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Versatility and Cooking Space from the Best Electric Skillets

  1. Dash Family Size Electric Skillet
  2. Presto 11" Electric Skillet
  3. Culina 12" Stainless Steel Electric Skillet
  4. Oster DuraCeramic 12x16” Electric Skillet
  5. West Bend Electric Nonstick Skillet - 72215
  6. Buyer's Guide

A skillet is essentially a shallow frying pan with a lid. Unlike griddles which are open topped, a skillet will cook food more efficiently by keeping the heat contained in addition to containing food splatter inside the cover. They’re also available in different dimensions including round, square, rectangular, and oblong shapes to suit the types of food you cook most. Good for preparing a variety of meals, their electrical power source means not relying on a stovetop burner to get them heated up.  

We’ve narrowed down these best electric skillets in 2022 because they all have variable temperature settings instead of just "hi", "medium", or "low" settings. This makes our picks very versatile in the kitchen since you can to choose the perfect temperature for any meal; none have any "hot spots" which could potentially burn or overcook a meal. Their handles are also manufactured to be heat resistant so you won't need a dish towel or kitchen gloves to pick them up.

Additionally, each skillet will be at least two-inches deep, giving you the option to simmer foods like stews and soups. They will all have non-stick surfaces, but the composition of each may be different, so again, choose which non-stick works for you. Unless mentioned otherwise, each of these selections will be covered by a minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Best Electric Skillet Models of 2022 in Detail

Dash Family Size Electric Skillet - Best Electric Skillet Overall

For a great skillet at a great price, look no further than the Dash Family Size Rapid Skillet. This is the fastest heating skillet here so you'll be able to quickly serve food to friends and family. You get a  generous 14-inches of rounded cooking space and the sides of the skillet are 2.5 inches deep, plenty of room for simmering. It also features a non-stick ceramic surface which offers a healthier alternative to surfaces coated with Teflon for example. The skillets cover is made of glass to keep track of food as it cooks while the appliance itself is a blaze red color to stand out on the counter which can help prevent accidents.

Presto 11" Electric Skillet - Runner Up

Our most affordable pick, the Presto 06620 Electric Skillet is the biggest little skillet on this list, capable of accommodating almost anything you could ever want to cook, roast, grill or fry. It’s ideal for smaller families, couples, or college students living in a dorm environment. While this 11 inch square skillet doesn't take up much space, the three inch deep sides make it as versatile as any other option in terms of cooking versatility. Even better, the plasticized cover is seven inches in height so you can roast a chicken or small turkey inside without touching the cover. This unit has a coated non-stick surface with a weight saving cast aluminum base which makes it extremely light weight for ease of handling.

Culina 12" Stainless Steel Electric Skillet - Honorable Mention

If you want the most modern electric skillet available and price is no object, you want to go with the Culina Electric Skillet. This 12-inch round option features two inch tall sides and a PTFE-free non-stick coating so you'll never have to worry about food cooking to the skillet surface. This skillet also has precise temperature control with indicator lights telling you when the desired surface heat has been reached. The base is made of elegant-looking stainless steel which enhances this picks overall durability. Although it costs four times the most affordably priced skillet on the list, this pick does come covered by with a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

best ceramic electric skillets

Oster DuraCeramic 12x16” Electric Skillet - Consider

For a large rectangular skillet that will easily feed the entire family, check out the Oster DuraCeramic Electric Skillet. With three inch deep sides and generous length  there’s plenty of room for just about anything you can imagine. This good-looking skillet features a PTFE-free, non-stick ceramic cooking surface which will never flake or peel in addition to being easy to clean. The skillets glass lid allows you to easily monitor food while cooking and the unit comes available in either burnt red or black.

West Bend Electric Nonstick Skillet - 72215 - Best Electric Skillet

First things first, the West Bend Electric Oblong Nonstick Skillet uses a PTFE non-stick coating on its cooking surface so it may be susceptible to peeling and flaking as the years go by. However, this is the most feature laden skillet on our list. This the only unit that actually drains grease away as you cook, and the handle on the glass cover has a built-in steam vent. The sides are a deep three inches, and the cover is tall enough to accommodate a smaller sized chicken. Additionally, the skillets oblong shape gives it a bit more character than squares or rectangles.

Buyer's Guide

What is an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a handy cooking appliance that helps you cook any dish effortlessly and without wasting energy. It is shaped like a dish and features a cast iron base, which also consists of the port in which the power cord is plugged in. Normally, electric skillets also feature a glass or metal lid that helps you cover the food and maintain an even cooking temperature.

