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No More Boiling: The Best Egg Cookers

  1. Dash DEC005BK Poached Scrambled Egg Cooker
  2. Chefman Electric Egg Cooker
  3. Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Steel Egg Cooker
  4. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker
  5. Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Cooker
  6. Buyer's Guide

Making a properly cooked egg is not as simple as it sounds, and many people struggle with it. Battling to boil eggs in these days of new technology and innovations around every turn sounds a little archaic, right? If the egg is not adequately cooked, it might become a total mess.

There is now fantastic equipment for cooking eggs that allow you to swiftly boil numerous eggs without breaking them. Owning an egg cooker in your home makes cooking eggs easier because it allows you to do more than just boil eggs, such as make an omelet. To assist you in selecting the best egg cooker for your culinary needs, we've reviewed the best egg cookers in 2022.

Best Egg Cookers Worth Considering in 2022

Dash DEC005BK Poached Scrambled Egg Cooker - Best Overall

A poaching pan, an omelet tray, an egg holder for six eggs, a cookbook, and a measurement cup are included with this egg cooker. It features simple instructions that let the device do most of the job for you. With an auto-shutoff feature, you won't have to worry about overcooking your eggs or forgetting to turn off the device when they're done. The device has a pleasant jingle that alerts you when all the water is evaporated from the surface, meaning your eggs are ready to go. One of the primary reasons we ranked this device top on our list is its exceptional simplicity of use. It has a push-button start and is extraordinarily small and portable, making storage a breeze. It also comes in many colors to match your kitchen decor.

  • Makes eggs in a number of ways with ease
  • All essential accessories are included
  • With an auto shut-off function, it's simple to use
  • After each cooking session, it must be thoroughly cleaned

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker - Runner Up

This might be the ideal egg cooker for you if want to cook up to a dozen eggs at a time. The cooker has a alarm that alerts you when your eggs are done so there's no need to set a timer — the eggs are always cooked to perfection. Because the bulk of this appliance's parts are non-electric, you may wash them in the dishwasher without any problems. The egg cooker features an automated shut-off mechanism that comes in useful in a variety of scenarios, such as when you forget to fill it with water. In addition to cooking perfect poached eggs and omelets, you can also steam vegetables in a matter of minutes.

  • Cleanup is a breeze thanks to dishwasher-safe components
  • The plastic trays are BPA-free
  • Steamed veggies may also be cooked in the device
  • Too small for extra large eggs

Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Steel Egg Cooker - Honorable Mention

The Cuisinart egg cooker can cook 10 eggs at one time. It enables you to quickly prepare soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs. You can also poach four eggs or make delicious three-egg omelets. This egg cooker is perfect for large groups or gatherings because of its larger capacity. While most egg cookers have a clear lid, this one has a sleek stainless steel finish that makes the appliance look trendy and modern. If you're new to egg makers, this one is easy to figure out: it has a simple on/off switch and comes with a measuring cup and piercing pin so you're ready to get cooking quickly.

  • The sleek appearance is perfect for many modern homes
  • Built-in cable for simple storing
  • Easily audible alert for when eggs are done
  • Steamy water leaks out of the cooker

Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker - Contender

With an attractive design and simple controls, this model will appeal to many. This egg cooker can boil up to seven eggs simultaneously, and it also includes a non-stick poaching plate to make up to three perfectly-poached eggs. It features an integrated timer that automatically chimes when your eggs are finished cooking. You won't have to think about uncooked or overdone eggs and you won't have to settle for moderate or hard-boiled eggs when a soft-boiled egg is what you really wanted. The included measuring cup has fill lines to ensure you get the perfect cook every time. Plus, this model is incredibly easy to store and weighs less than one pound.

