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The Best Dog Leash for Your Canine Companion

  1. Lupine Tickled Pink Dog Leash
  2. Leash Boss Dog Leash
  3. Bold Lead Designs Quick Grab Leather Lead Dog Leash
  4. UPPETLY Hands Free Dog Leash
  5. BAAPET 4/5/6 FT Strong Dog Leash
  6. Four Paws Nite Brite Reflective Leash
  7. Top Paw Titan Chrome Dog Chain with Handle
  8. Coastal - Giant Chain Traffic Dog Leash
  9. Platinum Pets Chain Leash with White Leather Handle
  10. Aspen PET 82348 Pet Supplies Dog Leash
  11. PRADOG Chain Dog Leash
  12. Flexi Durabelt Soft Grip Retractable Belt Dog Leash
  13. Hammacher Schlemmer Best Retractable Dog Leash
  14. Freedom Leash 2 Retractable Dog Leash
  15. Flexi Giant Retractable Belt Dog Leash
  16. Fifth Avenue Avant Garde Retractable Dog Leash
  17. Buyer's Guide

Regardless of where you reside, owning a sound and sturdy leash is a must if you have a canine companion. There are a variety of leashes available which can cater to the behavior and needs of the individual dog in your life. Whether you're looking for a standard everyday leash, a sturdy chain leash or a versatile retractable leash, the following lists offer a variety of the best dog leashes in 2022 made with quality materials by trusted pet supply brands and have received a wealth of positive user ratings.

The Best Dog Leashes Models of 2022 in Detail

Lupine Tickled Pink Dog Leash - Best Dog Leash Overall

If your dog is a puller or a chewer, then a high-quality, durable leash is a must to save your sanity and your wallet. Lupine Pet makes some of the most durable products available, backing their Lupine Pet Medium Dog Designer Patterns Padded Handle Leash with an ironclad guarantee. The leashes padded handle will go easy on your hands even if your dog ends up walking you. Available in one inch or 4/4 widths, three different lengths and 24 colors or patterns, there is sure to be one to fit your pet’s unique needs and compliment your creative style.

Leash Boss Dog Leash - Best Quality

Do you want a dog leash that will stand out from the crowd? If so, this dog leash from Leash Boss could be what you need. Available in four distinctive patterns, including a rainbow stripe design and outer space style, this is one of the most fashionable and fancy dog leashes on the market. And not only does it look the part, but this dog leash functions very well, too. It measures up at six feet, giving you plenty of room to let your pup roam, while still having control over them and preventing them from going too far. It's one inch wide, too, giving it a good level of strength, so you won't have to worry about the dog leash feeling flimsy or frail. It's also reflective, ideal for use in dark or dimly-lit situations, like walks around the block in the evening.

best leather dog leash

Bold Lead Designs Quick Grab Leather Lead Dog Leash - Runner Up

The durability and longevity of a leather leash makes it a great choice for any sized breed but especially vital for a stronger, larger dog, to ensure ease of control. The Bold Lead Designs Quick Grab Leather Lead isn’t simply a beautifully crafted leash; it also boasts two handles with one at the end and one near the clasp to offer ultimate control. Using the second handle allows you to quickly gain complete control over your pet especially if your dog is known to react strongly in certain situations. This perfectly crafted lead is ideal for reactive dogs while spending time navigating your town or city.

UPPETLY Hands Free Dog Leash - Honorable Mention

Some dog owners and walkers like to have their hands free when taking a stroll with their four-legged friend. The Ruffwear Roamer Leash is constructed of stretch webbing which can be hand-held or simply worn around your waist. This clever design is best used by runners with dogs who are polite and well-behaved on the leash. The Roamer comes in four colors and the Talon-clip clasp ensures the leash will stay securely attached for your walks duration.

BAAPET 4/5/6 FT Strong Dog Leash - Consider

Sometimes when you spend a good chunk of your time with your pet at off-leash dog parks or on simple neighborhood walks, fancy leaches are not especially important. In these cases, a simple, eye-catching nylon leash is perfectly adequate. The extremely affordable Petco Striped Eco Dog Leash gets the job done with durable, fray-resistant nylon and bright colors so trips to the park are easy and stylish. This line of leashes is eco-friendly too; by converting plastic into usable fabrics, your purchase will also support the use of renewable resources.

