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Best Golf Carts That Will Make Your Next Tee Time Fun

  1. E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Golf Cart
  2. Club Car Precedent Golf Cart
  3. Yamaha Drive PTV Golf Cart
  4. E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart
  5. Buyer's Guide

What are you looking for when you are purchasing a golf cart? Maybe the most important choice is whether you want a gas or electric cart. However, the electric cart is quieter, cheaper to operate and still has plenty of power to get around the golf course. Due to those factors, all the golf carts on this list are electric powered. Though we don't have links to buy any carts, this comprehensive list will help you find what you need, so checkout our picks for best golf carts in 2022! Don't forget that there are plenty of other things you'll need now and down the road, none more obvious than a battery.

Best Golf Cart of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

best rxv golf cart

E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Golf Cart - Best Golf Cart Overall

E-Z-GO is a premiere brand name in the golf cart industry that has built a reputation for reliability. The E-Z-GO Freedom RXV has a maximum speed up to 19.5 mph. It uses a 48 volt motor and has 12 different color options.

best precedent golf cart

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart - Runner Up

Club Car is the golf cart industry leader because of its innovation and consistently well built carts. The Club Car Precedent i2 Signature Edition has a top speed of 19.2 mph. It has a 48 volt motor. It also has the ability to be customized with 9 different color options and the Links Package, which offers a number of accessories.

best golf carts

Yamaha Drive PTV Golf Cart - Honorable Mention

Yamaha is a big name in the off-road market, so it makes sense that it would become involved in golf carts. With an optional speed kit (which adds to the cost), the Yamaha Drive PTV cart can reach a maximum speed of 19 mph. It uses a 48 volt motor and has 7 different color options. Plus, the Yamaha comes with unique additional features such as headlights and taillights.

best golf cart

E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart - Consider

E-Z-GO is a premiere brand name in the golf cart industry that has built a reputation for reliability. The E-Z-GO TXT tops out at 15 mph. It uses a 36 volt motor, but it offers the most color options on this list (15).

Buyer's Guide

When you are thinking of purchasing a mode of golf course transportation, it's critical to get anything that will meet your requirements and be dependable.

The majority of decent golf carts provide everything you need for a great golf experience without the hassle of dragging your heavy golf bag around. We have curated this best golf carts’ buying guide to help you make the best decision.

Which features should the best golf carts have?

When driven by a four-stroke motor, the typical proportions are 4 ft. Wide × 8 ft. Long x 6 ft. High, weighing about 1,000 pounds. However, there is no actual standard these days, considering the propensity toward bespoke adaptations. You can find golf carts in a wide range of sizes and customizing options.


The function of your cart will determine the majority of your changes. Are you buying it solely for entertainment, or it will serve a more utilitarian/work function? When it comes to seating alone, the amount of possibilities is crazy. Do you intend to seat two, four, or six people?

The basic two-seater can transport two people and their stuff (perfect for you and your golf friend), or you can get the best of both worlds with the movable back seat. The convertible enables more people or a combination of people and commodities to be transported, making it perfect for use in an industrial context. Of course, depending on your personal style, you may purchase a variety of various seat cover designs, ranging from the merely functional to the outlandish.

Cart's body-color

Is there a certain look you want to achieve? If you don't like the flat matte look, try acquiring designer graphics to spruce up your cart. It has proven to be a popular option for companies seeking a small amount of advertising space.


We bet you had no idea your windshield could be customized! The folding windshield also comes in clear or tinted styles and isn't necessarily a fitting one-piece. You may also install radios, stereo consoles, or adaptors — i.e., mp3 players, tablets, or cellphones — for those who find it impossible to go through the day without a proper soundtrack.

Which type of golf cart should you consider buying?

A gas-driven internal combustion engine powered the earliest carts on the market. These have several negative implications, including air pollution and noise pollution. With the introduction of the electric golf cart, most of the drawbacks of its gas-powered predecessors were overcome.

Electric golf cart

Electric golf carts are low-maintenance vehicles that come in a variety of battery configurations to suit the vehicle's intended use.

Furthermore, electric golf carts are quieter and more ecologically friendly than gas golf carts. However, the cart may require more charging time, which may be unpleasant at the moment, and it is typically slower than gas-powered models.

Gas-powered golf cart

Gas-powered vehicles are often quicker and more powerful than their electric counterparts. The gas-powered cart is more likely to be utilized on public highways due to its higher power output and increased speed.

There is no waiting for the battery to charge, and as long as there is gas in the tank, you can jump in and go. It takes significantly less time to fill up the gas when compared to charging the batteries. Noise and air pollution are increased in tandem with the increase in power output.

Should you buy a new or used golf cart?

You may buy a used golf cart instead of a new one, just like you can with automobiles and other vehicles. If you decide to go with a used or refurbished cart instead of a new one, you should proceed with caution. Golf carts, like cars and trucks, can easily turn out to be lemons.

Purchase insurance

Naturally, the biggest benefit of a new cart is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the product is backed by the manufacturer. When buying a used cart, you don't know who previously had it or how it was used. You will be able to comfortably rest by buying a new cart as you are the first and only owner.

You may be certain that if anything goes wrong with the cart, it is still covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. You also have complete knowledge of the batteries' history as well as all of their components. Financing may be a possibility if money is a concern.

Understanding the refurbishment process

If you decide to go with a secondhand cart, a couple is labeled "refurbished." cosmetically, refurbished carts are generally spruced up. They do, however, still have all or nearly all of the original functional components. Batteries, controllers, engine/motor, transaxle, and solenoids are just a few examples.

Golf carts in a group

Of course, this isn't to suggest that purchasing a secondhand cart is a bad idea. However, it's critical that you're well-informed on what to look for and how to avoid making a poor decision. Unfortunately, it's all too typical for a used cart vendor to lie about things like the age of an electric cart's batteries or even the precise age of the cart.

How much does a golf cart cost?

A fully functioning used cart (even one that was part of a course's fleet) may be purchased for between $2,000 and $4,000. You may buy a well-equipped old cart with many choices for $4,000 to $7,000 or a new cart with none to few add-ons for $4,000 to $7,000. From $7,000 to $10,000, you may get a new cart with all the newest performance characteristics and many popular bells and whistles. When you spend $10,000 or more on a golf cart, you're getting a highly personalized new or used cart that everyone will notice when you arrive at the first tee.

Best Golf Carts FAQs

Q: How long does a golf cart last?

A: According to some experts, the average golf cart has a usable life of around 5-7 years. However, golf carts may last for ten years or more if you have handled them with care and done timely maintenance.

Q: Are gas golf carts superior to electric golf carts?

A: These golf carts will have a far smaller impact on the course than gasoline-powered golf carts since they will not emit any unpleasant fumes or leak fuel. Electric carts are less expensive to acquire and maintain, and recharging the battery is significantly less than purchasing gasoline.

Q: What is the range of an electric-powered golf cart?

A: Depending on your battery configuration, an electric cart may go between 25 and 40 kilometers. Depending on the battery arrangement, brand, and voltage of the cart, an electric golf cart with new batteries may travel anywhere from 25 to 40 miles.

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