  • The automatic timer alerts you when eggs are finished
  • A measurement cup, a poaching plate, and an egg-piercing instrument are included
  • The clear lid allows you to see the eggs cooking
  • Not the most durable appliance

Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Cooker - Consider

This sophisticated model from the well-known brand Elite Gourmet is a top-notch choice for perfectly-cooked eggs. It consistently produces perfect eggs for every recipe and it comes with user-friendly instructions in the box. You can cook two poached eggs, seven boiled eggs, or a two-egg omelet. In addition, the instruction booklet contains 16 easy and delicious recipes to try out. The measuring cup has levels for each style of egg to ensure they come out perfect every time. Once all the water has evaporated, the eggs will be done cooking, the alarm will sound, and the device will turn off to make sure your eggs don't overcook. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

  • Easy to move around due to its ultra-lightweight construction
  • The timer automatically adjusts for soft, medium, and hard-boiling
  • Measurement cup has been accurately standardized
  • Doesn’t have as large of a capacity as other models

Buyer's Guide

A decent egg cooker will allow you to boil eggs exactly how you want them. It can also help you cook the most delectable poached eggs and omelets you've ever eaten, especially because those varieties can be challenging to cook. However, the difficulty with selecting an appropriate egg cooker is that there are so many options on the market. As a result, the search may appear perplexing; nevertheless, don't fret — we're here to assist you. We've added a buyer's guide to help you make the best selection.

What are the benefits of owning an egg cooker?

The most efficient way to cook eggs is using an electric egg cooker, which will cook your eggs in a couple of minutes. Here are some of the advantages of an electric egg cooker that make cooking a breeze:

One-touch power button

Egg cookers are extremely easy to use: just place the eggs in the cooker, add the appropriate amount of water, and press the one-touch power button. Many electric egg cookers can cook six to 12 eggs at once, but you could still cook less, even just a single egg. When the eggs are ready, the automatic alarm will sound to let you know they're done. Using an egg cooker is truly a hands-free cooking process.


Trays are included so you may cook your favorite types of eggs, such as hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs. Some cookers even include an omelet tray so you can make a variety of delicious meals, from eggs benedict to deviled eggs.


The size of an electric egg cooker is another advantage. These devices are quite small and may easily fit into any of your kitchen cupboards. Because it doesn't take up much room, you may choose to keep it out on the counter.

Measuring cup

Another benefit of egg cookers is the convenient measuring cup. There is zero guesswork required in using an egg cook, and no real measuring required. Most measuring cups for egg cookers have lines for each desired cook type. All you have to do is fill to the required line, add your eggs to the cooker, pour in the water, and start the device. These measuring cups ensure you get consistent results every time. Additionally, there is usually a pin mechanism at the bottom of the cup that lets you crack the shell or boiled eggs.

What are the factors to consider before buying an egg cooker?

There are various egg cookers on the market, and you should evaluate their functions and features before purchasing one to avoid buying the wrong device for your needs. Before purchasing the perfect egg cooker, consider the following crucial factors:


The most inconvenient aspect of cooking an egg is waiting for it to finish. After the water reaches its boiling point, you never know when it's the best moment to switch off the stove. To take away this predicament, a sophisticated egg cooker switches off automatically and usually has an alarm to alert you when the eggs are finished. Most alarms aren't too obnoxious, but a few cooker models have a "no alarm" feature as well.


Electric egg cookers have the benefit of being able to cook a large number of eggs at once. The capacity of the cooker should be your first consideration. Will you be cooking eggs for a large group? Or just a few eggs every now and then? Some cookers can make six to seven eggs at a time while others could do 10 or 12. Additionally, the capacity of the omelet or poaching trays may vary, so double-check your needs beforehand.


Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or a mix of these materials are used to make egg cookers. The interior material and heating plate is mostly made of metal, while the lid and trays are typically plastic. Plastic lids are useful since they let you see what's going on and don't get too hot.

What are the ways to cook eggs in an egg cooker?