Four Paws Nite Brite Reflective Leash - Best Standard Dog Leash

Depending on your locale or schedule, night walks may be the only time you and your dog hit the pavement together. If you do like to get out when it’s dark, a reflective lead is essential. The Nite Brite Reflective Leash is visible from up to 200 feet away thanks to a unique braided design which captures light from all angles, making both you and your pooch highly visible. Available in blue, black and red, there’s a Nite Brite Reflective Leash made to fit you and your pup’s unique style.

best Top Paw Titan Chrome Dog Chain with Handle

Top Paw Titan Chrome Dog Chain with Handle - Best Chain Dog Leash

The Top Paw Titan Chrome Dog Chain with Handle is a chain lead designed to withstand tarnish and rust, with a strong chain that will not break or bend. The nylon handle is easy to grip and will save your hands from the rough metal. The handle comes in red, black and pink color options to fit the unique style of both dog and owner alike. Top Paw is exclusively sold at PetSmart and this affordable option is a favorite of dog owners who love a chain lead.

Coastal - Giant Chain Traffic Dog Leash - Best Chain Dog Leash

Not everyone uses their chain leash as a daily walker, as some owners use these sturdy leads as a training tool. The Coastal Pet Products Giant Chain Traffic Leash is specially made for use in the city or in situations when a short lead is essential. Even with a strong dog, the double-ply nylon handle will make it easy to grip and the reinforced thick chain short lead will keep your dog safe and close to your side.

Platinum Pets Chain Leash with White Leather Handle - Best Chain Dog Leash

For a small to medium sized pup with a chewing problem, chain leashes may be your best bet. But just because it’s constructed out of chain doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Coated No-Bite Chain Leash with Genuine White Leather Handle is a small chain, powder coated in a variety of colors and finished with a sleek white leather handle. The adorable chain leash will dispel the tough guy look of a typical chain lead but the stainless steel construction will still do the trick.

Aspen PET 82348 Pet Supplies Dog Leash - Best Chain Dog Leash

Petmate is known for their quality pet products and their Mighty Link line is no different. This chain lead is constructed of nickel and chrome plated materials manufactured to resist rust, tarnish and breakage. This affordable chain option comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses ensuring you can find the perfect lead for your pup.

PRADOG Chain Dog Leash - Best Chain Dog Leash

When you appreciate the finer things in life and don’t simply want a chain lead you can buy anywhere, your best bet is the Petego Chain Leash. This artfully-crafted lead features an Italian leather handle and a strong chain design. This strong and chic short chain leash will ensure your pup’s safety making for stress-free walk time together. From quality construction to its fine craftsmanship, your friends will notice the quality of this leash when they see it.

Flexi Durabelt Soft Grip Retractable Belt Dog Leash - Best Retractable Dog Leash

Flexi constantly tops the ratings for every style of retractable leash they manufacture. The Flexi Durabelt Soft Grip features a soft grip handle and offers 16 feet of leash length for your dog. The durable, high-quality design is constructed with a patented one-hand braking system ensuring optimum control. The extended warranty offered by Flexi will make this a stress-free purchase which will make your walks as enjoyable as possible.

best Hammacher Schlemmer Best Retractable Dog Leash

Hammacher Schlemmer Best Retractable Dog Leash - Best Retractable Dog Leash

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute put various dog leashes through vigorous tests including tugging, dropping and testing the braking system. Not surprisingly, The Best Retractable Dog Leash earned its name because didn’t break, buckle or disconnect in any of these tests. Supporting breeds up to 110 pounds, this leash has been tested to support twice the tension placed upon it. This 16-foot nylon lead is strong, durable and easily managed with one hand.

Freedom Leash 2 Retractable Dog Leash - Best Retractable Dog Leash

Coupling leashes are controversial, but if you have two well-behaved pups and no longer want to fumble with multiple leashes on your walks, the Freedom Leash 2 is made for you. With one hand you can comfortably walk two dogs with a retractable leash and not worry about tangles. The patented design spins both leashes internally to avoid any issues if the pups cross paths. Each of your dogs will have about 10 feet of freedom and the one handed braking and locking system will ensure their safety and give you complete control.

Flexi Giant Retractable Belt Dog Leash - Best Retractable Dog Leash

Flexi offers a variety of styles of their signature retractable leash, but the Flexi Giant was designed specifically for large and extra-large breeds. Available in five different colors, this fashionable yet functional lead allows your gentle giant the freedom to move usually only enjoyed by smaller breeds. The exposed reel ensures additional support to give you the peace of mind your dog is enjoying the walk as much as you are.

