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Wine Anyone? Best Decanters for a Fresh Taste

  1. Metrokane Rabbity Super-Aerating Decanter
  2. Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner's Choice Decanter
  3. Hicoup Wine Decanter
  4. iittala Citterio Decanter
  5. Riedel Amadeo Decanter
  6. Gemini Wine Aerator Decanter
  7. Ravenscroft Crystal Buckingham Decanter
  8. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Decanter
  9. Godinger Dublin Triangular Crystal Decanter
  10. Bohemia Quadro Whiskey Decanter
  11. Reed & Barton Cove Decanter
  12. Buyer's Guide

Whiskey or wine, a good decanter can increase the enjoyment you get out of a bottle of your favorite beverage. Whatever type of decanter you're on the market for, you'll want one that's made from strong crystal or glass and one that makes an attractive vessel that complements your decor.

Whiskey decanters and wine decanters serve two very different functions. Whiskey decanters are elegant vessels that close tightly between uses so that the whiskey stored inside doesn't oxidize. Wine decanters, on the other hand, are made to quickly expose a bottle of wine to oxygen so that it loses some of its harsh tannin. Wine decanters are also made to help remove some of the sediment from aged wines so that you don't end up with unattractive dregs at the bottom of your glass. We have researched and compiled the best decanters in 2022 on this list for you to check out.

What are the best Decanters of 2022?

Metrokane Rabbity Super-Aerating Decanter - Best Decanter Overall

Our favorite wine decanter is the Metrokane Rabbity Super-Aerating Decanter System. This system comes with a flask-shaped crystal decanter, a crystal funnel, and an extra-fine screen. Each part of the system helps to bring out the best in a wide variety of wines. The screen removes particles before they get into the decanter, while the funnel breaks wine up into tiny droplets so that it can rapidly aerate. The decanter itself is an attractive service vessel that makes it easy to pour wine into a glass. Thanks to the innovative aeration system, there's no need to allow wine extra time to breathe. It's ready to enjoy right away, though it will also keep in the decanter for a few hours.

Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner's Choice Decanter - Runner Up

The wide base of the Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner's Choice Decanter helps to aerate wines quickly by providing a bottle of wine with the maximum surface area possible. Sediment is also encouraged to settle to the bottom of the wine, making it easy to keep it out of your glass when you pour slowly. Additionally, it comes with an attractive round stopper that keeps debris out of the decanter while you enjoy a meal. This decanter is made from lead-free crystal that resists chipping, cracking, and staining. In order to keep it like new for years, it should be washed by hand.

Hicoup Wine Decanter - Best Appearance

Get in the mood for the holidays! Look no further if you are searching for a unique stocking stuffer to give someone this holiday season. This lovely glass decanter is a thoughtful Christmas present they will use in their kitchen and during holiday feasts. This stylish wine carafe, made of hand-blown, lead-free crystal glass, will keep the discussion running at any event. This U-shaped glass wine decanter doubles as a stylish pitcher for fresh orange juice or water, holding stems, seeds, and pulp residue at bay. The greatest oxygenation for better flavor is achieved with this exquisite glass wine carafe and pourer. Pour the wine into the bigger aperture, let it oxygenate, and then decant. These red wine decanters are attractive, ergonomic, and simple to use, enhancing your drinking experience while also being easy to clean.

iittala Citterio Decanter - Honorable Mention

Made from traditionally blown glass, the iittala Citterio Decanter is a sleek vessel with bold angles that make a statement on any dinner table. This decanter features a wide, perfectly flat base that encourages aeration by creating a great deal of surface area. It has a neck with a wide mouth that makes it easy to pour in a bottle of wine without spilling. The neck narrows towards the body of the decanter, encouraging wine to run down the sides of the decanter, speeding up the aeration process. After enjoying a bottle of fine wine, the decanter can be washed with soap and water.

Riedel Amadeo Decanter - Consider

Riedel is one of the most popular manufacturers of fine glassware and this company's decanters are some of the best around. Though considerably more expensive than many of the other decanters out there, Reidel's products are beautifully designed, made to last a lifetime, and popular with wine enthusiasts. The hand made Amadeo decanter features two spouts, a wide one that makes it easy to pour out a bottle of wine without spilling any, and a narrow one that allows you to pour wine into a glass. The wider neck also doubles as a handle for pouring. This piece is made from leaded crystal that's perfectly clear, showing off the color of the wine inside.

