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Avoid Scratches With The Best Dog Nail Clippers

  1. Millers Forge Quality Dog Nail Clipper
  2. JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Dog Nail Clipper
  3. Resco Original Chrome Dog Nail Clipper
  4. Boshel Dog Nail Clipper
  5. Buyer's Guide

When it comes to trimming your dog's nails there are many options available on the market. Each dog will have different preferences and fears associated with nail clipping, so be sure to try a clipper that will be the most comfortable for you and your pet. From typical clippers, to guillotine style to grinders we have scoured the options to bring you the best products available. The following list of the best dog nail clippers in 2022 is comprised of the best brands, most sound materials and easiest to use clippers.

Compare The Best Dog Nail Clippers Of 2022

Millers Forge Quality Dog Nail Clipper - Best Dog Nail Clipper Overall

Millers Forge is considered top of the line in the pet clipper market. These professional and high quality products are often used by veterinarians and groomers because of their ease of use and sound construction. Though Millers Forge offers many types of clippers, the plier-type is the easiest to use and is especially appropriate for medium to large breeds. Because these clippers are complete with a safety guard, it's much more difficult to cut too short and hit your pup's delicate quick.

JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Dog Nail Clipper - Runner Up

The standard and affordable GripSoft clipper from JW boasts soft and easy to grip handles, quality, heavy-duty metal and a built in nail guard. This no frills option is optimal for experienced nail trimmers as it'll make the job easy and quick. JW makes many quality grooming products and is a trusted brand with groomers, so when you simply need a high-quality clipper, the GripSoft is a great option.

Resco Original Chrome Dog Nail Clipper - Honorable Mention

When you've got a more petite pup, then a guillotine style nail trimmer is generally the best choice. This style of trimmer requires the cut to be made from the underside of the nail. These are not for the novice as it's easier to hit the quick without proper placement, but if used properly, it'll give the cleanest cut. Resco has perfected the guillotine trimmer and their Vista line boasts ergonomic grips, colorful powder coating and a wide variety of sizes.

Boshel Dog Nail Clipper - Consider

When you or your dog simply cannot handle the typical nail trimming methods there is a fool proof method that makes missing the mark virtually impossible. Oster's Nail Grinder is basically a nail file on steroids. This high powered option, though it makes it hard to go to short, is loud, so it's not appropriate for a nervous dog. But the high speed grinder will allow you to get your dog's nails shorter than you've ever accomplished before, especially due to the automatic cauterize functionality.

Buyer's Guide

If you can hear your dog's nails tapping on the flooring long before you see their cute face, it's definitely time to cut those nails. Not all dogs are of the same size and have the same temperament. The size of a dog's nail varies according to the size of its paws. Certain nails are thick and firm, while others are translucent and fragile.

With so many options available, we've compiled important information to assist you in selecting the ideal pair of clippers for your pooch.

How are nail clippers for dogs categorized?

Scissors type clippers

This dog clipper is best suited for large breeds with longer nails. Their nails are firmer and thicker, and a scissors-style clipper is required. This clipper will assist you in generating additional force from the grasp of your hand.

You will be using this type of clipper similarly to a standard scissor. However, its blade is thicker and tougher, adding to its durability and longevity. Additionally, the blades are slightly curved to prevent the nails from sliding.

Guillotine type clippers

A clipper in the guillotine style works exactly as its name depicts! It resembles a scissors-style clipper slightly, but the blades are different. You will press the clipper's hands together as if they were scissors. Then, at the top, a lowered blade will move down to cut nails.

A guillotine clipper features a metallic arc-shaped hole that is used to secure a dog's nail. Simply insert a nail into the hole and squeeze the clipper-hands. The sharp blade will simply sever the nail.

Grinder tools

These tools are beneficial for huge and aggressive dogs. Many dogs dislike the sensation created by pliers-style clippers because a clipper imparts an abrupt shock to nails.

Additionally, there is a risk of nail damage while using clippers on scared dogs. Grinder tools pose little risk of such injuries. These do not nail cutters but grinders. An electric motor is connected to a bit in this tool, which turns the primary trimmer. When it touches your dog's nail, the nail begins to rot.

How can you select the best dog nail clippers?


