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Best Fat Separators for The Perfect Gravy Everytime

  1. Tabletops Unlimited Porcelain Fat Separator
  2. Kuchenprofi Glass/ Stainless Steel Fat Separator
  3. Amco Swingaway Fat Separator
  4. Cuisipro BPA Free Fat Separator
  5. Pampered Chef Gravy Separator
  6. Vondior Fat Separator – Best Fat Separator Gift Set
  7. Buyer's Guide

Nothing is better than a tasty gravy full of rich flavors and spices. What you don't want in your gravy is a lot of fat. Separating fat from sauces or gravies can very cumbersome. Skimming the fat off the top can often lead to loss of some of the sauce or juices as well. For any home or professional cook, a fat separator is essential. I have five amazing fat separators that can hold anywhere from one to four cups, are durable and can withstand hot liquids. Browse these best fat separators in 2022 and feel good about taking the fat out of your sauces.

Best Fat Separators Worth Considering in 2022

best porcelain fat separator

Tabletops Unlimited Porcelain Fat Separator - Best Fat Separator Overall

Well after a wild goose chase, I was able to find the absolute most stylish and functional fat separator on the market. This differs from all of the rest because this beautifully crafted porcelain gravy separator also doubles as a serving dish. The spout draws the juices out of the gravy boat and leaves the fat behind. It addition to be stylish it is also sturdy. It is great for casual or formal dining. On top of all of that, it is freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. This is by far the most diverse of the whole list and is beyond my favorite.

Kuchenprofi Glass/ Stainless Steel Fat Separator - Runner Up

The Kuchenprofi Gravy Separator will help you take all of the fat out of your delicate sauces and gravies. It is beautifully crafted with borosilicate glass and has a low down spout that allows you to easily pour off only the juices. It is heat resistant and measures in clearly marked cups and ounces. It can hold up to four cups of liquid and has a stainless steel strainer. I chose this one as a favorite because I like the stainless steel strainer and the high quality, heat proof glass. For hot liquids, I prefer glass. It is dishwasher safe.

Amco Swingaway Fat Separator - Honorable Mention

This fat durable separator will give you everything you need to make low fat sauces and gravies. The Easy-Release Fat Separator by Amco has a 4-cup capacity and easy to read measurements. With this one, the fat drains from the bottom. The bottom is spring loaded which allows the fat that has separated to be easily released out of the container. It is also BPA free, microwaveable and easy to clean in your dishwasher. The Lid is also used to strain out any unwanted particle of lumps.

Cuisipro BPA Free Fat Separator - Consider

Trying to skim fat off the top your sauces or gravies can be very time consuming and messy. The Deluxe Fat Separator by Cuisipro will take all of hassle out of separating the fat from your gravy. The hard plastic construction is durable and the lid has a built in strainer that is heat resistant. The large rim prevents spills. You can pour your hot gravy or sauce directly into the top of the and the lid will strain out unwanted particles. The internal plug at the bottom blocks out the fat. Once it has separated, be snapped up to unplug. It is dishwasher safe.

best Pampered Chef Gravy Separator

Pampered Chef Gravy Separator - Best Fat Separator

The Pampered Chef Gravy Separator has a unique design. The cup can hold up to four cups of liquid. This gravy separator comes with flat, plastic divider that fits snugly in front of the pour spout inside of the cup. The top has a strainer that gets placed on the cup after the insertion of the divider. This cup does a good job of separating the juices from the fat without it mixing. It comes with detailed instructions and also comes with a 3 year guarantee. Hand washing is recommended.

Vondior Fat Separator – Best Fat Separator Gift Set - Consider

The Vondior Fat Separator is carefully designed as a multi-function device when cooking. The container comes in a 4-cup size with quantity indicators on the bottom. It works with hot and cold liquids, separating fat from gravy and soups, or pulp from juices. The built-in strainer removes fat, clumps, pulp, and thicker pieces of food leaving the liquid much smoother. The product is of excellent quality with leak-free, BPA-free plastic and a silicone drip plug for releasing liquids. All parts are heat-resistant and the top shelf is dishwasher friendly. As a bonus, the fat separator comes with a stainless steel 3-in-1 peeler, all packaged together in a gift box.

