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Review: Best German Knife Sets

  1. Master Maison German Knife Set
  2. Dalstrong Gladiator German Knife Set
  3. McCook Stainless German Knife Set
  4. HENCKELS Kitchen German Knife Set
  5. Zwilling Twin Signature German Knife Set
  6. Buyer's Guide

When it comes to kitchen knives, there are two that often get mentioned. These are Japanese and German knives. Japanese knives are known for their lightness, detail, and precision, with every slice being smooth and clean. On the other hand, German knives are known for being more robust and more suited for heavier labor and are perfect for when you just want to go ham on meat and vegetables (no pun intended). The best German knife sets in 2022 make this process even easier.

If you want to take your cooking to the next level, you can definitely do so with a set of good German knives. From budget options to some of the best-looking and highest-quality knife sets on the market, we’ve got five different German knife sets to show you today - here’s why you should get them for your kitchen.

Detailing the Best German Knife Sets of 2022

Master Maison German Knife Set - Best Overall

Let’s start off this list with a solid all-around option. It’s got a middling price, so it isn’t too expensive but not dirt cheap either. You’ll immediately notice the black wooden block that holds all the knives together, too. Black is a popular color, and you may even want to get this set for the wooden block alone. Aside from the wooden block, however, you’re also provided with a set of 19 different kitchen knives - 11 of which are unique as well as 8 steak knives. For its price, this set of knives is definitely worth considering. You have enough steak knives for an entire household, as well as various other knives to cut every ingredient you get your hands on. There’s even a sharpening steel tool that comes with the set, ensuring you can always keep your blades ready for cooking whenever you need them to be.

  • 8 steak knives
  • Comes with a sharpening tool
  • Steak knives may be unnecessary for some

Dalstrong Gladiator German Knife Set - Runner Up

While the previous set of knives provided up to 19 knives at your disposal, this set only offers 8 knives, and at a much higher price. But, of course, this price increase isn’t done for no reason - the knives on this set are of very, very high quality, and their design alone is impressive. The knives are connected to a sleek handle that’s unique from the rest of the sets on this list, and they’re all kept on a stylish wooden block for safekeeping. The knives are created using advanced technology and fine craftsmanship, combined with the power of German carbon steel. The blades are sharp, and their luxurious designs are similar to knives you would find in a fancy restaurant. This is all for a very high price, of course, but if you want to invest in a really good set of knives that will last you for years to come, this is a great candidate.

  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Sleek design on the handle and wooden block
  • Handle ergonomics may take a while to get used to

McCook Stainless German Knife Set - Honorable Mention

German knife sets are, without a doubt, a sizeable investment for any household. If you want to get genuine German knives, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money. However, there are a few budget options available for people who can’t afford those chef-tier knife sets. This is one such set, with 15 knives all tucked away in a nice and clean wooden block. The set comes with six steak knives as well as nine other tools, seven of which are also knives. This set is interesting as it not only contains knives but also two pairs of shears. One pair can be used for anything, whereas the other is labeled as “utility shears”. Not everybody needs a pair of shears when cooking, but some recipes do require using shears, and it can be easier to prepare some ingredients using them. The stainless steel handles on the knives are also worth mentioning, as the design is ergonomic and easy to hold with.

  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Comes with two pairs of shears
  • Hands can feel cold if the handle is also cold

HENCKELS Kitchen German Knife Set - Contender

Now we move on to the more high-quality kitchen knife sets. This set of kitchen knives is available with fifteen different pieces, six of which are steak knives. The set includes seven different knives, a pair of shears, and a sharpening steel tool. This gives you plenty of flexibility and freedom with how you prepare your food, as well as a method to keep your knives sharp whenever you use them. What’s interesting to note, however, is the price. As of writing, this set of knives is 60% off, making it a great buy for someone who just can’t afford a knife set of this quality at a regular price. Of course, there’s always the possibility of the price returning to its base listing price, but even then, the knives are of such high quality that they’d still be worth the purchase any day of the week.

