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Fill In the Missing Pieces in Your Golf Bag

Fill-In the Missing Pieces in Your Golf Bag

So, you’re going golfing. Not sure what to pack in your golf bag before the trip? Here are some of the essentials and must-haves for every golfing session, as well as a couple of handy tools that could help you out every now and then.

Drivers and Irons

Without a doubt, you’ll want to bring your best drivers and best golf irons above everything else when packing your golf bag. If there’s one thing you should absolutely bring, it’s these. While you can borrow almost everything else, these are special in the sense that you’ll only perform your best if you use your own tools. You’re familiar with their weight, their grip, and their air resistance, so you can make the most accurate shots with them. So be sure to bring every wedge, hybrid club, and putter that you deem necessary before leaving.


You can’t play golf without golf balls. If you’re new to golfing, here's a pro tip: bring more than one. Even the most experienced golfers bring multiple golf balls with them every time they play. There are a few reasons why you need to bring multiple balls, but it mostly boils down to the fact that you’re inevitably going to lose quite a few of them. Golf balls can end up getting stuck in trees, lost at the bottom of a pond, or somewhere else you probably won't be able to reach. Be sure to bring at least 10 balls, and try picking up any stray golf balls you come across so you minimize your losses, too.


Whether it’s because of a hot summer day or a slight drizzle, you’ll definitely want to bring an umbrella with you. Golf is an outdoor sport, and you’ll be battered by the elements the whole time. Sure, golf courses do have places for shade and such, but an umbrella can come in handy if you don’t want to risk getting a sunburn or having your clothes drenched.

First Aid

There’s no reason not to throw in a small first-aid kit in your golf bag before you leave. Anything can happen while you’re on the course, and it’s not impossible for you or your golf mates to stumble and fall, resulting in a bruise or cut. If you can’t fit an entire kit inside your bag, then you can always settle for a small pack of band-aids instead. You’ll probably end up using them more often than you think.


Who doesn’t get cold while golfing in the mornings and afternoons? Golf courses can bring in some pretty chilly winds, and you’ll want to be nice and toasty when you land that hole-in-one. As such, bring a jacket with you to stay warm if you don’t want to wear it on your way to the course. Better yet, spend a little extra on a waterproof jacket so you can handle the rain, too, should it come.


Okay, this one’s a little specific, but there’s a reason for it. Not all golf courses are maintained perfectly, and even those that are perfect end up with a few puddles of water here and there right after a rain shower. Because of this, you may end up stepping on one of the puddles, not only ruining your perfectly clean shoes but soaking your socks in the process. There's almost nothing worse than the feel of wet socks, so bringing an extra pair will spare you the agony of your feet sloshing in your own shoes.


Golfing is a lot more in-depth than people think, and you’ll need quite a bit of material and equipment if you want to enjoy golfing as much as possible. Of course, you’ll want to bring your prized golf clubs along with you at all times, but extra golf balls, jackets, and umbrellas are handy, too. And even if you don’t use them all the time, situational items such as socks and band-aids will really come in handy when they’re needed the most.

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