Gemini Wine Aerator Decanter - Best Wine Decanter

Made of brushed nickel and glass, the Travaso Gemini Wine Aerator Decanter is the perfect decanter for both young and aged wines. The conical glass decanter holds a full bottle of wine and dispenses through an innovative spout at the base. In order to aerate wine, simply pour it over the glass ball at the top of the decanter. The round surface helps to distribute wine over a wide surface area, bringing it in contact with oxygen so that harsh tannins can be rapidly broken down. Sediment in the wine is removed by way of a fine screen, which allows wine to be dispensed through the base of the decanter.

Ravenscroft Crystal Buckingham Decanter - Best Whiskey Decanter

We chose the Ravenscroft Crystal Buckingham Decanter as the best of the best because it serves as an attractive vessel that shows off the rich color of the whiskey inside. Made from crystal, this decanter is heavy duty and perfectly clear. Unlike many crystal products, it hasn't been treated with lead, which means that it's safe to leave spirits inside for weeks or months at a time. It can fit 38 ounces, making it spacious enough to hold an entire bottle of whiskey or scotch. Though this decanter does need to be hand washed, it cleans up easily with soap and warm water.

Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Decanter - Best Whiskey Decanter

Able to hold 26 ounces, the Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Decanter makes an attracting service bottle for fine whiskeys. This bottle is made in Italy out of thick cut glass. The design cut into the glass refracts light, making this bottle and the whiskey inside sparkle elegantly. When you finish off the bottle, it's easy to clean this decanter by hand or in the dishwasher. The plastic cork fits tightly in the bottle forming an airtight seal, though changes in temperature can occasionally cause pressure to build up inside the bottle, which may make the stopper to pop out of the bottle. The best way to avoid this is to keep your whiskey in a temperature controlled environment, which will also help to make it last longer.

Godinger Dublin Triangular Crystal Decanter - Best Whiskey Decanter

The Godinger Dublin Triangular Crystal Decanter is a classically designed whiskey decanter that's roomy enough to hold up to 610 mL. The decanter is made from crystal that's features an intricate cut design on the front of the bottle. Godinger has been producing quality glassware for decades, and has crafted this decanter using traditional Bohemian crystal-working techniques that have been passed down for centuries. This is a quality piece of barware that will last for years. If you're in the market for a glassware as well, Godinger makes high ball glasses that are a perfect match.

Bohemia Quadro Whiskey Decanter - Best Whiskey Decanter

Though a little more expensive than some of the competitors, the Bohemia Quadro Whiskey Decanter is well worth the extra price. This decanter is made from strong, heavy glass and will last for many years. With a capacity of 900 mL, it's large enough to fit a full bottle of liquor. The stopper is made from heavy duty glass that fits snuggly in the bottle, forming an air tight seal. The bottle twists up from the base to the stopper, giving it a fluid look that makes a statement in any home bar.

Reed & Barton Cove Decanter - Best Whiskey Decanter

The round, modern design of the Reed & Barton Cove Decanter sets it apart from the competition. This decanter is made from crystal that has been treated with lead for superior strength and clarity. The outside of the bottle has been designed with a rounded, wave-like patter that reflects light while still allowing the color of the whiskey to shine through. The heavy glass stopper forms an airtight seal and thanks to it's large round knob, is easy to take out of the bottle when you're ready for a drink.

Buyer's Guide

Why should you use a Decanter?

For all wine lovers, using decanters can be a game-changing experience. It is a magical tool that brings out that richness and luxuriousness. But, before we dive into the glory of a decanter in the wine world, let’s reinforce the basics!

A decanter is a glass vessel, a flask-like structure to serve wine. Meanwhile, decanting is a separation technique used for suspensions or immiscible liquids.

The decanter gets used in two different ways for two different purposes. These include:


Aged and vintage wines often have sediments in them. The presence of these particles and chunks doesn’t mean that the wine has gone bad. It is merely a stage of wine evolution.

But, you should remove them since they have a bland taste and making drinking a little unpleasant. Decanter is the primary tool for removal. You have to pour the wine in the decanter such that the majority of sediments remain in the bottle. Then, allow the remaining particles to settle down in the bottom before pouring into a glass.


