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Use the Best Digital Pool Water Testers So You Never Have to See a Dermatologist Again

  1. LaMotte ColorQ Pro Digital Pool Water Tester
  2. Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Pool Water Tester
  3. Health Metric TDS Meter Digital Pool Water Tester
  4. APLUSTE Measurement Range Digital Pool Water Tester
  5. Buyer's Guide

When installing a pool, people only think of how much fun they’ll have and what kind of parties they would throw for their friends. A pool might be the most exciting feature of your home, but with added pleasures comes added responsibility.

Keeping your pool clean is mandatory for a pleasant experience and good health. Many gadgets are designed to let you know when your pool is due for a cleaning or chemical change. To make things simpler, we have brought those gadgets in one place: this article features a detailed review of the best digital pool water testers in 2022 that accurately describe your pool’s water condition by assessing the pH level, chlorine content, and more.

What Are the Best Digital Pool Water Testers of 2022?

LaMotte ColorQ Pro Digital Pool Water Tester - Best Overall

If you are concerned about the purity of your pool water, this water tester is going to help you make the necessary changes immediately. With an easy-to-read photometer, you don’t have to guess your test results. To keep your pool’s water in the proper ranges, you can use this device to test for chlorine, bromine, alkaline, pH levels, calcium hardness, and more. By using this test and making the necessary changes after your readings, your pool will be perfect to swim in and all of the components of this kit fit nicely in a water-resistant carrying case.

  • It can test several water issues
  • Tester itself is water-resistant
  • Secure carrying case holds everything you need
  • Reagents are less in quantity

Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Pool Water Tester - Runner Up

It is important to know what’s in your water, especially if you are swimming in it regularly. This is one of the most accurate digital testers that will give you results in as little as 15 seconds. On the LCD screen, you’ll see readings for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity; each reading has a number along with an indication of if the results are “LO,” “OK,” or “HI,” making it easy to identify your issue without attempting to read a color strip or decipher numbers. All this tester requires is two AA batteries and the included test strips and you’re ready to go.

  • Lightweight and small
  • Simple and accurate readings
  • Tests multiple water problems
  • The tester only works with TruTest strips

Health Metric TDS Meter Digital Pool Water Tester - Honorable Mention

Take advantage of the professional digital pool water tester by Health Metric that allows you to test water conditions in a straightforward method. All you have to do is dip the tester into the water, check the numbers on the readout and match them to the guide to understand your results. The tester uses highly-accurate probes to provide reliable test results time and again, and the tester can always be recalibrated if there is an issue. With this reader, you can test the TDS and EC of your water.

  • Fast, reliable, and accurate
  • Test results are easy to understand
  • Excellent choice for TDS and EC testing
  • Does not test water hardness

APLUSTE Measurement Range Digital Pool Water Tester - Contender

APLUSTE has launched one of the finest digital pool water testers that ensure an optimal water pH level. The tester is extremely easy to operate and read the results. All you have to do is insert the tester in the water and find the reading number on the pH scale to find out if your water is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. Calibration is easy with the touch of a button and the tester will automatically adjust to the water’s temperature in order to give you the most accurate and fast reading.

  • Usable in any water temperature
  • Provides a reading in seconds
  • Displays accurate results
  • Needs to be recalibrated often

Buyer's Guide

Confused about which one is the ideal water testing kit for you? Our comprehensive guide features everything you need to know about the best products.

What to Look for in the Best Digital Pool Water Tester

The following list features the most important components of a digital pool water tester.

Kit Components

Some kits come with everything you need, including batteries and strips, but you may have to visit your local pharmacy, pool supply store, or order them separately for others. If you already have a kit, then only opt for the strips. On the other hand, people looking for a complete kit can buy all the components they need in one pack as well.

Type of Tests

Different kits are compatible with various tests. Some might determine the pH levels, some chlorine levels, while others can test both of these and more. A standard water tester can determine alkaline content, pH level, chlorine, and bromine levels, but you can get additional features like distillation units and nutrients in more professional kits. For home use, standard equipment is sufficient to provide you with all the relevant information. The most important information you need to test for in your pool is pH level and chlorine content.

Water Source

The water source is an important factor as it helps you understand the type of water you are dealing with. Usually, a public water supply that goes through a series of unfiltered lines to reach your outlet requires a more substantial test kit than chlorinated water in your private pool.

Why Should People Opt for Digital Pool Water Testers?

Whether it’s your personal pool or a professional lab, testing water supply can yield multiple benefits.

Establish Peace of Mind

The first and foremost thing that matters a lot is peace of mind. A water testing kit ensures that there is nothing wrong with the quality of water you get in contact with daily. Other than that, addressing the issues becomes more manageable, if there are any.

Tracks All Contaminants

Using a digital pool water tester allows its users to check multiple water contaminants. It helps you understand the kind of water source you are dealing with while obtaining comprehensive information on water quality. Many of these tests read multiple things, allowing you to track multiple key metrics in a single test.

Understanding Health Concerns

People can have multiple health and skin issues based on the type of water they use. Performing a test can help you better address those health concerns by providing a basis for precaution and prevention. For instance, most people develop skin issues due to hard water or digestive issues by consuming water with an undetermined pH level.

What are the Types of Digital Pool Water Testers?

Water testers fall into three major categories:

Test Strips

Test strips are the most commonly used kits. Available in almost every other house with a pool, these kits offer the best estimate in a short time (some of them even take seconds). The color of the test strip changes according to the level of contamination, and you can find a guide within the box that allows you to compare results. However, many users find that it may be challenging to read the test strip results as the colors can kind of blend together or be unclear.

Color Disk Kits

A little less common but a high-quality variant, color disk kits are used by people who want better accuracy in their results. Add a sample to the plastic tube in a viewing box and rotate the disk until you find the color that matches your sample. Although a bit pricey and time-consuming, the results are correct.

Digital Instruments

The best and the most accurate type of water testers include monitors with membraned sensors to measure chlorine in a sample. They come with a digital monitor displaying simple results within seconds. Some digital instruments use test strips as well, but since they are a bit more expensive than the other two, usually businesses and pool owners prefer them for an accurate analysis of water conditions. Digital kits make it much easier to interpret your test results.

What is the Ideal Water Quality?

An ideal water level must have:

- pH level between 6 to 9.5
- Chlorine level between 1 to 4 ppm
- Bromine level between 3 to 5 ppm
- Water hardness of 120 mg/l

Final Thoughts

Installing a pool in your home or testing your drinking water requires a water tester to analyze the overall condition of the water and establish a baseline for further tests. By analyzing your water frequently, you can easily determine when there is an issue. Using the best digital pool water testers to determine quick yet accurate results can help you get the most out of your pool without any skin irritation or other health concerns. We hope that our guide to finding the best digital pool water tester helps you in the long run.

Digital Pool Water Tester FAQ

Q: How long does it take to obtain results through a digital pool water tester?

A: Most digital pool water testers can give results in as little as 15 seconds. Some models may take a few minutes longer to provide results, especially if it's testing multiple things. But overall, digital pool water testers are quite quick.

Q: Do all digital pool water testers come with built-in batteries?

A: While a built-in battery is a desirable feature, some digital testing kits run on replaceable batteries that can be found in any local store.

Q: What to do if my digital pool water tester shows contamination?

A: In case of contamination, it is best to call your local water filtration office, which will guide you on maintaining a clean supply in your pool or other outlets. They also inform if you need professional help or not.

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