powder with food is good practice.

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