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Best Fridge Magnets to Make Your Appliances Look Cool

  1. Papercode Stainless Steel Fridge Magnet
  2. Tiergrade Push Pin Fridge Magnet
  3. SMARTAKE Premium Brushed Fridge Magnet
  4. A AULIFE Nickel Fridge Magnet
  5. X-bet MAGNET Glass Inspirational Fridge Magnet
  6. Buyer's Guide

Fridge magnets are great for displaying vacation mementos and family photos, but they can also be used for a lot more. There is a lot to discover in terms of fridge magnets, from food-themed magnets to calendars and to-do lists. Magnets can also be used on the fridge for practical reasons, letting you keep documents, pictures, shopping lists, and more in view. They’re also a great way to exhibit your child's creativity or school achievements. Refrigerator magnets can prove to be a useful tool for the whole family, so here is the list of the best fridge magnets available in 2022.

The Best Fridge Magnets of 2022 in Detail

Papercode Stainless Steel Fridge Magnet - Best Overall

These fridge magnets can be super handy, as you can clip anything to them to display. Made of stainless steel, they’re strong and reliable, able to hold multiple sheets of paper or thicker objects with ease. The magnet itself sticks to any regular metal surface but won’t scratch it. The magnets come with a clear sticker that doesn’t inhibit the magnet’s abilities, it just protects the surface underneath allowing you to slide the magnet without worry. This is especially useful if you have small children who like to grab the magnets and slide them around.

  • The clip is great for holding stacks of papers
  • Rust-resistant
  • Sticker prevents scratching
  • The clip's hinge can break

Tiergrade Push Pin Fridge Magnet - Runner Up

While you can’t use traditional pushpins on a refrigerator, you can still get the classic look with these magnets. Easy to grasp and convenient for adding a pop of color or using for color-coded organization, these magnets come in a pack of 60 in 7 different colors. The magnets are transparent, adding just the right touch of color without being too bold. Perfect for holding up photos, report cards, or letters, the magnets are plenty strong — each one can hold up to 11 sheets of paper.

  • Classic pushpin-style shape
  • Holds plenty of paper
  • May need more than one to hold thicker items

SMARTAKE Premium Brushed Fridge Magnet - Honorable Mention

This pack of magnets gives you a bit of variety: there are 10 pushpin-style magnets and 30 flat, round magnets. With a stainless steel finish, they look great on any fridge door. The magnets have a small diameter, just about one centimeter across, but are super strong. They can hold thick sheets of paper with ease and will stay in place on your fridge. Even the pushpin magnets can be used to hold items up to about 2 pounds. If the magnet happens to defect, the magnet bottoms can be replaced.

  • Won't leave marks or scratches
  • Rust- and oxidizing-resistance
  • Two magnet styles
  • Flat ones are hard to grasp

A AULIFE Nickel Fridge Magnet - Contender

These nickel magnets are small and low-profile but have some serious magnetic power. Smaller than a penny, these magnets can stick to a fridge even with 18 sheets of paper between the magnet itself and the fridge door. A pack of 36 magnets is likely plenty to hold school projects and achievements, cards and letters, or photos and to-do lists. Additionally, the magnets are nice and smooth, eliminating the likelihood of scratching your fridge door.

  • Ideal size for displaying images on your refrigerator
  • Small but powerful
  • Silver coating may start to come off over time

X-bet MAGNET Glass Inspirational Fridge Magnet - Also Consider

Need a little inspirational reminder every now and then? These colorful magnets feature 12 different designs, nice reminders to motivate and inspire you. The magnets are made of strong glass and have colorful patterns on the background of each one. They add just enough color without being too bold, allowing you to still easily read the text. The magnet itself will not scratch your fridge or leave any marks when removed. In addition to the magnets, this set also comes with a matching set of stickers.

  • Durable glass that won't break
  • Can hold multiple sheets of paper
  • Does not leave spots on your fridge
  • The magnet is not as strong as others on the list

Buyer's Guide

Fridge magnets are a fun way to add a quirky touch to your kitchen. These adorable products will give your most-used home appliance a personalized touch. Whether you like to display photos, your child’s drawings and report cards, or to-do lists, fridge magnets are essential. We'll go through the many types of magnets, what to look for when purchasing a set, and some frequently asked questions.

Which factors should you consider when buying fridge magnets?


There isn't a single person who doesn't desire to buy high-quality items at a reasonable price. You may compare laptop prices from many merchants using online retailers and choose the most cost-effective one, so you should do the same while purchasing fridge magnets.

Magnets aren’t revolutionary products by any means, so they shouldn’t be too costly. Unless you’re buying very large quantities of magnets, you shouldn’t be paying much more than $25. You can find some high-quality, reliable magnets for as little as $10.


This is simple yet crucial factor to consider: how many magnets do you need? Do you just need a few magnets to hold up a couple of lists and photos? Or are you in search of loads of magnets to keep around? The quantity you purchase may directly impact the cost. Think about the most cost-effective quantity to have on hand to meet your needs.

Customer reviews

The majority of consumers may post comments about their experiences with their purchase. These are great to look at to see if the magnets stand up to everyday wear and tear. Read through reviews to see how the magnets have stood up to use, how strong they are, and if they happen to leave any scratches or marks on fridge doors.

What fridge magnet features serve as important deciding factors?


When you’re buying a magnet, you want it to stick. While you may not always need the strongest magnets available to hold a single photo or piece of paper, you may want a stronger magnet to hold thicker cards or multiple papers at once. A stronger magnet also avoids the likelihood of your items sliding down your fridge door.

You may be quick to assume that smaller magnets are weaker than large magnets, but that is not always the case. Small magnets can be plenty strong, so be sure to just look at customer reviews and product specifications to see how strong the magnet should be.

Rust resistance

Another thing to think about is the rust resistance of the magnets. Some magnets can rust quicker than others because of their elemental properties, and rust could damage the exterior of your fridge. Make sure you get a set of fridge magnets that are guaranteed to not rust, as they’ll last you longer too.

Design characteristics

You’ll want to make sure the magnets you purchase are exactly the way you want them. After all, they’re being put on display for all to see in your kitchen! There are magnets that are colorful, some that are designed to match your fridge’s exterior color and finish, and others that have motivational quotes or inspirational words. Whatever you desire, there is a set of fridge magnets for you.

Why do people purchase fridge magnets, and what are their benefits?

People purchase magnets for all sorts of purposes: they are great vacation mementos, they are often used as marketing materials, and they can keep things on your fridge for display.

You can buy everyday magnets to organize your schedules, to-do lists, or calendars. They are great for displaying photos and holiday cards too. You may even choose to display your child’s report card, art project, or achievements on your fridge.

No matter your intended use, fridge magnets almost always come in handy: decorate your kitchen, keep track of grocery shopping, and more.

Fridge Magnet FAQ

Q: What makes refrigerator magnets work?

A: The fridge magnet's magnetism directs the spins of free ions in fridge molecules, pulling the magnet and the fridge door together and keeping the magnet “stuck” to the fridge.

Q: Are magnets harmful to your refrigerator?

A: No, putting magnets on the fridge is not a bad idea. Fridge magnets have no effect on the operation of your fridge, and you could still use strong, neodymium magnets without harm.

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