Locked in a bottle, the flavor and aroma of wine become dormant over time. You need to activate them and bring the richness back before drinking. It is an absolute step for wines that have spent years on the rack.

To do so, you have to aerate the wine. In simple terms, the oxygen must interact with wine molecules to unlock the indulging taste. Transfer the wine to a decanter, and swirl it around for some time. People commonly phrase it as decanting the wine. The ideal swirling time is 2 to 3-minutes. But, for 15yrs+ wines, the time extends to a minimum of 15 to 20-minutes. Summing it up, a decanter makes drinking wine a pleasurable experience. It enhances the flavors and makes the processes convenient. You won’t be able to aerate wine easily in a bottle or other container.

Things to consider in the Best Decanter

In today’s marketplace, there is so much variation that selecting upon a single item becomes impossible. Almost always, purchasers either end up with the wrong product or a lot of products. There is no in-between until you do research and evaluate your needs. Remember, the best purchase is the one that satisfies your particular needs.

Below, we have compiled all the important things to examine in the best decanter for you. Read more!

Type of Decanter

From tall to curvy ones, the diversity of decanters can be mind-boggling. Here are the fundamental types to choose from:

- Wide & Thin Necks
This particular type influences the aeration quality of the wine. The wide-necked decanters provide more air exposure and aerate quickly. However, narrow-necked decanters reduce air entry and consume more time.

- Storage Decanters
Storage decanters come with a lid or airtight seals. Although you can use them for decanting, the core purpose is to store wine or whiskey. People like to store wines in it and put them on display.


Usually, the standard decanters accommodate a whole bottle of wine. These are large and wide-based. You’ll find them in most bars and places.

But, if you’re a less frequent or lone drinker, then smaller-sized decanters are also available. These allow you to decant a glass or two of wine.


By maintenance, we are referring to the ease of cleaning a decanter. Often, narrow and curvy decanters are difficult to clean as the brush cannot reach every corner. If you want to save yourself the hassle, invest in a straight wide decanter.


Admit it or not, we all care about how our decanters look when swirling coolly in front of the guests. The aesthetics only make the entire experience more grand and pleasant. Fortunately, you can find decanters in uncountable shapes and designs. Choose one that matches your preferences while excelling in other aspects too.

Should you wash a whiskey decanter?

Yes, you should always wash a whiskey decanter immediately after use. Every whiskey, wine, or spirit has a unique taste and aroma. And, the decanting process leaves behind some of it on the vessel. If you do not clean it quickly, the vessel becomes difficult to clean. Hence, the taste and aroma will linger behind, ruining the next beverage that you can decant.

To clean, simply wash the vessel under a tap of hot water. If the decanter has curves and narrow openings, you can use a bristle brush to scrub. There are also specially-formulated decanter cleaners available in the market.

Storing whiskey in a decanter

A waging debate in the universe of decanters is the storage of whiskey. Some people swear by the technique, while others despise it. But, the question remains unanswered; should you store whiskey in a decanter?

Our research and experience say something else. The storage of whiskey in a decanter does not have any impact on the quality. However, this is true only until the decanter has an airtight seal. Storing whiskey in an open decanter will cause the alcohol content and flavor to reduce.

Best Decanting FAQS

What should you put in a decanter?Contrary to popular belief, you can only put two types of beverages into a decanter. These types are spirits/liquor and wines.

To be precise, you can put in white, rose, port, and red wines into a decanter. Meanwhile, you can put in a diversity of spirits/liquors that includes:
1. Whiskey
2. Vodka
3. Bourbon
4. Brandy
5. Rum
6. Gin
7. Tequila
8. Cognac

Q: How long can you leave whiskey in a decanter?
A: When it comes to storage, whiskey in a decanter is just like one in a bottle. An airtight seal makes the whiskey in a decanter last for approximately 1 to 2-years. In some cases, it may last longer.

Q: How do you open a decanter?
A: Once airtight, decanters can be difficult to open. Usually, the seal or stopper gets stuck. To loosen it, you can immerse the decanter’s top in the hot water bath. Or, you can place it under a hot water tap for around 10-minutes. The heat will expand the decanter, causing the stopper or seal to come out. If it doesn’t, try tapping the sides with a wooden spoon.

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