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The Best Butane Torches for Cooking and DIY Projects

  1. EurKitchen Large Culinary Butane Torch
  2. Sondiko Refillable Butane Torch
  3. Jo Chef Kitchen Butane Torch
  4. FunOwlet Kitchen Blow Butane Torch
  5. Hokeki Culinary Butane Torch
  6. Kollea Blow Creme Brulee Butane Torch
  7. Buyer's Guide

Butane torches are a great tool to have for DIY home improvements. You can use them to burn the surface of the wood to give it a distressed look, make a copper trellis, and even burn the frayed edges on a rope. You can even use them in cooking if you're feeling adventurous... not to mention brave!

Yes, a butane torch is versatile and a must-have for anybody who likes to try their hand at odd jobs around the home. If you are using the torch in a safe environment, your imagination is your only limitation, and you can create amazing projects and meals alike.

Because there are so many butane torches available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. This is why we've done our best to help you with some tailor-made recommendations regarding the best butane torches in 2022. Take a look at them below, along with our handy buyer's guide!

Detailing the Best Butane Torches of 2022

EurKitchen Large Culinary Butane Torch - Best Overall

The EurKitchen Large Culinary Butane Torch is a fantastic multi-use item that will benefit anybody who fancies themselves a wiz in the kitchen or at the workbench. This butane torch is just as perfect for baking and creme brulee as it is for soldering and crafts. You can even use it for those sunny BBQs in the garden. Unfortunately, butane gas is not included due to safe shipping regulations, but the torch does come with a safety lock, adjustable flame, and finger guard.

  • Plenty of safety features
  • Great for small DIY projects
  • Perfect for cooking
  • Design feels a little basic

Sondiko Refillable Butane Torch - Runner Up

The Sondiko Butane Torch is a very sleek and modern-looking device that would go perfectly in the home of any craft or baking enthusiast. It works fantastically well when it comes to arts and crafts or home-cooking. In fact, this is our pick for the best butane torch for glazing and searing steak. The heat distribution is very even, plus, the long-angled nozzle and finger guard ensure you are completely safe and in control whenever you use the torch.

  • Feels very safe and controlled
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect for baking and BBQ
  • Doesn’t perform DIY jobs as well as other torches

Jo Chef Kitchen Butane Torch - Honorable Mention

The main reason we included the Jo Chef Kitchen Torch is the fact they include 2 butane canisters with the torch itself. As expected, this torch has an adjustable flame, safety lock, and finger guard and can burn at temperatures up to 2370°F. Also, if you consider yourself something of a baking enthusiast, every online purchase of this butane torch comes with a free recipe book.

  • Comes with gas canisters included
  • Free recipe book
  • Lightweight
  • Design is quite basic

FunOwlet Kitchen Blow Butane Torch - Contender

The first thing you’ll notice about this butane torch is that it is not as robust as the other suggestions on our list. For one, it doesn’t have a handle. The head fits directly onto a butane fuel canister and comes with an adjustable flame. This torch can reach temperatures up to 2500°F and is a lot more mobile than other designs.

  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Easy to store away
  • Doesn’t take up space
  • Less safe than other butane torches

Hokeki Culinary Butane Torch - Consider

The Hokeki Culinary Butane Torch may not be the flashiest butane torch on the market, but it does its job exceedingly well. Designed primarily for the kitchen, this torch also lends itself to crafts, jewelry-making, and small-scale soldering. Complete with the adjustable flame feature, safety lock, and finger guard, you can perform all your torch-related tasks with ease.

  • Safe to use
  • Simple appealing design
  • Good for DIY projects
  • Not as easy to hold as other torches

Kollea Blow Creme Brulee Butane Torch - Consider

The Kollea Blow Torch is yet another butane torch that lends itself to home-cooking and DIY. This one comes in two different colors: silver and hot rod red. Once again, the torch features all the usual safety features (safety lock, adjustable flame, long nozzle, finger guard), as well as two nozzles that you attach to your butane gas canister when you need to refill the torch. This torch does everything you expect it to do, but we were tripping over ourselves to purchase one when we saw the super-stylish red finish.

  • Easy to handle
  • Looks fabulous
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Won’t handle any big DIY tasks such as welding

Buyer's Guide

Butane Torch Buyer's Guide

If you still haven’t found the butane torch of your DIY dreams, don't give up just yet. We have also compiled a list of things to consider to ensure you make the right purchase.

