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Best Foldable Dog Pools for Your Pupper

  1. Jasonwell Bathing Foldable Dog Pool
  2. Toozey PVC material Foldable Dog Pool
  3. GoStock Collapsible Swimming Foldable Dog Pool
  4. Buyer's Guide

Unlike cats, dogs are very fond of water. Getting your pup a pool to play in is perhaps the best way to keep them active and entertained during the hot summer months.

Dogs are the happiest when you let them splash around and play with water. It also helps them relieve the summer heat all while having a blast.

Although these pools might look just like kiddie pools, dog pools come coated with a tough PVC to stand bites or nails. We’ve put together our top picks for the best foldable dog pools in 2022 for you to get a better idea.

Detailing the Best Foldable Dog Pools of 2022

Jasonwell Bathing Foldable Dog Pool - Best Overall

This is a portable pool for dogs with small heightened walls so they can easily get in and out of the pool. It is super easy to store or travel with due to its foldable design. The best part about this dog pool is that it requires no inflation, it’s ready for use right out of the box. The drain is on the bottom of the pool’s wall which comes with an easy-open plug that allows you to drain water quickly. Moreover, this plastic dog pool is made of durable PVC that is extra tough to resist your pet’s nails or bites. The bottom is also layered with a thick slip-resistant material that doesn’t let the users slip.

  • Highly portable and durable
  • Bed type drain valve for easy drainage
  • Water doesn't completely dry out of the corners

Toozey PVC material Foldable Dog Pool - Runner Up

This dog pool is made of an extra durable PVC material that is completely non-toxic to keep your pets and toddlers safe. The sides are made of a high-strength compression fiberboard that makes sure that it can withstand rough play. Despite the double-deck thick bottom, this dog pool is super easy to store due to its easy foldability. It’s very simple to fold, pack and reopen. The drainage hole is built-in and adopts a new spiral drain design that you can rotate, open and drain the water out. This drain also has a well-sealed cover to avoid any leakage.

  • This dog bathtub can be used by toddlers as well
  • Includes repair patches
  • Complaints about the inner side of panels collapsing

GoStock Collapsible Swimming Foldable Dog Pool - Honorable Mention

This is a spacious pool that is perfect for your large dogs. The pool is made from a sturdy and highly durable PVC material. The sides are 0.58cm thick and are made of high-strength compression fiberboards that can withstand years of use. The non-slip bottom design is great for kids and pets. Each wood board comes with high-strength crimping between them that won’t let it collapse. You can easily fold it into a small portable size that you can carry around anywhere. You don’t have to inflate the pool before use, just unpack and it’s ready for use.

  • Secure non-slip coated bottom
  • Comes with a dog bath brush
  • Color might fade with extra sun exposure

Buyer's Guide

Here’s a comprehensive guide covering all you need to know before buying a dog water pool.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Foldable Dog Pool

You will need to keep the following considerations in mind when getting a dog bathtub.


It’s important to note that kid pools are different from dog pools. A strong PVC plastic material will prevent cuts and scratches from your dog’s nails, teeth or toys. You can purchase a dog pool to use as a kiddie pool though.


Pay attention to the dimensions of the pool and how much space you'll need according to the size of your dog.

Size of The Dog Breed

While it might seem obvious, small dogs will be safer and more suited in a smaller-sized pool, but you should also take into account how active and playful your dog is. They should be able to move around, play and splash when in it.

How Do I Familiarize My Dog with the Pool?

Although quite rare, your dog might not want to get into a pool full of water. Maybe they’ve never been introduced to water? Maybe they’re afraid or just don’t like to get wet? Here are some tips to get them accustomed to pools:

Associate Entertainment and Happiness

Dogs are very observant and responsive. If you want them to instill a sense of exhilaration and “fun” with pools, you need to stay upbeat and excited yourself. Use a cheerful tone and offer treats and hugs as an incentive and don’t hesitate on getting in and playing with them.

Reward Them

The second step to familiarizing your pet with pools is to reward them for their progress. Offer a reward every time your dog gets in or even touches water.

Take It Slow

You need to desensitize your dog with water. Don’t push your dog into a pool filled to the brim, take it slow and introduce them to the lowest water level first. Fill the pool slowly. You can also let the pup get himself familiarized with an empty pool first.

What Is the Best Type of Pool for Dogs?

The best dog pool possesses certain characteristics that any regular pool doesn’t. Make sure that the foldable pool you’re getting for your dog cover all of these:

- The pool should be durable enough to stand up to your dog’s breed, size, and level of activity.
- The pool shouldn’t require inflation; such pools are usually light-duty.
- The material of your dog’s pool should be easy to clean.
- The pool should be coated with PVC or made with PVC plastic material for durability and long life.
- It should include extra repair patches and should be the right size for your dog.

What Dog Breeds Like Pools the Most?

Certain dog breeds sure enjoy a lot more than the others. These breeds are also less likely to drown in the water. They are naturally better swimmers owing to their size and body type.

Some dog breeds that seem to work around water are would include American Water Spaniels, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, English Setter, Curly Coated Retrievers, Newfoundland, Standard Poodle, German Shorthaired Pointer, Portuguese Water Dog, and Irish Water Spaniel.


Only a foldable, non-inflatable, and extremely strong dog pool is worth buying, especially when you’re buying for a sharp-nailed, super excited dog.

This guide covers some of the best foldable dog pools in 2021 along with some useful questions, pros, and cons to help you make a better decision.

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