The first consideration should be the size. This is critical because you cannot use heavy-duty clippers for your little cute pups. Moreover, the clippers that are specifically designed for smaller-sized dog breeds will not work for huge dogs like German Shepherd as you might not be able to cut the whole over-grown nail with one cut. Choose a nail clipper that is appropriate for your dog's breed and also pleasant to grip.


Second, decide on the type of nail clipper to use. Clippers in the scissor form, often known as pliers, are popular and simple to use. You just need to squeeze the handles together while putting the blades on the nail and the blade will do its job.

These frequently include a safety stop to prevent you from cutting too deeply, and the nail is also visible, which provides peace of mind if you're an inexperienced groomer. Scissors are an excellent choice for dogs with large breeds and thick nails.

Guillotine-style clippers are ideal for tiny and medium-sized dogs due to the ease with which small nails fit into the opening where the nail tip is gently chopped off. Due to the lack of a safety stop, it is possible to remove too many nails and damage your dog, hence these are best handled by expert home groomers.


Occasionally, it's well to invest a little more on a high-quality clipper, as inexpensive dog nail clippers tend to become dull more quickly.

Certain dog nail clippers cannot be sharpened and will eventually need to be replaced, adding to the expense every few months.

Which features of dog nail clippers should you consider?

Handle covering

The safety of a clipper is determined by both its quality and shape. If the clipper fits well in your palm, you will be able to apply it to your dog with ease. Thus, the clipper's design is critical. Before you purchase a clipper, hold it and feel it.

If a nail clipper's handle/handles are coated with rubber, it may not fit comfortably in your hand. The rubber aids in holding the clipper without getting blisters and bolsters.

Blades’ material

If the blade is not made of stainless steel, it will quickly corrode and lose its sharpness. Additionally, stainless steel is an extremely tough and durable metal. Sharpness may not deteriorate rapidly. This ensures a long-lasting smooth cut.

Sharpness of blades

Sharp blades aid in the execution of a flawless cut. Additionally, the clipper will consume less energy than the groomer. Because a dull blade may cut nails incorrectly and result in unsightly nail edges, there is a possibility of nail breakage. It is advisable to stay away from inexpensive items for the sake of your pooch’s safety.

Safety lock

A safety lock is important for securely storing your clipper. If you store your clipper in an open position, it may become a source of an unexpected accident. The safety lock present on the clippers comes in handy to secure the blades together. If your clipper is equipped with a safety lock, you may store it safely after each use.

Safety stop

Some clippers come equipped with a safety stop, while others do not. The safety stop is another blade-shaped supplementary metallic arc that prevents your dog's nail from being overcut. If you mistakenly insert too much nail length into the clipper blades, this will come into contact with the dog's paws, and you will feel as if you are cutting beyond the safety range.


To obtain this benefit, you must select a reputable brand. Well-known manufacturers make an effort to maintain the quality of their products. Thus, you can expect them to provide a lengthy warranty on the products.

How much do dog nail clippers cost?

A reasonable budget is required to purchase a quality nail clipper. A guillotine or scissors-style clipper is not prohibitively expensive. If you attempt to purchase a cheap clipper, it may break unexpectedly after a few uses. Additionally, there is a considerable risk of injury to your pet as a result of mechanical problems with the clipper.

If you intend to buy dog nail clippers that will do the job effectively and last longer, you can expect to pay $20 to $130. Though some nail clippers for canines are under $20, we don't recommend buying those as the quality is compromised, and your pooch's safety will be at stake.

Best Dog Nail Clippers FAQs

Q: Which is preferable, cutting or grinding dog nails?

A: Some pet owners choose to use a grinding tool, such as a dog nail Dremel. Although this way of cutting is highly successful, utilizing a grinder entails performing the task more frequently. A grinding tool produces a smoother finish on the nail than a clipper and is particularly effective on thick nails.

Q: Do dogs experience pain when their nails are clipped?

A: Yes, if a dog's nail is overcut or injured, it may experience severe pain. One method that a nail might create pain in a dog is during the clipping procedure if it is not maintained on a regular basis.

Q: How do you cut a dog's nails?

A: Begin by positioning the nail trimmers at a 90-degree angle to the peak of the nail. Then, slide the trimmers slightly closer to the nail tip and slant them at a 45-degree angle toward the tip. Now make a cut.

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