Buyer's Guide

There are hundreds of models of fat separators available in the market, each claiming to be the best. In fact, some have such eye-catching designs that you are tempted to buy them at first look. However, not each of them will work the best for you. There are a lot of things and features you need to consider before finally buying the best fat separator for yourself! Want to know what those essential factors are? Keep Reading!


Fat separators commonly come in three types of material: stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons, and you just need to figure out which one suits you the best.

For example, stainless steel fat separators are heat-resistant and extremely durable. However, they are very heavy and can rust easily. Plastic fat separators are lightweight, durable, and extremely budget-friendly. But you will have to find a safe and BPA Free model. Lastly, glass fat separators are classy, lightweight, and easy to use; but they require extra care and are easily breakable. So, make sure to consider all these factors before buying the best fat separator.

Heat Resistance

The next important thing to check while looking for the best separator is whether it is heat resistant or not. If the model is not heat resistant, it will heat up way too quickly which isn’t safe to hold or use either. Moreover, it can also crack up when you pour in hot liquids.


The next essential thing to consider is the capacity of the best fat separator you are going to buy, and this decision depends on your personal requirement. Fat separators come in different capacities, but the most common ones are 2-cup and 4-cup. With that being said, 4-cup fat separators will obviously have a larger capacity than the 2-cup ones.

So, first, you need to determine how much food you are going to cook. If you have a big family, go for the 4-cup one. While on the other hand if you live alone, the 2-cup one would be more than enough.


Considering and looking for ergonomic features is very critical while looking for the best fat separator, just like the handle! Always make sure that the handle of the model provides you with a firm group, and is slip-resistant to avoid accidents. Now obviously, sometimes you will be using it with oily or greasy hands, it should definitely be slip-resistant. The handle should also be heat-resistant so that you don’t burn your hands while holding it.

Jar Design

Along with the size, you should also pay a little bit of attention to the jar design of the best separator you are planning to buy. Make sure it has a convenient opening, all the measurement boundaries are mentioned clearly, and it provides you with the easiest pouring.


A strainer is basically a part of the separator that sits on the top, and it always comes along with the model. Its holes are designed to catch all the unwanted particles while pouring you a clean and required liquid. So, always make sure that the holes are small enough to hold all the unwanted things, and the actual size of the strainer is large enough to pour large amounts of liquid all at once. A small strainer will only make your cooking time longer.

Additional Accessories

If you are not too tight on budget, try to find a model that comes with add-ons to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience. For example, some models come with an oiling brush and a cleaning brush as well. You might have to spend a few extra bucks for these add-ons, but they will surely provide you with a lot of benefits.


Lastly, never forget to consider your budget and the price of the best fat separator you are planning to buy. Always remember to never buy something more than your needs and requirements. Also, always make sure to look for as many options as you can, compare their features and prices, and then make the purchase. Sometimes things with a lower price tag turn out to be more functional and efficient than the expensive ones.


Now that you have gone through everything in detail, we are sure you are all ready to buy the best fat separator and make your cooking experience effortless. Just make sure to keep all the things in mind, consider the size, price, and most importantly, your own requirements!

Best Fat Separator FAQs

Q: How can I take care of my fat separator?
A: Just like every other tool and equipment, fat separators also need a little bit of extra and maintenance. However, the best part is that they are super easy to clean and very low-maintenance. You can conveniently clean and wash them with your hands in a matter of minutes. However, if your best fat separator is dishwasher safe, cleaning would become more effortless!

Q: Why do you need a fat separator?
A: Sauces and gravies with too many fats aren’t healthy, and they can certainly cause a lot of health problems as well. That is when a fat separator comes to the rescue. It helps you remove all the fat from pan drippings and provides you with healthy, flavorful, and delicious sauces and gravies. The best part, you can use the extracted fats later for other cooking purposes as well.

Q: How long does it take for a fat separator to separate fat?
A: The time of the fat separation process totally depends on what fluid you are working with. Still, the ideal time for the whole process should be 10 minutes maximum.

Q: Is there any other way to separate the fat?
A: Yes, there is. You can pour all the mixture into an empty container and then wait for all the substances to separate themselves. However, this can be a long and tedious process. While on the other hand buying the best fat separator would be a quicker and convenient option.

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