Electric skillets are quite useful, mainly because they don’t require the use of gas or any other propellant to cook food, which also makes them safer than other cooking appliances. There are different variants and models of electric skillets that you can choose from, each having specific features that enhance your cooking experience and help you prepare food with convenience.

Why is it Important to Have an Electric Skillet?

When it comes to cooking all types of dishes, a skillet provides the most versatility and convenience. Add an electric function to it, and you get an electric skillet that helps you prepare food faster and without having to encounter too much heat in the kitchen. If you live in a house with an open kitchen, turning the stove on often causes the entire house to heat up, thus putting a lot of pressure on your air conditioning.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of electric skillets is that they don’t cause your home to heat up in the same way as cooking on a gas stove or induction cooker does. ‏Moreover, it also helps you cook larger meals that can easily feed a crowd. Since the electric skillet makes use of a resistor that converts the electrical energy into heat, it does a fine job of spreading the heat evenly, thus ensuring that your food is cooked properly from all sides.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Skillet

When it comes to buying an electric skillet to cook your everyday meals perfectly, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. These factors play a major role in helping you find the perfect electric skillet for your cooking needs. Let’s have a look at these factors one by one.


Whenever you buy cookware, size always plays an important role in the choice, and the same goes for an electric skillet. If you have a large family that you want to prepare meals for, then you may need one with a size of 14 inches and above. The smaller your household is, the smaller the electric skillet you can buy for your home.

The size of the electric skillet is also important in the sense that it is larger than a normal skillet, since it also contains a metal base with a plug socket. Therefore, you will also need to have sufficient storage space for it.


Another important thing to consider is the material from which the electric skillet is made. Usually, manufacturers make electric skillets from metals that are coated with a non-stick solution, and heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless steel are the two most common materials for it. Not only do non-stick skillets last longer, but they are also durable and easy to clean. However, if you are worried about the food safety of the non-stick coating, you may also find ceramic coated electric skillets.

Most of the electric skillets you will come across also have lids that help you cover the food and let it simmer properly. They are mostly made from metal or tempered glass and out of these two, tempered glass lids are most suitable, since they allow you to check on the food at all times. Moreover, they are much more durable than other types of lids and can also withstand heat easily.


You can find electric skillets in rectangular or circular shapes, and the shape influences your choice of an electric skillet when you consider how much food you have to make on a regular basis. Generally, people like to buy rectangular skillets more, since it provides them with a larger surface area. Since you don’t have to worry about even heat distribution with electric skillets, both shapes would suit you in this regard.

Ease of Cleanliness

Along with cooking, cleaning the cookware is another thing that most people worry about, which is why you should look for dishwasher-safe options that can be easily washed. All you need to do is to scoop or brush off any leftover food or ingredients on the skillet and place it into the dishwasher. If you want to preserve the non-stick coating for longer, you may also choose to wash the electric skillet with warm water and soap.

Ease of Care

Nearly every electric skillet that you come across will have its own care instructions, which are meant to guide you on how the skillet should be maintained and preserved. Generally, skillets have a surface that can be scratched or damaged with sharp utensils that are made from metal. The best way to go about this is to replace your utensils with wooden or silicone alternatives, as this would prolong the life of the electric skillet.

Thermostat Control

Thermostat control is a highly useful feature of any electric skillet, and it also has two different types: fixed probes or detachable probes. Although both of them are equally useful, fixed probes make it difficult for you to wash the skillet properly, because water would cause the probe to malfunction quickly.

How to Use an Electric Skillet?

Using an electric skillet isn’t difficult at all, and you can actually get the hang of it by a little bit of practice. The first thing to do is to plug the skillet into a power outlet, making sure to keep the cord safe from open flames or any other cookware. Then, you can adjust the temperature from the temperature control probe and set it according to the dish that you are making.

The corresponding steps are similar to what you do with a traditional skillet or any other cooking appliance. You can add a little bit of oil and cook the food properly. When you are done, simply turn off the skillet and remove its plug. While it is cooling down, you can enjoy your meal, and then clean up the skillet once you are done.


Can you use an electric skillet for baking?

You can bake inside an electric skillet, but you will have to be extra careful about the temperature setting. Make sure to cover the base of the electric skillet with foil before using it for baking.

Can you use an electric skillet for deep frying?

It isn’t advisable to deep fry food on your electric skillet, because you would need a lot of oil for it, and the hot oil will start to splatter out. This can be hazardous for you, as the oil can burn your skin and also damage the electrical cord.

How to find the right temperature settings for different dishes?

Some electric skillets come with guides to help you cook numerous dishes at the right temperatures. For other dishes, you can easily search the web for electric skillet recipes.

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