  • Comes with a sharpening tool and shears
  • Sleek wooden block that comes in different colors
  • Expensive at full price

Zwilling Twin Signature German Knife Set - Consider

Finally, let’s take a look at another set that, in almost every aspect, is identical to the previous one. Even in branding, they share the J.A. Henckels name, and the knives do definitely share some similarities with one another. The blades have a traditional three-rivet design for a secure grip, and the blades are ice-hardened to 57 Rockwell hardness to ensure you can keep using them for rigorous tasks. The only major difference between the previous set and this one is the number of steak knives. While the precious set came with six steak knives, this one came with eight. It also comes with 9 other kitchen knives, a pair of shears, and a sharpening tool. The wooden block also comes in various colors if you prefer a particular color over the others for design and decoration purposes.

  • Comes with many knives
  • Great for large families
  • 8 steak knives may be a few too many for some

Buyer's Guide

If you want a set of knives that will let you cut through pretty much anything, then you’ll want a set of good German knives. This guide will give you some tips to make the selection process much easier.

What Is a German Knife Set?

A German knife set is simply a set of German knives. German knives are a type of knife that is commonly associated with tough steel and durability, favoring power and force over sharpness and precision.

Why is it important to have a German Knife Set?

They are durable

German knives are known for their toughness and durability. Compared to other regional knives, such as the Japanese knife, German knives are far thicker and far heavier, making them ideal for long-term use. You can expect them to last you quite a while before needing to be resharpened lest they become dull.

And speaking of sharpening, because of their thickness, German knife sets are great if you have a sharpening tool or sharpening stone at home. You’ll be able to sharpen plenty of times before the knife becomes too thin to be usable. If that’s not long-term savings then we don’t know what is.

It can break bones and joints

German knives are durable, and because of that, they can break apart animal body parts that otherwise would be tough to do on other knives. The heaviness and thickness of German knives allow the user to break bones and joints without damaging the knife too much. If you’re preparing a whole chicken and cutting it up to different parts, for example, then it may be a good idea to use a German knife, as you’ll more easily be able to separate the joints and bones without worrying about the knife chipping or breaking.

Tips When Using a German Knife Set

Keep a sharpening stone or tool ready

Sharpening tools and stones are the perfect companions for German knives. One can be used for regular maintenance, whereas the other can be used right before you get into the thick of things. Both sharpening tools and sharpening stones work hand-in-hand to ensure that your German knife is as sharp as it can be all the time.

When sharpening a German knife, try not to overdo it. Sure, there’s plenty of material in a German knife, and it’ll take a while before it really thins out, but German knives are best used because of their thickness, not despite it. As such, you want to really limit your sharpening to a minimum, and only sharpen when your knife really dulls out. Of course, you could also just sharpen whenever you feel like it, though you’ll have to get new knives more often.

Keep the knives out of reach of children and pets

It goes without saying, but never, under any circumstances, have your knives or knife sets near any of your children or your pets. If they have to be in the kitchen with you, be sure to keep the knives safe and out of reach, and only get them when they’re absolutely necessary.

Learn how to use knives properly

As they say, a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it. This is especially true when it comes to knives - no matter how sharp, how tough, or how thick the knife is, if you can’t use it properly, you may as well be using a normal kitchen knife. In fact, without the proper knowledge of how to use a knife, you may end up injuring yourself or others as you prepare food, which is the last thing you’d want to do.

Kitchen injuries are common, and those that involve knives can be particularly nasty. Be sure to practice using knives as often as possible so that you minimize the chances of accidents occurring as much as possible. Getting good will not only make it safer to cook, but it’ll make the whole process faster too.

German Knife Set Price Range

German knife sets cost a pretty penny. A “cheap” German knife set can cost you at least $50, and that’s a basic set with few extra knives to work with. A high-quality set of German knives can cost you anywhere from $100 to $300, with some sets costing even more than that. Often, the price of a German knife set is tied to the brand, as is with many products, but the quality also does speak for itself.

German Knife set FAQ

Q: What are German knives used for?

A: German knives can be used for all sorts of applications, but they are particularly good at breaking bones and joints due to their thickness.

Q: What’s the difference between a German knife and a Japanese knife?

A: German knives are thick and tough, making them great for cutting bones, whereas Japanese knives favor sharpness and precision at the cost of thickness and toughness.

Q: Are German knives good for slicing meat?

A: German knives are perfectly capable of slicing meat, just not at the level of precision that Japanese knives are known for.

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