Egg cookers are a simple and easy way of cooking eggs, and they're also uncomplicated to clean. With an egg cooker, you can make soft, hard, poached eggs, or an omelet quickly and simply. Here are some ideas for how to cook eggs in an egg cooker:

Hard-boiled and soft-boiled

Boiling is a relatively simple process, and most egg cookers can handle around six eggs at a time. With an egg cooker, simply place the eggs in the insert, fill them with water at the necessary level, and press the button. The measuring cup included with the cooker will have different fill levels for soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs. After some experimenting, you may be able to modify the fill level to your perfect cook specifications— more water for more well-done eggs, less water for runnier yolks.

Poached egg

To poach an egg, you must first break it before placing it on the poaching tray in the cooker. You may need to grease the poaching tray to prevent sticking, especially if it gets overcooked. Like cooking boiled eggs, fill the measuring cup to the designated line for poached eggs.


You'll need the flat, plastic tray to make an omelet. Some trays have a one- or two-egg capacity, while others may have a larger three-egg capacity. Pour the beaten eggs over all of the ingredients you want in the omelet, such as onion, tomatoes, coriander, or chillies. Be sure to not overfill the container with ingredients or eggs, as you don't want an inconsistent cook time or an overflowed mess. You may also use the poaching tray— the tray that is separated into two halves— to make individual one-egg omelets for a quick snack.

How do you maintain an egg cooker?

Egg cookers appear to be extremely basic, easy to use, and simple to clean. But, if you want to improve the performance of your gadget and extend its life, you must follow a few key guidelines. These pertain to how you prepare the eggs, including how you use the cooker, how you clean the parts, and what kind of water you use. Let's have a look at some standard egg cooker care instructions.

Use indoors

Overheating due to direct daylight and numerous other mishaps caused by moisture cannot be avoided while using the device outside. Always use egg cookers inside on a flat surface and in a well ventilated area. Most cookers release steam as they're cooking, so keep them away from other objects while in use.

Store in a dry place

Avoid getting the device's base wet or dirty. An electrical shock may result if you're not careful. Always place the gadget on a dry, smooth, clean surface.

Clean it before use

A clean, damp wipe can be used to wipe the steel/plastic base. The trays and bowl should be washed, whether it be in the dishwasher or manually, with moderate soap and warm water. Make sure you completely dry all areas after rinsing them with clean water. Also be sure to wipe the heating plate after each use once it has cooled off. If you don't use distilled water, minerals may deposit on the heating plate and will be hard to clean if you don't wipe it down as soon as possible.

Use measuring cups

A low water protection mechanism is integrated into a few models, but unfortunately, not all models come with this cutting-edge technology. Your gadget will burn out if you don't add enough water. When adding water, use caution. The measurement cup is the best means of calculating the needed amount of water according to the manufacturer; this is your best way to get consistent, perfect eggs every time.

When filling the measuring cup, it is recommended to use distilled water. If you use tap water, the minerals present may cause a foul smell and stain the heating plate. The stain isn't rust, although it may look like it, so it can be cleaned with a bit of elbow grease. However, it is better to just use distilled water to avoid this issue.

Secure the cord

To avoid unintentionally pulling the cable and toppling the equipment, which might result in injury, you should always secure the cord position. Keep the cable away from water, open flames, your stove, and walking areas to avoid tripping.

Egg Cooker FAQ

Q: In an electric egg cooker, what can you cook?

A: In addition to boiled eggs, egg cookers can create superb poached eggs and omelets. It is much easier to cook these in an egg cooker than on the stove, which takes some practice or trial and error.

Q: Is it worth to spend money on an egg cooker?

A: This is for you if you prepare eggs multiple times in a week, especially in larger amounts than one or two. They're also relatively inexpensive gadgets, so they won't hurt your wallet too much.

Q: Is it possible to create an omelet in an egg cooker?

A: An electric egg cooker is perfect for boiling, poaching, or making omelets— all great additions to a healthy breakfast. You can add any ingredients you'd like to make the perfect omelet such as onions and peppers.

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