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Review: Best Electric Stove Heater

Electric stove heaters are made to resemble old fashioned wood burning stoves, but seek to better them by lessening the pollution and amount of work it takes to maintain them. Plugged into a wall output, they are much like any heater, but display images of flickering flames to create a glowing ambiance. A quality electric stove heater should be able to emit enough heat to effectively warm a small space while remaining cool to the touch.

Although most of these units can be surprisingly heavy on your utility bill if used constantly, they should ideally be efficient enough to regularly provide supplemental heat to a space. Electric stove heaters are generally quite sparse when it comes to features, with simple controls to change the temperature and flame size. However, some include a remote control and the Dimplex TDS8515TB even includes built-in filtration to improve air quality. How realistic the flames look is subjective, but the best electric stove heaters in 2021 should be able to effectively provide supplemental heat to a room, while having simple controls and an attractive design.

Best Electric Stove Heater of 2021 Reviewed in Detail

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Stove Heater

Duraflame is one of the major manufacturers of electric stove heaters, offering products that perform well and are reasonably priced. The DFS-550 can be purchased for under $150 at online retailers, and is capable of heating a space up to 400 square feet in size. The black metal cabinet features an operable door, and is lightweight while feeling durable.

The DFS-550 uses simple mechanical controls, with a thermostat dial and a flame dimmer to control temperature and flame size. The flame effect can be used both with and without heat for the option of simply adding ambiance to a room. Quiet and effective, the Duraflame DFS-550 is an excellent overall choice for a basic electric stove heater.

DIMPLEX Prism 50-Inch Wall Mount Linear Electric Stove Heater

This electric stove heater from Dimplex is rather expensive, but includes an air purification feature that sets it apart. Some users say that Dimplex electric stove heaters have more realistic-looking flames than the competition; while this is quite subjective, but perhaps it’s worth noting. The TDS8515TB is rated to heat a space up to 400 square feet in size while also including a built-in air purifier to filter out allergens.

This unit can be used just for ambiance with flames only, or with both flames and heat to create the illusion of a real fire. The TDS8515TB heats well although the thermostat is at the back of the unit, making it a bit difficult to reach. However, the sturdy cabinet can be had in either a black or cream color and features an attractive design.

Duraflame 3D DFI-5010 Infrared with Remote Control Electric Stove Heater

The Duraflame DFS-750-1 offers an affordable way to add ambiance and warmth to a space up to 400 square feet in size. This electric stove heater features an attractive design with traditional appeal, and a reasonably realistic flame effect. The black metal cabinet includes an operable door, and electronic controls are easy to use - a digital thermostat and a flame dimmer.

A remote control is also included for temperature and flame control without having to get up and access the unit directly. The DFS-750-1 allows use of the flame effect without heat to add ambiance to the space it occupies. Overall, this simple electric stove heater is an affordable, effective, and charming way to add heat to a small space.

DIMPLEX 23" Mulit-Fire XHD Plug-in Electric Stove Heater

The DS5629BR electric stove heater from Dimplex features a bronze finish that sets it apart from typical black finishing. Some users say that Dimplex flames tend to look more realistic that those of competitors, justifying the sometimes higher cost of buying an electric stove heater from this brand. The DS5629BR is nonetheless reasonably priced, and provides the ambiance and heat that are to be expected from one of these units.

This electric stove heater uses a thermostat for temperature control and also includes a remote control for the ability to adjust heat levels without accessing the unit itself. The DS5629BR has a sturdy feel and an operable door, and can be used with the flame-only or with both the flames and heat.

e-Flame USA Tahoe LED Portable Freestanding Electric Stove Heater

The Redcore Concept S-2 electric stove heater sets itself apart by using an infrared heating element to create heat. This allows the Concept S-2 to heat a space of up to 1,000 square feet in size, or roughly twice that of the average electric stove heater. A mechanical thermostat allows for temperature controls, and there is also the option for two different power levels to ensure efficient operation in both small and large rooms.

The flame effect is adjustable with all the controls are found behind the door for easy access. This electric stove heater offers excellent heating performance, while providing the ambiance most buyers are looking for. Best of all, the Redcore Concept S-2 can be had for under $200 at major retailers.

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