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Review: Best Food Scales

When looking for a food scale, there are non-negotiables. Accuracy is most important but other features can make or break the cooking experience. Scales should be easy to use and practical. It’s all about finding the scale that provides you the best cooking and food measuring experience. Here are some of the best food scales in 2021 for you to consider.

Detailing the Best Food Scale of 2021

OXO Stainless Steel Food Scale

OXO Good Grips mastered the display legibility issues caused by larger bowls by designing an easy to read pull-out display. It’s sleek, easy to clean, and has a larger capacity than most other options on the market. This particular scale is sturdy and well-built, but it's also more expensive than the competition as a result. That said, OXO always stands behind their products, and they'll offer helpful support if you have any issues with the scale.

Ozeri Digital Food Scale

The digital multifunction scale from Ozeri has several features including an easy tare feature, automatic shutoff with inactivity, and is extremely easy to use. It measures accurately to two decimal points, and you can also switch between units by pressing the dedicated button. Changing the batteries does not require using a screwdriver, which is a handy touch since you never know when the batteries will run out.

Greater Goods Digital Food Scale

This compact digital scale from GreaterGoods provides accurate measurements, is simple to tare, and has a flat surface, making it easy to keep clean. The scale itself is small and lightweight, meaning it's easy to place anywhere in your kitchen as needed. It displays pounds and ounces in one measurement instead of using decimals, but we did find it odd that the display will not show decimal points when switched to grams.

NUTRI FIT Digital Food Scale

This digital kitchen scale has an automatic shutoff to save battery life, a great tare function, and a unit button that can change the unit of measure even while measuring. The LCD display protrudes so it’s easy to read with a bowl or plate on the scale. The stainless steel surface is easy to keep clean, and it's also available in several colors if you're feeling adventurous.

Etekcity Stainless Steel Food Scale

The Etekcity digital scale takes up very little space on the kitchen cabinet, and is easy to use with only two simple buttons. The stainless steel top is easy to clean up, and this scale weighs small amounts of food accurately. That said, it's not waterproof, so be careful when working with liquids.

Amazon Basics Digital Food Scale

Amazon Basics is a known entity when it comes to quality products at reasonable prices, and this stainless steel digital kitchen scale maintains the brand promise. It's lightweight, extremely accurate even when weighing smaller food items, has a readily readable LCD display that protrudes from the base, and shuts off automatically when not in use to preserve battery life. One quirk we noticed is that the automatic shutoff function sometimes turns it off even while adding weight.

INEVIFIT Digital Food Scale

This small digital kitchen scale from INEVIFIT provides accurate weight readings consistently, and is rated for up to 13 pounds max. The small size makes it portable and easy to store, and the slim design means it can fit in small spaces like a drawer. It automatically shuts off in 90 seconds with no use in order to extend battery life. The display does protrude from the base, but it can still be difficult to see if using a large bowl or dish on top.

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