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Construct Precise Right Angles With the Best Corner Jigs

  1. BASECENT 90 Degree Right Angle Metal Corner Jig
  2. MLCS Can-Do Clamp Corner Jig
  3. WEICHUAN Woodworking 90 Degree Corner Jig
  4. wolfcraft Quick-Jaw Right Angle 90 Degree Corner Jig
  5. Buyer's Guide

Whether you are a full-time woodworker or a stay-at-home hobbyist, you must be aware of the precision required to join two pieces at exactly 90o. Having the right tools to hold the wood together while you introduce a permanent binding medium is mandatory as it minimizes the chances of angles going wrong. Corner jigs are a valuable tool to maintain the required level of accuracy for wood, metal, and other materials. We have reviewed the best corner jigs in 2022 to help pinpoint the assembly of your wooden crafts.

To obtain the most dependable and accurate results, it is imperative to invest money in the right kind of corner jig that helps in getting the exact angle and ensuring an accurate bind.

Best Corner Jigs Worth Considering in 2022

BASECENT 90 Degree Right Angle Metal Corner Jig - Best Overall

BASECENT Corner Jig is one of the top capacity corner clamps ideal for woodworkers of any skill level. Its sturdy design consists of a single swing jaw so you can promptly join two different-sized blocks at an accurate angle. Made from super heavy-duty aluminum alloy so you can use it for a long time. The electroplated skin provides a rustproof finish, allowing you to store it conveniently without any added precautions or if your garage can get moist. This corner jig is perfect for all kinds of material from wood to steel, plastic, and even glass, giving you versatile use. Last but not least, the rubber handle enables a sturdy and comfortable grip to work for prolonged hours without getting fatigue.

  • Made from heavy-duty material
  • Convenient storage and long-lasting use
  • Versatile
  • Sometimes you'll need to readjust

MLCS Can-Do Clamp Corner Jig - Runner Up

MLSC knows how to please woodworkers with their precision corner jig. The MLSC Can-Do is a clamp and a vise that offers security features so you can prevent yourself from injuries. It incorporates movable jaws and clamps on both sides for a precise angle to obtain a perfect finish every time. The sturdy aluminum construction ensures longevity and durability. At the same time, the sliding ‘T’ handle can reduce the amount of added strain, making it much easier to apply clamping pressure. Weighing only 2.6 lbs, it's easy to carry around. Moreover, this corner jig is an ideal option for all kinds of carpentry activities like drilling, doweling, and framing.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight and convenient to store
  • It might leave some marks on the wood

WEICHUAN Woodworking 90 Degree Corner Jig - Honorable Mention

If you are a professional woodworker, then adding a WEICHUAN Corner Jig in your toolbox might be the best decision you ever make. It can adjust the jaw opening width up to 70mm/2.8 inches, allowing you to handle larger projects with ease. It incorporates a heavy-duty aluminum alloy die-cast that ensures longevity and durability due to its corrosion-resistant properties. The rotary jaw is easy to adjust and align at an accurate angle to help when dealing with pieces such as large furniture, cabinets, and shelves. Despite weighing only 1.87 lbs, it is safe for use on different items like thick glass, wood, and metal, making it an all-rounder corner jig.

  • Made from heavy-duty material
  • Durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • It might be difficult to tighten or loosen it

wolfcraft Quick-Jaw Right Angle 90 Degree Corner Jig - Contender

The sturdy professional construction of the Wolfcraft Corner Jig speaks a lot about the reliability and resilience of this product. Made from hard-wearing, durable aluminum, Wolfcraft Corner Jig is a perfect tool when dealing with larger projects such as a box frame. It uses a 3-inch clamp with a V-groove design which allows you to hold round materials with ease. Additionally, the ergonomic handles prevent unnecessary strain on hands and adjust easily.

  • Made from reliable and durable materials
  • Convenient to store
  • Might be complicated for novice woodworkers

Buyer's Guide

Picking the right tools is a great way to make things easier. With the following buying guide, we will help you find the best corner jigs in 2021.

What Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Corner Jig?

Following are the key considerations to keep in mind when looking for the right corner jig.


The size of the corner jig depends upon the intention for use. Professionals working with more significant components like furniture may require larger jigs with added sturdiness. At the same time, hobbyists can use a smaller tool that is easy to use and store.


The durability and resilience of your corner jig depend on the quality of material you opt for. Normally, people prefer metallic jigs made from heavy-duty materials such as aluminum and steel, but you can also find their plastic counterparts at lower prices. One thing to note here is that plastic clamps are not as durable or precise as metallic ones.


High-quality corner jigs come with safety mechanisms to avoid inconveniences. You must look for the tightness of the tool, adjustment system, and, most importantly, bolts.


The tightness of your clamp ensures how easy it would be to keep your pieces stable. The jaws of your corner jig must have adequate friction to hold the material along with sufficient width to avoid any slips. Wooden boards require more friction and tightness as they are flexible, but when dealing with brittle material like glass, opt for medium strength.

What are the Types of Corner Jigs?

Following are the 4 types of corner jigs that can help you get things going.

Quick-Release Corner Jigs

These are possibly the most convenient corner jigs available for users because the quick-release handle does not require any added pressure. A quick-release corner jig features an ergonomic design that minimizes strain on the wrist.

Single-Screw Corner Jigs

A single screw controls the entire movement of your jigs. Perfect for home use, these are light-duty jigs that can hold together lightweight workpieces of different materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and even paper.

Double-Screw Corner Jig

Unlike its single screw variant, this corner jig allows the user to control two jaws. However, you need to make sure that all pieces are at a precise angle exactly where you want them to be before tightening the jaws. The design makes it ideal for heavy-duty clamping with high precision.

Welding Corner Jig

Welding corner jigs allow the users to weld corners together. Made from sturdy heavy-duty material, it comes with robust features that can handle metal and its counterparts. Although perfect for metal welding and wood drilling, a welding corner jig may not be ideal for dealing with plastic and glass.

What are the Parts of a Corner Jig?

The primary purpose of corner jigs is the same, with slight variations in their models. Therefore, the most common parts of this reliable tool include:


Jaws are responsible for holding the under-construction workpiece together. The jaws have an accurate ‘V’ shape in corner jigs to ensure that both board pieces meet at a perfect right angle.


You can find either one or two threaded screws in a corner jig to control the movements of the jaw. They come with steel sliding pins that determine whether your tool can handle heavier objects. The screws can also determine the number of handles on the jig.

How to Maintain Corner Jigs?

Corner jigs are usually made of metal, so exposure to excessive moisture can cause rusting. Besides keeping in a dry location, it is ideal to oil the screws and jaws with a dash of linseed oil.


A corner jig is an ideal tool for joining two wooden pieces at right angles. The choice of the product also heavily influences the precision of your work, so make sure to opt for the best corner jigs.

Features like material, size, tightness, and safety are key considerations when looking for the right product. There are plenty of corner jig styles available in the market, but you must opt for the one that completely matches your intention of use.

Corner Jig FAQ

Q: How many corner jigs does a professional woodworker need?

A: Depending on the type of use, a professional woodworker may need to hold more than one corner at right angles. Therefore, a minimum of 3 corner jigs is ideal for keeping things organized.

Q: Are plastic corner jigs suitable for professional use?

A: If you deal with plastic and glass material on a professional scale, then plastic corner jigs might be a suitable choice. However, for sturdier objects, you must opt for a material of similar capacity.

Q: Are there automated variants of corner jigs?

A: Corner jigs require manual labor, but some jigs automatically adjust the pieces at 90 degrees without any additional settings.

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