Things to consider before purchasing a butane torch

Perhaps you have a particular job in mind which requires a butane torch. Maybe you only have a certain amount of space to work with. There are quite a few things you'll want to keep in mind when deciding which butane torch fits your needs.

Gas capacity

The larger the gas capacity of the butane torch, the fewer amount of times you will need to fill it. This is something to consider if you intend to take on a time-consuming task that will require a lot of fuel and energy. But, on the flip side, think about how much space you have, as larger butane torches and extra fuel will take up more space.

Burn time

If you are looking for a butane torch to use at home, you should opt for a torch that has a burn time anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Bear in mind, industrial butane torches usually last between 3 and 5 hours, which may sound inviting, but they are not usually suitable for home use.

On/off switch

Ignition should be easy to press without straining. Automatic on/off switches should let you light up your torch with one-handed operation. It would be unwise to purchase a butane torch that is difficult to turn off safely.


Butane torches come in a variety of weights, but you should only use a torch that is physically comfortable to use. Trying to work with a heavy butane torch is a good way to wind up in the emergency room. Save yourself an accident and think about safety before purchasing and using a butane torch; it is certainly better to be safe than sorry.


Choose a butane torch with an anti-flare nozzle for better flame control. A windproof function will assist further in this case.

If you can, try to find a butane torch with a non-slip safety handle. It is a simple feature that can make a world of difference. To protect your hands, look for a torch with a built-in finger guard. This will protect your fingers from intense heat while torching, and the non-slip handle will help keep you in control.

Choosing a torch with a wider base will keep the torch steady when in use. You should also look for one with a gas flow security lock - manual locks are an important safety feature that any reliable torch should have.

Flame adjustment

Purchasing a butane torch with a wide flame adjustment range can be useful for doing a variety of jobs with one tool. Get a butane torch with a variable temperature and you will have one of the most versatile tools for cooking and crafting.

Flame lock

The flame lock feature allows you to keep the flame going without the need to hold a button. This makes using your butane torch a little less strenuous on the fingers. Always make sure you (and anyone using it) know how to shut off the butane torch safely.


If you can’t choose between two butane torches, choose the torch with a warranty. This gives you more confidence that your torch will perform well and it can also be replaced if it becomes faulty — which could be a big safety hazard.


You can buy many accessories separately for the majority of big brand butane torches. However, some torches come with several accessories included. Accessories can include a deflector, a blower, soldering tip, and many others. If you are planning on buying accessories for your new torch, do a little research into the brand and see what is available. Many of these additional items will be made for a specific brand and may not fit others.

Filling with gas

Buy a butane torch that you know is easy to fill. If you are unsure, read customer reviews and the safety or instruction manual. You should also be able to find brand-specific video tutorials online if need be.


Micro torches are predominantly used for shrink wrapping, soldering, and loosening rusted nuts and bolts. They are best equipped for jobs that require precision and fine detail work or for smaller arts and crafts projects.

Cooking torches are usually a little larger than their micro counterparts. Chefs use cooking torches to heat knives in order to cut through cold desserts. Cooking torches are also used for creme brulee, and unmolding chilled desserts. They can also be used for many other jobs outside of the kitchen.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need a large butane torch for jobs around the house. Save those for the pros.

Butane torch price range

Prices of butane torches vary greatly from product to product. Torches can cost anywhere between $7 and $85, but these come with caveats. For example, a seven-dollar butane torch will only be good for very small projects and minimal use rather than any meaningful DIY work. If you’re looking for a butane torch that’ll perform various tasks well, you should look to spend at least $50.

You will also need to incorporate the price of butane gas into your budget. A butane gas canister costs between $3 and $6.

How we choose our butane torches

In order to bring you the very best butane torches available, we consult consumer reviews and check the opinions of genuine people who have bought these products. We also keep tabs on top sellers and manufacturers, making note of their best-selling torches. After checking all these sources, we can come up with a comprehensive list of pros and cons. We vow to only include the products we would buy ourselves.

In addition, we judge our butane torch suggestions by their performance, usability, safety, and value for money.

Butane Torch FAQ

Q: Is butane toxic?

A: The toxicity level of butane is considered low. However, butane is used as a form of solvent abuse. It is responsible for over half of all deaths associated with solvent abuse. Take proper precautions when using a butane torch. This includes wearing a protective mask, goggles, or glasses.

Q: Does butane have a smell?

A: Butane has a faint smell, although many people claim it has no odor. It is a colorless gas. We recommend that you only use a butane torch in a well-ventilated area.

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