Fifth Avenue Avant Garde Retractable Dog Leash - Best Retractable Dog Leash

In the retractable leash department Avant Garde enjoys status as a pet lover favorite thanks to their wide range of styles and designs. This retractable leash is constructed with heavy duty nylon, plastic and boasts one-hand braking and locking functions. This easy to use leash comes in a variety of cool designs including skull and crossbones, crossword puzzle and Fifth Avenue to name a few.

Buyer's Guide

No matter how much you love your furry animal, they tend to get a little too excited at least sometimes. So, what happens when you don’t even yell fetch and they sprint to the other side of the park? Not only does this require quite a bit of exercise from your side, but you’re forced to chase after them so they don’t get lost. That’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare and you certainly don’t want it happening to you. With the best dog leash options in the market, you can easily solve this problem and save yourself unnecessary sweat.

Buying a great dog leash, however, isn’t as easy. Especially not for newbie pet owners who haven’t had much experience buying pet accessories before. This buying guide not only makes your selection easy, but it helps you choose a product that is both convenient and comfortable for your canine. After all, the last thing you want is for your beloved animal to feel choked up.

Why should you invest in the best dog leash available?
If you’re one of those pet owners who think their animal is too tame to need a leash, there are plenty of reasons you’re letting your emotions ride over logic. A leash is not a symbol of oppression, rather, you might even be viewed as a negligent dog parent if you didn’t invest in it! Needless to say, there are a plethora of viable reasons why you shouldn’t forgo your search to find the best dog leash out there.

Prevent accidents
As lovely as animals can be, they can also cause a lot of ruckus. While you may be forgiving to their mistakes, others won’t always extend the same kindness. Think about it, what if your canine gets distracted and trespasses onto somebody else’s property? Chances are, you’ll have to deal with a very angry homeowner. But that’s not even the worst part. In some cases, canines can cause damage to property which may even lead to a hefty lawsuit.

Protect their health
Animals pick up various pesky infections and diseases when they walk in places they’re not supposed to. While the local park may not be a hub for transmissible infections, certain areas around it can be. That’s exactly where a dog leash comes into handy. You can make sure that your pet stays on ‘safe’ grounds and doesn’t contract any diseases.

Train them like a pro
Training a canine isn’t the easiest job on the planet but it’s absolutely necessary. Contrary to popular belief, a leash is a great accessory to train your dog. You don’t want them running off in unwanted places which is why you must make sure that they’re tied when needed. This instills discipline and obedience even in the most anxious breeds. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Want to buy the best dog leash ever made? Don’t forget these factors!
As a responsible pet parent, it’s great that you’re looking for a dog leash. Naturally, you’ll have a lot to choose from but don’t fall into clever marketing tactics! Make an informed decision that pays off down the line. Remember, the wrong product can cause rash, aggravate your pet, and make them incredibly uncomfortable. And after some time, you will have to buy another one as a replacement. So, why waste your money in the first place? Be cognizant of these important factors throughout your search and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t think this belongs on the list of considerations? That’s a misconception we’re ready to debunk! If your dog is petite, there’s no point in getting a heavy leash. It will cause unnecessary strain on their neck and hurt them. On the other hand, bigger dogs need bigger leashes. Otherwise, they can break or fall apart, putting you back at square one with your failed training attempts.

Somewhere down the line, your dog will exhibit clear signs of frustration, particularly in the weaning stage of their training. That’s when you need to change their leash and give them more space to themselves. So, if your canine is almost tamed but not quite just yet, pay attention to the length.

While your definition of the best dog leash should never be limited to aesthetics, style is an important part of the entire process. Who said pet fashion wasn’t a thing? It certainly is! So, make sure you get something that perfectly compliments your canine’s personality and looks nice to wear.

Yes, you read that right! One of the best dog leashes out there may not even be acceptable in your region. States like Michigan have clearly laid out rules that determine how your dog should be restrained. So, before spending your money, do your research and ask an experienced pet owner in the area to give you advice regarding your purchase.


What is the cheapest dog leash in the market?
Some of the cheapest leashes available today are around $10. However, price benefits oftentimes also mean that the quality may not be as good as you’d like. Important features may also be missing.

Can I adjust the length of my dog leash?
Yes, some dog leashes have an adjustable buckle that lets you shorten or extend the length, however, not by a great margin. If you’re weaning your dog off in the training process, a better idea would be to buy a longer leash instead.

When should I stop using a dog leash?
Pet owners can determine when they should stop using a dog leash depending on how trained their pet is. However, you should always walk your canine with one no matter how well tamed they may be.

Can a dog leash cause damage to my pet’s neck?
If you buy the right size, the short answer is no. The best leashes for dogs take the animal’s comfortability into account so that their neck doesn’t become strained.

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